24-year-old Carlos Montero has spent all of Obama’s presidency in jail awaiting trial.

For 2,431 days, Montero has been locked up in Rikers Island on charges he still hasn’t gone to trial for, let alone been convicted of. He has appeared before a judge 77 times, but a single piece evidence has kept the case from moving forward. He’s just one of 400 Rikers inmates in similar situations.


In the notebook he titled “Course of Life”, James Holmes described his obsession with killing others, something he said he’d had since he was a child. He wrote down various ideas for murdering people, considering becoming a serial killer, but ultimately dismissing the idea because it was “too personal” and time consuming, and left “too much evidence”. He decided on mass murder, he wrote, because it was “easily performed with firearms” although he thought this was “primitive in nature”.