Meet Ar-Mun-Ka, a member of the species, Triaformica!  :devPaperiapina: created this alien species meticulously planning their anatomy and biological background.  I was so honored to paint one for her, they are such an interesting species!  If you’re curious about their biology, she’s created a series of Triaformica anatomy guides you may find enlightening and interesting.

Head and face -
Torso -
Limbs -
Reproduction -
Growth and development -
Markings and Coloration -

See a larger version of the final piece here -


I was recently asked about how old the triaformica are as a concept, and it made me go all the way back into the first drawings I had made of them. Sure brought back memories, and also this funny thing called being inspired by people.

The triaformica are pretty old now that I think about it, they were created back in the spring of 2005 when I was still new to DeviantArt. One of the first people I found in DA was this person by the alias BeastOfOblivion and I was pretty amazed by the stuff she drew, specially the flow of her creatures and her anatomical knowledge. I was really inspired by her Lockjaws (or what they used to be way back then) and I wanted to make my own species similar to them. Looking back I can see some borderline ripping off, but that was years ago.

 "If she can do it, I want to can too!“

The triaformica have since moved in their own way, and turned from those fwhooshy thingies that look kinda like lockjaws into my own personal biological playground, and the locks have changed in their own direction too. 

Just as a curiosity, here’s the first ever drawing of the first ever "triaformica”: [link here]

Man, it’s been a long way!

Feeling all nostalgic I kind of wanted to draw a little comparison, with the source of inspiration and the… inspiree? side by side in the forms they have evolved into design-wise.

So one of Beast’s locks, Aryian, and my Sho-Kann, a.k.a. Needleneck representing the trias.

Aaaaand since Needle turned out looking scared, I ended up with couple of continuation doodles, of Ary turning into a tria himself to not seem as scary.

I feel kind of dirty, in that special “did I just write a self-insert fanfic” sort of way for drawing Ary as a tria. And also a bit stupid, I could have just drawn Ary in his human form. After all, Needle’s family is mostly made of sort of diplomats, he’s used to humans. At least I tried to keep him as kinda-sorta-canony as I could (his neck plates are shaped in an unusually pointy way since his non-lock forms seem to have a thing for pointy head thingies. Also I remember Beast has said once that whichever species Ary appears as, he always appears as the strongest gender of the chosen species, which in trias’ case would be X, though keeping with his size quirk, he’s a lot shorter than a usual X should be, though not as short as Needle is. I had no idea of what to do with his striping, so I just threw some stripes around his chest area pointing at the hand mark on his chest -which is a bit small, trias don’t really have much chest space. I also tried to make his features a bit sharper than actual tria’s would be, and he doesn’t have chest bowl or genital hole, for being a sexless being. I don’t think Needle notices, he’s just seen a giant space eel turn into one of his kind.)

Beast, thank yous for being a huge inspiration for all these years (and years to come), and sorry for borrowing your character as such an excuse to doodle my own things.

Locks belong to BeastOfOblivion a.k.a. Crispyfishsticks.

(Though, this still doesn’t feel as embarrassing as the first lock fan art I did all those years ago. It still makes me feel so much more shame.)

Another thing that happened during that stream was Triaformica! Actually it was proteesiukkonen streaming (sorry for hijacking your stream!) but their art always makes me want to draw, and then papermonkeyism was in the chat and BAM, triaformica. I promised to show it to Paper, so here it is! Bekk-ga, that adorable, chubby thing.

There is an important school report I should write, that has its deadline tomorrow.

I really should not procrastinate this much.

But my sketchbook demanded to have an angry tria in it.

Totally the sketchbook’s fault.


I have this one little skecthbook that’s small and not very big. Everyday, I have to draw something somewhat ‘finished’. It doesn’t have to be amazing and awfully inspiring, but it has to have shadows and shape and … stuff. And I must only draw each creature once. I choosed to wait a bit with Triaformica, because I love those and would like to make something amazing, but then Papermonkeyism posted this up.
It’s a triancestor, so it’s not tria, and that counts as two different things. YAY!

This is probably wrong in some ways, and I have no idea what that in the cup-thing could be, it was inspirations fault, not mine.

Triaformica-ancestor-alienthings belongs to Papermonkeyism.

Suddenly triaformica.

And there’s this guy. I don’t have a name for him yet, but you could call him a trade lord of some sort. Member of the seagoing people known for ruling most of the trade routes (and occasionally of piracy) he has the dark colouration and facial markings which are rare everywhere else except among his people. He’s spent most of his life on the seas and has gathered considerable fortune. 

Arr-Mun-Ka hates his guts (though tolerates him for diplomatic reasons).

Design wise, this character is why the pirate mask marking exists. He totally owns it. (Actually I might want to extend it to his lip. Must try it out.)

Constructing Triaformica part VI by *WolfPearl

I did it! I finished it.

(And now I can just sit back and wait for that sweet commission slot without panic about not having enough reference.)

And I just realised I have absolutely no idea of what I’m going to do for the next part of Constructing Triaformica. Umh… Ah, well, I haven’t been doing these in any sort of speed anyway. I started making it a year and two months ago, it seems.

In which I realised that doing evolution charts is pretty impossible without doodling environments for context.

The evolutionary history of the “star born” triaformica, a.k.a. their alien ancestors. (Or the current version of it.)

The first bits are mostly for myself. The tria line started out as radially symmetric tubes (to explain stuff like facial structure and stuff. Also their nervous system goes around in loops instead of branching out like Earth thingies’) but changed to lateral to enable better locomotion and stuff. The concepts of “front” and “back” are pretty big evolutionary things, you know. A head was a revolutionary feature back in the old old days.

They used to be free swimming thingies in their planet’s early history, but changed to shallow sea crawlers to escape predators. Two pairs of appendages for foraging food from bottom sediments and stuff.

Vegetation evolved and thus emerged thick growths of thingies that resembled mangrove tree roots. Half under water, half above it. The foraging appendages grow to help move among the plant thingies easier.

Things change and the mangrovetreerootthingies start getting sparser while there’s other kind of vegetation covering the thin water surfaces. Kinda sorta like swamp like environment, where the base is half water, half plant/ground where you could sink easily. foraging appendages evolve to carry the weight of the body, while their digits spread out wide to form kinda sorta webbed triangles to help keep the triathingie afloat. Lower pair is used for walking more than the upper pair, which keeps foraging as its main function since sometimes you just need some extra arm length to reach your food.

Alien bogs dry out making way to vastness of hard land. Getting from a place to place is important now, so the lower pair of walking limbs take their job as the sole pair of walking limbs, their digits shortening and their scale like multiple claws clutter together to form hooves to protect the toes from sharp stones or whatever. Their upper body grows in proportion to balance out the heavy abdomen/tail to allow for more effective walking and running. Arms are free, social groups evolve and intelligence happens.

Then they merrily take over their planet. All untill the planet goes boom (or whatever happens to it, it’s rendered uninhabitable nevertheless) forcing the trias to seek out a new home, and utterly failing in the task by finding the only already inhabited planet in the whole accessible part of the galaxy.

So they make the triaformica as their avatars by creating a hybrid between themselves and humans to not perish completely while they quietly settle for A: eternal life on the orbit B: making a station on the neighboring planet C: go extinct. I’m not quite sure about that last bit yet, but it doesn’t really bear any meaning for the “modern day trias”.

There. An evolutionary context for the triaformica.

anonymous asked:

Ever since I saw the preview of your next part regarding the trias, where it mentions trias find a "warming black mass with bright eyes" cute, I kept getting a vision in my head of a tria adopting a lot of completely black cats with bright yellow eyes.

Wait, what happened?

Here I was going to finish a school essay I have due tomorrow, and suddenly I have a drawing of a tria (looks like Teacup) with a bunch of cats. What happened to my essay?! D8

(And Teacup, when did you become a crazy catlady… man… thing?)

I love it when sometimes you have character, that you don’t quite know much about, and then something irrelevant happens that makes you realise what the character was all about.

For the longest time I had trouble determining who Teacup was. As in what did he do for living and stuff. He was this character that I liked, but I couldn’t quite put my finger to what his character really was about. I just knew I enjoyed him.

And then someone on DA asks me about tria art that makes me think of hieroglyphs and writing and 

Teacup is a scribe! Of course he’s a scribe! How did I not figure it out sooner? It feels obvious in hindsight. 

Sometimes caracter design isn’t so much about making up characters as it is about finding them.

(Also looks like one of those cats from that one ask decided to stay with him. He officcially has a cat now. Its name is Mau. And it’s so going to hop on his lap to interrupt his work any second now.)

My brain wants to play with the ancestral tria design.

No, brain. Stop. Stupid brain. You’ll never be able to use this stuff anywhere. It’s just extra work with no meaning. Why are you having so much fun on this! Stop it right now! You’re supposed to be doing other things, this is a waste of time. Also you should make those arms better, that structure is way off. And fix that torso.

(Ancestral trias don’t actually have a head. Their brain is located in their torso near the place where front limbs attach to the body, and what appears like a head is a stalk where their mouth parts are. Some of their sensory organs are also located there -being able to see what you’re eating is nice- but there’s nothing specially vital in there. You could “decapitate” one, and it would continue living, though blind and needing some help to grind their food to more easily digestable form. And with impaired sense of sound, since while the… torso ear thingies do pick up sounds, they’re less acute and lean towards lower frequency sounds than the ear set at the top of the stalk. Which -considering how their natural vocalization is sorta high pitched and how social as a species they are- would totally suck.)

Prfffffft, blurry tablet camera photo…  But some quick doodles to get some concepts down for triaformica decorations inspired by yesterday’s visit to Rijks museum.

On the left there’s some possible ways to wear large golden necklaces/chains. There was this one painting of a woman with heawy golden chain around her waist (with black clothing so it really popped) that I thought was nice. There was also lots of jewelry and big, heavy necklaces that I think some trias might use as a sigh of status, as their head shape isn’t quite made for crowns. They have pretty slopy shoulders, though, so I thought of some concepts of some kind of buckle thingies that they could attach to longer, bigger necklaces to keep them from sliding down pass their shoulders.

Upper right has some concepts on shoulder scarf thingie (with a chain or string to tie it to the neck for the slopy shoulder problem) that could maybe be worn with some kind of shoulder cloak thingie (inspired by a painting of some king or something).

And then at the bottom right, some trias might wear “hair extensions”, attached by piercings on their neck plates. I think I’ve played with this idea before, but felt like exploring it a bit more.

Triaformica and some stuff on cultures and gender

There are questions about the triaformica that pop up from time to time about the same things, and I thought I could ramble a bit about them. This will probably end up like a huge wall of text, so apologies for the amount of words.

Let’s put it under a snip..

Keep reading

After having to draw nearly constantly to meet deadlines for the past few weeks or so, and finally finishing this huge amount of drawing to do, I finally find myself able to do whatever I want. Specially after missing the last bus today, and being stuck at NOT-my-family’s-place-where-I-should-be untill tomorrow. I have free time for the first time in weeks.

So I drew a little celebratory triaformica (Needle, who’s spine seems to have mysteriously stretched a bit too long but eh who cares. My half-alien mode is a bit out of shape after so many dogs).

Clearly the not drawing anything option isn’t an actual option here.