This is Summer & Chinese Lady,

and Summer is a super strong model with an attitude disposition. Summer is a model from California, while she was on the catwalk for bathing suits, aqua & rapunzel just happen to have had backstage passes and wanted to talk to Summer backstage. Summer didn’t want to talk at the time so she had Chinese Lady, who is summer’s assisant that knows kung fu, talk to them instead. All Chinese Lady did was tell them stories about her fishies that all ways start off as, “once upon a time, these fishies…”. The fish just happen to have mystical powers that can bring dead back to life, get rid of illness’s, and make your skin flawless, which is why Summer hired her. So aqua & rapunzel were tired of listening to the stories, and left. A couple days later, there was an invasion by some type of giant aliens, aqua & rapunzel went off to fight them. Summer’s manager was watching the news at the time, and ordered Summer to help, Summer doesn’t like to be told what to do, so Summer puched the manager in the face, flying him through the wall, and quit. Although Summer did go to help. Summer, aqua, & rapunzel had won. Now that Summer no long had anywhere to go, so aqua offered that she & Chinese Lady stay with her and rapunzel, and she took the offer, and became the house's body guard… after many years later, Summer was attacked leaving her armless, Summer felt useless so she & Chinese Lady moved to The Land of The Seasons~

[Summer is a Triad Toy Otaku, i got her off Ebay from “TriadToys”. Her arms are, both, actually broke]