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For the OC ask - Kendrick!

yee thank you! for help with visualisation: they’re basically Pidge from Voltron but with green hair

Full Name: Kendrick ‘Kez’ TeNara
Gender and Sexuality: AMAB nonbinary (uses the third-gender marker ‘tria’), likes girls
Pronouns: they/them or any neutral/third-gender pronouns from other languages 
Ethnicity/Species: Human, Kollinese-Daichian mixed race
Birthplace and Birthdate: Kollin Ring Colony III, 19th February, age 20
Guilty Pleasures: fanfiction
Phobias: public speaking, things not being clean
What They Would Be Famous For: that kid who got accepted to the Academy two years early for being super heckin’ smart 
What They Would Get Arrested For: hacking into Academy/NPDF records to steal confidential files or just mess with the code so it no longer functions 
OC You Ship Them With: when they first meet Tungsten they have a hella schoolkid crush on her (same tbh) but after a few months of furious blushing, awkward moments and a botched confession they realise it was just a brief infatuation and they still love Tungsten very much but in a Bros 4 Life kinda way
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: why would anyone want to murder Kez they have never hurt anyone??? tbh it’d be Seskey for something completely inane like throwing out his three-day-old leftovers
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: clunky old sci-fi, or at the other end of the spectrum, 20k+ coffeeshop AU fanfic for their fave TV shows
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Pointless Hetero Romances (give them that slow burn!!)
Talents and/or Powers: high IQ, high-retention memory, speaks six languages plus sign language, can code/hack almost anything
Why Someone Might Love Them: they’re super perceptive and observant so always know if somethings up with you and are generally a very comforting and supportive friend
Why Someone Might Hate Them: their enthusiasm to show people cool stuff they’ve learned/created can sometimes come across as ‘look at this I’m so much smarter than you!!’ 
How They Change: they discover that not everything about life can be found in a textbook and sometimes you have to learn stuff from Real Life, and they also find out that brute strength isn’t the only way to be good in a fight
Why You Love Them: Kez is possibly the most like me out of the Big Four and obvs I’m very protective of my NB baby 

Ask me about one of my OCs

Tungsten is now the only one left out of the Big Four (core cast) that hasn’t been done so I may as well do hers too and if people are interested I can expand the list to supporting cast, or just ask questions about the ones I’ve done so far if there are gaps you want filling in or are just curious!! the list isn’t the best so there are some big chunks missing

You guys didn’t think I’d get through the debut of Dragonball Super without drawing some fanart, did you?  This one was so nostalgic to draw… I even got out my old Tria markers to colour it. Dragonball was what got me into drawing, so many years ago.

Are you guys enjoying the new series? I’ve found the first couple of episodes cute and funny, I’m curious to see how it goes once things get more serious.

A long time coming…these are the markers I kept today.

I think I threw out over 200 markers though.  Super old ones like Prismacolor that are half-dried out, broken tria and pro markers etc.

We no longer get Prismacolor in New Zealand (and truth be I favour other markers over them), Tria are no longer here and it’s only Letraset’s other brands that remain. Instead Copics are the ones that are now easiest to get locally and it makes me happy because I find I like working with them best and can boost up my collection with ease more, since this is my fave tool to colour with (and easy to get refills for too).

But the other brands you can see I kept the decent once that still work okay to use for little touches here and there until they run out as well.  Feels really good to clear out the boxes of old ones though, so much space to store other art supplies now!

Another gift drawing which I did. This one was done for my friend @abyssmal-end and on the drawing is her badass character Morgan. A bit more red background, since my other markers started dying XD  It was done on Canson Montval Torchon watercolor paper, with black pen and Tria marker.


Splurged on some Tria Markers yesterday @_fullybooked with @jelinecatt. We spent an hour trying out different colors and tones (we’re that particular in getting the right ones), thus creating a beautiful mess in my sketchbook. I also tried them out earlier and I’m head over heels in love with it! A tad bit expensive for my taste but with its quality and color, I’d definitely invest in these darlings.