Those two…they’re pretty good today. No super strength or samurai swords, but they stay alive. He still likes her doesn’t he? Yeah, but it’s different now. […] You know Lydia used to pretend not to be smart? Stiles was the only one who knew. He payed attention, he listened to her…he remembered.

Stop Flirting It's Disgusting Pt. 1

Request: “Hi, I was wondering if you could write me a Supernatural one shot with Dean. Maybe we like each other, but have never said anything, and like, we’re super flirty. We have the same ‘I’m not really good with feelings’ attitude. And Sam and Cas team up, and set us up together. And fluff at the end, but not like overly, we’re still trying to be cool. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. Thanks anyways. ”

Warnings: None


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