it says , the people with the MONEY
                           make this ever-lovin’ world go ‘ROUND .

That episode when Jay unlocked his True Potential!! 👌🐍⚡️


-Carol Gilligan (insp)

This Summer

I’m putting all this down in one place so I can access it easily. 

5/9 Head for the Hills - 60 miles

5/12 - 555 Swim Series 1500 m OWS

5/17 The Grand Triathlon Olympic Distance Tri

5/23 Polka Fest Run 5k  Running this one with my daughter. SUPER EXCITED!

5/26 - 555 Swim Series 1500m OWS

6/9 - 555 Swim Series 1500 m OWS NO WETSUIT

6/23 - 555 Swim Series 1500 m OWS

6/28 - Disco  x-50 Tri

7/7 - 555 Swim Series 1500 m OWS

7/11 -  Peach Pedal 61 mile

7/18 Tour de Paris 69 mile

7/21 - 555 Swim Series 2.4 mile OWS

7/26 - Up in the air Pioneer Power Sprint or Tri Waco

8/1 Blazing Saddle 75 mile

8/8 Hot Rocks 59 miles

8/11 - 555 Swim Series 2.4 mile OWS

8/25 - 555 Swim Series 2.4 mile OWS

8/29 Hotter n Hell Hundred 100 miles

9/8 - 555 Swim Series 2.4 mile OWS

9/13 Prairie Man Olympic Distance

9/20 Trifecta Olympic Distance

9/22 - 555 Swim Series 2.4 mile OWS

If this doesn’t give me enough riding and swimming experience we have problems.

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I have a few questions about Caleb's ability. Can he feel others when they're in pain and can he localize it to a certain area? And this one's a bit stupid, but does his ability only work on humans?

This is such a great question! The short answer is sometimes, yes, he can feel physical pain. But Caleb is not personally able to localize it at this time. If someone is in physical pain, Caleb will feel a general kind of pain. Rather than his body drawing attention to a specific area of his body that needs seeing to (like it would if he himself stubbed his toe), feeling the pain of others is his body drawing attention to that specific person in need. 

All the same rules apply though - proximity, strength of feeling, Caleb’s own mindset. And his empathy tends to prioritize emotional signals over physical ones. This is why he enjoys football. Because everyone, including himself, is physically exerting themselves, it all sort of evens out. His body can’t process every little twinge and ache in every player and instead he feels that kind of good burning soreness that you feel when you have a good workout. People getting seriously injured is a different story. 

Caleb’s ability works best on humans. The closer something’s neurology is to his own, the better it works. So, if Caleb spent a lot of time one-on-one with a chimpanzee or other primate, he could probably get it working pretty well. As for dogs and cats and other domestic animals, he is only slightly more in tune with them than their owners would be - he can tell when they’re happy and when they’re freaked, but it isn’t as much of a conscious things as it is with humans. Caleb could definitely be described as an animal person in the sense that he’s naturally very good with them. 

Okay yeah. Just woke up. Watched it again and realized I’m fucking proud of this vid ha! Biochemical agents are at play and used to hurt the people dear to Sherlock and the Watsons. Sherlock’s trying to find a cure. Moriarty’s back. Molly’s life is in great peril. The Watsons are out for blood. And everyone comes in with guns blazing and things getting bombed high into the sky!
Do give it a gander 💕

Done in Adobe Premiere.
Song used: Renegade - Styx (still in love with this song)
Also, lots of Molly clips too 💕

My first edit for this fandom
Not my best work but I had fun doing this. Tried so hard to stitch a story from the clips I could gather. Dunno if this even makes sense haha

Posted at 5 in the morning because the inspiration hit and I can’t sleep. Enjoy!

So, recently I’ve been re-watching Digimon Adventure 02. I used to be a huge fan back in the day, so it admittedly feels strange to be going back and looking at it with adult eyes. I’m also watching it in the original Japanese for the first time, so that adds to the weird feeling.

The quality is even worse than I remember, and especially so in the Japanese; the English version fixed some problems, actually. Like the elevator music pervading most of the series, including the fight scenes.

What was with the celtic music in the wild west episode??

As shocking as many of my adult, former-Digimon fan friends may find this, I do still find the show engaging and weirdly addictive.

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Happy Boueibu day!! :D

THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD! I really like how they switched things up this episode! LIKE THE ENDING OMG WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! I also loved how we got to see so much more out of the charcters like how En likes singing or how Io can build igloos!! :D I also loved seeing Ryuu and En being friends!! It was really refreshing and I can’t wait for next week!! 

Excuse me while I fangirl....

After learning that Captain Nemo is set to appear this season, I’m officially FREAKING OUT. We already have Aladdin, Jasmine, the Count of Monte Cristo, Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein, and several other classic literary figures coming to Storybrooke. And now CAPTAIN FRIGGIN’ NEMO!!!!

As a children’s librarian, this is HUGE for me. I’m like a kid in a candy store right now. I couldn’t be more excited for this arc if I tried. Each season I think Adam & Eddy can’t possibly top their previous arcs and every time they prove me wrong. Seriously….I’m blown away right now. My mind is reeling with the possibilities.

Kudos, Adam & Eddy. My hats off to you both.

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hey, i love you happy!tj headcanons/fic snippits, and if you don't mind me asking, do you have any jack/happiness thoughts?

Hi Anon,  thanks so much!  The funny thing is that the TJ/OMC ideas were really what started me down the rabbithole to writing Stucky fic in the first place, so I figured it was time to finally start dusting them off and sharing - it’s good to know that people are enjoying my rants; maybe one day I’ll actually try stringing them together into something coherent ;)

As for Jack… oh man, that’s so much harder.  I’ve never really thought about Jack beyond where Kings left him, in part because I’ve been so consumed w/ TJ and Bucky and in part out of bitterness that we never got  another season because, imho, Kings was a masterpiece.  That… and coming up with something off the cuff is so much harder, because as shitty as TJ had it throughout PA at least he was left with a hopeful ending - everything about Jack’s treatment was awful.

But I guess I’d have to start with his escaping from the tower, obviously - I think inevitably Michelle would find out about what had become of her brother (initially Silas probably would have just announced that Jack was dead, so that the kingdom wouldn’t wonder what had become of him), and would end up getting word of his actual plight to David, who of course would find some remarkable way to break him out.  And then we’d follow a while as Jack and David went on the lam, trying to plan together how they could possibly overthrow King Silas and take back the kingdom.  But as much as I would love to explore the relationship between David and Jack more, and eventually get them together, I don’t want to erase Michelle and her relationship, so… ugh, this is hard.

I’ll definitely try to revisit this in the coming weeks and see if I can’t get a better answer for you (my second idea was to make it a cross-over and set Gilboa in the Marvel ‘verse, because I can think of a certain Avenger who would be great both for rescuing Jack and then maybe going further…), but sadly I have a massive exam tomorrow that I may or may not be ready for, so I need to put my head back to the books.

But consider the seed planted… TBC.

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