Alright so that African Black Soap is no joke.

That person with the popular post was right, it’s really really good at clearing up any blemishes on your face like I had a blemish by my eyebrow a day or two ago now it’s completely gone.

I’m also trying out the shampoo (it’s all in one, body/face/hair) and its peppermint! It makes my hair feel/smell really nice ^_^

But yeah, if you have acne or just want a better face wash that’s also organic and won’t kill your face with dumb chemicals you should totes find the bar soap or a scrub because DAYUM.

(I don’t expect anyone to read this, but in the off chance anyone does then I hope you find 5$ on the ground)

Oh yeah. I finished the Ratchet and Clank remake.

It’s really good. Completely lacking in anything I’d call a ‘flaw’. The writing is a little dreamsworks-ish at times, though. Like this is the company that tried to call their co-op game ‘Multiple Organisms’ and that kind of.. not edginess, but willingness to be a little questionable is largely gone.

If you have a PS4 it’s definitely worth playing though. Without hyperbole it’s probably the best looking video game ever made and probably the first truly ‘future proof’ game, in the sense I cannot imagine anyone ever looking at it and thinking it looks bad.