Why the signs cussed out their boss
  • Aries:Kept having to stay hours because their boss is too lazy to do their work
  • Taurus:Found their bf/gf cheating on them out back with them
  • Gemini:Their boss never seems to show up for work so the Gem has to run everything, doesn't even get a promotion
  • Cancer:Saw their boss being mean to a dog
  • Leo:Their boss is constantly getting high or drunk in the workplace
  • Virgo:The boss keeps rejecting their ideas for projects and over ruling with their mediocre crud
  • Libra:the boss kept trying to hang out with them and be overly friendly when no one even likes them
  • Scorpio:Their boss kept obnoxiously kept hitting on them
  • Sagittarius:Keeps being paired with winy interns because the boss can't be bothered to deal with them
  • Capricorn:Their boss pulled a prank that went too far
  • Aquarius:Got drunk the night before and well the morning after never goes well
  • Pisces:Their boss was being an ass to everyone and they wanted to step in and defend their peers

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