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Xhans Log) Knuckle Poping

Some humans but not all apply pressure to their joints causing a popping or snapping noise
(Disgusting I know)
The reason for this has not been explained in any consistent manner but this manual will be updated when the reason is revealed

Some humans find the sound and or sight of “cracking knuckles or Knuckle popping” to be unsettling and gross a sentiment I share myself other humans don’t even notice even if they are the one doing it

Some of the reasons I have been provided with when asking about this behavior are the following
- it feels good you know? It makes everything looser!
- intimidation factor (note these are not the exact words the human used but it is the general idea behind the extremely lengthy answer I was provided with)
- it’s just something I picked up
- my (parental figure or family member) does it
- nervous tic (not entirely sure what this means will look into it at a later date)
- because I can (note this seems to be the default answer when humans are unwilling or uninterested in explaining something)

More information will be added as it is gathered.

Log updated last by) Vevanta'cexhan nicknamed “Xhan”

stormy nights || stiles stilinski (smut )

word count: 3550

prompt: my smut for lacrosse week!

warnings: smut, swearing

author’s note: this is my first solo smut and i hope you guys like it! let me know if i should keep writing smut. please leave feedback on this!


coming soon

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@secretlystephaniebrown prompted Tucker and Junior reuniting and I decided to do a different style this time which was just to color instead of outline. It may have taken me three days, but it turned out pretty good in my opinion!

Thank you for the prompt! <3

Where Is He?

Request: I saw you wanted some angsty tom holland spider man requests >:3 you should write something where the reader gets kidnapped by someone who found out she is dating Peter, and they try to get her to reveal his location and secrets about him but she refuses to and they torture her. You can make an extra angsty ending or a fluffy one! Love you!

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Ooooh! Thank you for the request, love. I love you too ;) 

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: angst. torturing of the sort, a bit of sexual implications but not much.

Originally posted by j-murphy

“We know you’re dating him. There’s no point trying to fake it.” You felt your breath stuck in your throat as your eyes warily watch the knife tracing your arm. You fought your wrist restraints, trying to break free but it was helpless. Whoever had kidnapped you had used tough rope and wound it around your wrists tightly. It didn’t help that they’d strung your wrists so high that you could barely stand on your own feet. “Where is he?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You spat at the man before you, holding your head out before you defiantly. “And even if I did, there’s no way i’d tell you.” You watched with terror as the man before you tightened his grip on the knife, pressing it lightly into your arm. You bit your lip, not giving him the satisfaction of hearing you cry out.

You’d expected him to continue, continue cutting until he finally managed to hear you cry. But instead the man stopped, pausing in his efforts. You watched him step closer to you, so that his face was only a mere inches from your own. You held your breath, backing your head as far as you could against the wall. You hated being the damsel in distress and you hated it more that you were being used for information, but there was no way in hell you give Peter up so you wouldn’t be hurt. Speaking of, it’d be really nice if he showed up around now…

“You know…” The man started, tilting the long knife threateningly in front of your face. “I’ve been watching you, well you and Spider-Man. I see the way he cares for you, which is exactly why I went after you. Even if you don’t tell me anything, he’ll fall for my trap to come save you and i’ll have him right where I want him.” You bit your lip, kicking out your lip in frustration knowing that the man in front of you was exactly right. Peter would come save you and there was nothing you could do to warn him that it’d only be a trap. “I’ll enjoy killing him in front of you.” 

“He’s stronger than you think.” You argued, shaking your head at his threats. The man only chuckled at your defiance, biting his lip in thought as he stared at you. You watched him warily, unsure of what he’d do before he shocked you, reaching his arms out and grabbing ahold of your top. You immediately knew of what he’d do and you opened your mouth to plead but was a second late as you heard the sound of fabric rip. 

You flushed in embarrassment as your bare stomach and bra came into view. You tried to press your elbows together, a feeble attempt at covering yourself.

“You’re very beautiful. I can see why Peter likes you.” The man commented, allowing his eyes to roam your shape. For a moment you feared of what he’d do, something that would be way worse the slicing your skin. But you allowed yourself to breath again when he grabbed the knife again, shaking his head; “i’m not gonna hurt you. Not in that way at least.” He confirmed, and despite the impending doom you knew faced you, you felt relief at the fact that he wasn’t going to touch you like that.

“Fuck you.” You spat, eyes crinkling in disgust.

“Feisty.” The man stepped towards you and you sucked in a deep breath, leaning up on your wrists and pressing your back against the wall. It did nothing to stop the man as he effortlessly stepped forward, making sure you were looking at him as he pressed the knife against your bare stomach, sliding it down your stomach. You could feel the blood drip down your stomach as pain shot through you.

You clenched your hands together, pressing your lips together in last hopes of keeping whatever yell of pain you’d have in. It only seemed to please the psychopath more, to see you struggle not to cry out. He laughed cruelly, a smirk on his lips as he placed his knife at your hip, pressing into it. There was nothing you could do as a scream burst through your lips, your ankles wobbling as you slumped, falling against the man. He did nothing but pushed you back up, “that’s it. Scream.” 

He sliced down your arm again, across your stomach, by your ribs. And all throughout you screamed in pain. No matter how much you pleaded he only continued, repeating the same question; “where is he?” Still you refused to answer, bit your tongue, and suffered through the pain.

It wasn’t until this had been going on far too long did the man show signs of frustration. He screamed in your face, calling you every name in the book as he slammed every bit of anger at you. “Damnit! Where is here?!”

“Right here.” You snapped your head to our left, finding Peter Parker in his Spider-Man suit standing above some rumble. Your heart fell at the sight of him, shaking your head in a desperate plea to go. You watched as your capturer turned towards you with a sick smile; “told you.” And then he was gone from your side, running towards Spider-Man who almost immediately fell into battle.

You tried your best to fight your restraints, your voice coming in a raw scream if Peter was knocked to the ground. He’d only nod your way, sending a reassuring smile as jump back into action. You watch him be beat on, fall and be thrown to the ground. But you watched him get back up from the ground, with renowned strength. You watched as the man finally fell to the ground and Peter delivered one final blow, knowing him out. 

He ripped his mask off his face, immediately running to your side. Peter said nothing as he scrambled to untie your restraints, you falling onto him almost immediately. He repeated your name in alarm, repeating you’d be okay and you didn’t know if it was for you or for himself. It didn’t matter, all that mattered is that you told him the truth. “I didn’t tell him anything.” You whispered, and he set you on the ground, brushing stray hair from your face.

“I know. I know.” Peter nodded down at you. “Oh, god. Y/N, this is all my fault. I’m so sorry.”

“No.” You repeated sternly, finding whatever last strength you could. “No it’s not. I knew what I was signing up for.”


“But nothing, Peter. I love you, and that will not change.” He shook his head at your stubbornness, smiling lightly down at you. “Thank you for saving me.”

“Let’s get you to a hospital.”

anonymous asked:

ok since im dannyXsamXtucker trash do you have any headcanons about the 3 together :))

At long last, I’m here to deliver! I actually do, as a matter of fact. Most of my headcanons for them were listed in the Team Phantom Headcanons post, but I’ve got a few specifically shippy ones. I’m more than happy to share them with you.

  • Sam and Danny totally get together first. Tucker would not allow it any other way. He’s been the biggest shipper of those two since grade school. Once they started dating, though, Tucker just…sorta stayed around. It didn’t feel right to not have him there. Dates without Tucker were weird, so he always came along.
  • Sam and Danny are the most shy about kisses, but with the kiss barrier now broken, kisses are a frequent thing among all three of them. Sometimes they’ll annoy Tucker by giving him cheek smooches instead of kissing each other, and Tucker gets revenge by butting in on smooches when the two of them are giving them to each other.
  • Speaking of kissing, Danny is the worst kisser. It’s horrible. He has no idea what he’s doing with his mouth. How do lips even work? Sam and Tucker think it’s cute, though. Sam’s the best kisser, and Tucker’s alright, though he thinks he’s much better than he is.
  • Danny is the damsel who must be protected. He was out voted on this. Superpowers or no, Sam and Tucker will protect him at all costs. If you mess with Danny, there will be blood. There may be things they have done that Danny must never know about. This has always been the case since the dawn of time, and there’s nothing he can do about it. It helps that both Sam and Tucker can actually pick Danny up because he weighs like nothing, but he can’t lift either of them unless he’s using his powers. They like sweeping him off his feet to tease him. (He gets harder for Sam to pick up when they’re adults, but she’ll work her muscles to make sure she can, because even if the boys are taller than her, she!!! Must!!! Be!!! Stronk!!!)
  • Danny and Tucker are huge cuddlers, while Sam vehemently insists that she is not. As such, they obviously like squishing her between them. They call her a Samwich. They think they’re hilarious because she’s squashed between them and she’s Sam and she’s a witch, so it is a hilarious pun. She always acts annoyed, but never tries to squirm away.
  • Sam and Tucker fight the most often, but they make up the quickest and easiest. When either of them fight with Danny, there is much drama. Because Danny’s a drama king. His emotions are fragile. He needs more recovery time.
  • They all absolutely get a place together when they turn 18. It’ll be good to get away from the parents, and they have their own lives they wanna start. Danny’s the only one who applies for college. Sam takes some private courses online and stuff because she can afford it and thinks the education is important, but she spends her days doing more volunteer work. She’s got a limited allowance now that she’s on her own, but she’s still got enough money. Tucker’s more of the breadwinner, though. He fixes computers and such for big companies, and he’s hoping to climb the ladder of success and start his own huge business someday. For now, though, he’s content with small things.
  • Sam and Tucker can both cook, but they can only cook the things they like. Danny cannot cook at all, and he’s even picker than they are. He usually orders out or something while Sam and Tucker make their own meals. They sometimes insist that he eat some of their cooking, though. He needs to be healthy.
  • While they could easily afford a house because Sam’s filthy rich, they start off in an apartment for the experience of it. And Sam has a rooftop garden. She needs it. It’s very important.
  • The three of them go nuts for the holidays. Sam celebrated Hanukkah her whole life, Tucker celebrated Kwanzaa, and Danny still gets Christmas blues. So, the three of them just do this huge conglomeration of different traditions and celebrations and end up with their own specific way of doing the holidays every year (and they eat tons of junk food). Danny greatly prefers it to Christmas.
  • They do not have beds. Those are overrated. Instead, every night they pull out some mattresses and blankets and pillows and huddle together on the floor in front of the TV.

That’s all I got right now, but hopefully that’s satisfying! I love these three.

fusion cuisine

- of Yukihira Souma and Takumi Aldini and their absurdly simple (yet complex) relationship -

!! Please note that this meta has manga spoilers !!

The thing about Souma and Takumi’s relationship is, how incredibly sturdy it is despite them hardly ever having moments together to define it unlike with other characters they too share strong relations with - examples being Megumi for Souma, some the instances being the Shokugeki against Shinomiya during training camp and the Moonlight Banquet Arc. Isami for Takumi, the instances being the Hinako’s challenge during Training Camp and the Autumn Elections Preliminaries.  There is no arc or contest where they work together to showcase their strong bonds. Their relationship doesn’t even have a setup from the past. They aren’t childhood friends, and have never even met each other until Training Camp. And yet, one gets the feeling that they’ve known each other for a lifetime, or have been friends for at least years to be so comfortable around each other whenever they interact.

Most of their relationship is defined, developed and shown mainly when the other is not around, or by a third party. In fact, their relationship is established so quietly, so indirectly that Souma and Takumi themselves hardly ever acknowledge their relationship directly.

Which leads to the question - what are they, really?

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