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The new art is a big deal

First of all, this official art is absolutely stunning. 

But I couldn’t help but notice the white skates. And yes, I can see that tights are covering them, so the real colour of the actual skate can’t really be seen, but this also represents so much. 

Figure skating is a pretty homophobic and sexist sport. Particularly in the time when young Viktor would have been skating. Girls were meant to be flouncy and pretty and graceful (which is partially why Surya Bonaly had such a hard time and ended up doing the illegal backflip - it’s a really interesting story), and men athletic and manly. 

A huge point of this is that women have to wear white skates, and men have to wear black skates. So, young Viktor, who canonically says he used to play off his androgynous appearance, is wearing ‘white skates’, ladies skates, probably, I think, to make a point. We know from the extra information in one of the BD releases that he doesn’t have a particularly good relationship with the ISU, so maybe this is partly why. It’s pretty damn rebellious against the patriarchy for him to be doing this. 

And perhaps this is reaching, but…

Look at the two crowns. In his younger self, the flowers are smaller and are white like his skates, symbolising innocence and purity. But in his older self, with short hair and black skates, the flowers are golden and taller, representing his victory. We can also see a difference in the colouring of his clothing, his younger self with warm colours, and his older self with cold colours, blue, representing sadness. His colour’s been stripped away from his soul, and finds itself in his crown, in his success. 

I see a powerful message here, about a boy who tried to beat the system but tragically became a part of it once he started winning. 

Or maybe it’s just a really cute art… who knows… But with the amount of symbolism within the anime, some lowkey message put here intentionally like this wouldn’t be too far out of the realms of possibility. 

I want to talk about a situation involving a Taiwanese fanartist who draws fan art of Undertale. Her art is absolutely gorgeous, but unfortunately, someone attempted to kill her by offering her a cookie with NEEDLES inside of it.

It is believed this was an attempt to KILL her, not hurt her feelings, but actual MURDER. Of course, the Undertale fan who offered said cookie didn’t seem to understand the whole fucking point of the game. 


That aside, there are actually people DEFENDING this sick and twisted thinking.

…except she doesn’t draw pedophiliac art. She doesn’t even draw Frisk and Sans NSFW! But of course, our brave little social justice knights here have come to stop the evil of ships they don’t like!! 


In all seriousness, this is why I absolutely hate Tumblr and the Undertale fandom. It’s bullshit like this that is made as an excuse to murder an artist. The same shit happened to a fan artist in the Steven Universe fandom, but dare I say it’s got worse on Undertale’s end. It’s disgusting to see people like this actually exist. I don’t really agree with any ships that aren’t otherwise canon (ie Xayah x Rakan, Alphys x Undyne, etc) but do I go out of my busy life to harass a person who likes something I care very little for? NO!

And before any little triggered micro-aggressed polykin “minor” pops up here who demands that I apologize for their made-up sob story of Uncle Peewee touching their weewee and that the artist “deserved it”, I want to make it clear for 10 years of my life, I was sexually abused constantly by my uncle and my stepfather. I had no power because I was seen as a little girl (although I’m a nb now) and my mother wasn’t sure who to believe. Finally when my uncle got tried for rape, the system said they had no sufficient evidence, even though he had many of my little girl panties hidden under his bed that was dismissed as evidence. Her drawing this art has no emotional response out of me. I see nothing inherently wrong with an individual drawing art of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. If a person drawing hurts you bad you feel the need to kill, you should seek counseling or find the closest nuthouse on the block before you become a threat to decent people.

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The Average Intergalactic Cadet’s Field Guide to Understanding Their Human Classmates and Crewmates.

Written in Earth English

Current as of Earth Date 05-09-17

Basic Information About Humans, Their Planet, Their Habits, etc.

Human Measurements of Time:

The average human lifespan is 79 earth years. An earth-year is 365 days long, or the amount of time it takes for Earth to complete a full circuit around their sun. An earth-day is 24 earth-hours long, or how long it takes the Earth to rotate 360 degrees on it’s axis. An earth-hour is 60 minutes, an earth-minute is 60 seconds, and a earth-second is approximately the amount of time it takes to speak the word “mississippi” or “hippopotamus”. Our research hasn’t told us the fascination with neither the number 60 nor the importance of words “mississippi” or “hippopotamus”. It is however widely-accepted among english speakers that when counting seconds, one musn’t rush these seconds [likely for accuracy and fairness] and thus must count:

“1 mississippi…2 mississippi…3 mississippi…4 mississippi, 5 mississippi…”

And so on until the agreed upon ending number. The fascination upon the number 60 is still unclear. It may be a sacred number, a leftover superstition, or simply the way their mathematical system has tried to make sense of the world around them. This is very strictly practiced system however and improper counting has been the catalyst for many arguments over the years-mainly amongst the adolescent humans but this practice is strictly followed into the adult years as well.

Quebec Education System

(This is going to be long, bear with me)

Canada’s education system is for the most part really similar to the States’. But, since education is a provincial thing, some provinces *ahem*QUEBEC*ahem* have a very different system. So I’ll try to explain it briefly:

The school year usually goes from mid- to late-August and ends towards the end of June. The date varies, but all schools are out before June 24, which is the Fête Nationale (kinda like Quebec Day, if you will). It’s mandatory between the ages of 6 and 16.


School isn’t mandatory before Grade 1 but students can attend prematernelle (Pre-Kindergarten) if they turn 4 years old before September 30. Sometimes it is offered in an actually primary school, or in a daycare. If it is offered in an actual school, the pre-K students have to have their own separate building instead of sharing with the rest of the elementary students.

Maternelle (Kindergarten) is also not mandatory, but the majority (98%) of parents send their kids to Kindergarten anyways. Usually, it’s in the same school the kids will be attending for elementary. To be able to go to Kindergarten, the kid has to be 5 years old by September 30.


Also known as primary school, it goes from Grade 1 to 6. Towards the end of primary (in grade 4 and 6), students have to pass ministry exams for French, English and Math. Grades in primary school are usually marked in percentages.


High school is commonly known in French as le secondaire (Secondary school). Unlike in the States and the rest of Canada, high school lasts for five years, from Sec. 1 to 5 (grades 7 to 11). There are no middle schools in the province, and students typically attend the same school for five years. Some high schools offer IB programs and AP classes, but not all. In the last two years of high school, students present ministry exams for History, Science, and Math (Sec. 4), and English and French (Sec. 5). The result of these tests, along with part of the grades of those two years are used to determine whether or not they get accepted into cegep. Grades in high school are usually marked in percentages.


Cegep is Quebec’s own little invention that is a pain in the ass if you want to study outside the province. The name was originally an acronym for Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel (General and professional teaching schools, is the closest English translation), but it has since then become a word of its own. Cegeps are all public, although there are some private schools that serve the same function, and were implemented in the late 1960s.

It can last two or three years, and it basically prepares students for university. There are two types of cegep paths: pre-university, which is two years, or career programs, which are three. Students can choose what they want to study, with the most common programs being social science, science, and communications. As the names suggest, pre-university programs are designed for students wishing to continue their studies in university, while career programs usually don’t require further studies. In some cases, however, students in career programs can continue on to university if they wish to do so. Aside from program-related courses, students need to take common classes: English, French, Phys Ed., Humanities, and a complimentary class (basically a class outside your program, for example, a physics class is you’re studying social science).

Cegep has a grading system similar to a GPA called the R score (or Cote R in French), but with a scale going from 0 to 50. However, most students get a score between 15 and 38. Just to give an idea of the value of the numbers, students need at least at 35 R score to get into medicine and law. The R score can’t be calculated by any one individual, as it requires information that isn’t available to everyone: a student’s grades, the class average, standard deviation, as well as past grades from high school, etc. It is calculated by the Ministry of Education, and is the subject of many complaints by people who do not find it is a fair way to evaluate students. 


Like high school, university in Quebec is shorter than in other parts of Canada and the States. In fact, most people can complete their bachelor’s degree in three years. Students from other provinces and countries, however, have four years of university, as they did not go to cegep. If a Quebec student wishes to go study in another province, they can choose to do one year of cegep to make up for their lack of Grade 12, and then do four years of university, or they can complete their cegep studies and do three years, as their cegep courses are usually equivalent to introduction courses in other universities.

Admission to university is very often ONLY based on a student’s R score. Unlike in the States, where the application process can be very long, in Quebec, applying to a university can be done in an evening (no joke, I applied to three in about three hours). Few programs, such as law and medicine, require letters of intent and recommendations from teachers. More artistic programs may require a portfolio. Most of the time, all the university requires is a transcript of the student’s grade, which is provided by the cegep. The deadline for applications is almost always March 1, but students that apply earlier can receive their acceptance letter before that date.

McGill University is without a doubt the most famous one in the province, however, Quebec boasts a wide variety of universities. In fact, just this year, Montreal (the biggest city of the province) has been named the best student city in the world. It has six universities, the highest in North America, and two of the three English universities are located there. 


Since the 1970s, Quebec has a law regulating the language of education. It’s officially known as the Charter of the French Language, but everyone calls it Bill 101 (Loi 101). In fact, Bill 101 regulates the use of the French language in all aspects, not just education, but we’ll focus on the part that concerns education for now. This law only applies to permanent residents and citizens and it states that everyone must attend French school UNLESS:

  • Their mother or father has completed the majority of their studies in Canada in English;
  • The student has completed the majority of their studies in English in another Canadian province.

The main reason for this law is that, prior to the 1970s, many immigrants would choose to send their children to English schools instead of French ones because they thought it was more convenient to learn English than French. However, the government did not like that, and after several attempts at restricting people’s ability to choose, they announced that the only official language of the province was French and instated the Bill 101.

However, it is worth noting that this law only applies to primary and secondary education. Students can choose to study in either English or French in cegep and university. In 2013, there were attempts to extend the law until cegep, but it fortunately never passed.

Aside from Bill 101, learning a second language is mandatory in elementary and high school. In French schools, the second language is English, and vice versa. Previously, English was taught starting in Grade 3, but, if I’m not mistaken, it now starts in Grade 1. Some schools offer different levels of English classes for students that may have a higher level than others. For example, some students from Francophone families will not speak a word of English before attending elementary, and therefore are placed in the lowest level, while other students, such as Anglophones and some immigrants might already speak it at home and will be placed in a higher level. In English schools, French is taught much more intensively, and it is common for students to study several subjects in French. As a results, Anglophone children are among the most bilingual in the province. The teaching of a second language is mandatory until the end of cegep.

Curiously, many parents with the possibility to send their children to English schools do not, as they believe that their children will be more proficient in both languages if they study one at school and practice the other at home. This however, has led to some English schools closing their doors due to a lack of students.


Until fairly recently, many schools taught religion as a class. Usually, this meant that Catholic students would have a class about religion, while the rest of the students had an ethics class. This was changed in 2008, when the ministry implemented ERC classes (Ethical and Religious Cultures) in primary and secondary schools. However, some religious schools remain, all of the private.

NOTE: I know the proper term for the schools are francophone schools (not French) and anglophone schools (not English). However, it’s easier to read this way, so I left it like that. 

Please let me know if I missed something! :)

Numerology 101

In my time running this blog, I haven’t seen a single post about numerology, maybe just because nobody knows it, or maybe because witches have a pathological fear of math. Either way, it’s a shame! The basics of numerology are painfully easy to grasp, and I would mark it down as one of the easiest divinitory systems I’ve tried to date. So let’s hit the basics!

We’ll jump right into it.

The Math

Actually, we need to work out the numbers we’re using first. While a person’s birthday is already very handily in a numeric form for you, their name is written up in pesky letters. But every letter has a corresponding numerological number, and by noting the number for each letter in a name, you’re able to calculate what you need.

Here’s a chart of the numbers, nice and easy and not necessary to memorize at all.

The numerological ‘alphabet’ if you will, only goes from the numbers 1-9. The letter ‘A’ marks 1, then J does again, then S. The more you work with numbers, the more you’ll come to just know what letters are associated with what, but even if you don’t, this chart is easy to replicate and even easier to find online.

The next part comes in writing out the numbers for a person’s name. You’ll want to keep this organized rather than messy, as  you’ll be using different parts of the numbers to calculate different things. I like to write out the names, then write the numbers for all the vowels above the name, then all the numbers for the consonants below the name. When you’ve done so, it should look something like this:

Some things to note:

  • Y is treated as a vowel when there are no other vowels in a syllable (Ex: Lynn, Carolyn)
  • W is treated as a vowel when preceded by a vowel and when it produces a single sound (Ex: Bradshaw, Matthew)

The birthday, again, is already in numeric format, so now all of your numbers just need to be added properly. Which brings us back to the scary part.

The Actual Math

Really, it’s nothing more than basic sums. If you can add, you can figure out your numbers. Hell, if you can’t add, you can have a calculator figure it out for you.

It is a little more involved than adding all the numbers you’ve so dutifully marked down and calling it a day, but let’s work through it first.

First, add all the numbers from the vowel section together. Then, add all the numbers from the consonant section together. If we go off the name I provided above, it should look something like this:

Congrats, the hardest bit of math is over!

“But Shay,” you say. “You said the numerological alphabet only consists of the numbers 1-9!”

And so I did. But I also said only the worst of the math was over. Next, we need to break down the numbers we got until they fall into that range. What you do for this is you take each numeral in the number and you add them together.

Let’s break it down. Looking at the vowel section, we’ve been left with the number 22. To get the numerological number, you take each numeral and add them together - here, that looks like 2 + 2 and leaves us with the number 4, perfectly within our range.

Our consonant number at the moment is 54, or 5 + 4, which adds up to 9. Again, in range. Should you get a number that’s still too big, keep breaking it down until it’s only one digit. For example, the number 98 becomes 17 (9 + 8), but then 17 becomes 8 (1 + 7) and is now within the acceptable range.

You’ve just calculated the Inner Dreams number and the Soul Urge number. And by adding those two together (and reducing as necessary) you will have the Destiny Path number. In this case, it’s 4 (The Soul Urge and Inner Dreams numbers 9 and 4 add up to 13, and 13 as 1 + 3 equals 4).

That’s three numbers down, one to go.

We’ve largely neglected the Life Path number, but all it really requires is the reduction method we just covered.

Take my birthday. April 27th, 1993, or in number terms, 04/27/1993. All you have to do is add all these numbers together, then once they’re nice and neat in one giant number, you simplify it as you learned. 04 + 27 + 1993 = 2024, which gives us a number to reduce. Even though it’s more than two digits, you handle it the same way. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 adds up to 8, making a quick work of the reduction and giving us our Life Path number.

For you visual learners out there, it looks something like this:

Breaking it Down

So now, we have all four of our numbers! And with minimal tears shed. For the sake of having everything in one place, all of my numbers put together look something like this:

A number showing up more than once implies a strength of presence in that number - two or three times indicates that the traits associated with that number are strong, as do numbers that ‘resonate’, such as how 4 fits evenly into 8 or 3 fits evenly into 9. If there are too many repetitions of a number, expect to see more and more of the negative associations of those traits brought to light. Keep your eye out for these, as they will amplify one another.

Okay, but what does it all mean?

The Divination

There are four major numbers you go for when putting someone’s numbers together. The Life Path number, the Destiny Path number, the Soul Urge number, and the Inner Dreams number.

Life Path:

The life path number is the sum of the numbers in one’s birthday (date, month, and year). It relates to the path in life one will take and the traits one has at birth.

Destiny Path:

The destiny path number is the sum of all letters in one’s full name. It relates to the tasks one was meant to achieve in their lifetime.

Soul Urge:

The soul urge number is the sum of all vowels in a person’s name. It represents a person’s inner cravings, their likes and dislikes, and what they value most.

Inner Dreams:

The inner dreams number is the sum of all consonants in a person’s name. It represents secret dreams, inner desires, and fantasies.

And lastly, the meaning of the numbers themselves. This post is already long enough to the point where I’m not going to write up a paragraph about each and every number (they are all available and more if you look them up online), but I’ll give you a run-down for each.


Positive Traits:
Initiator, pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, strong leadership skills, independent
Negative Traits:
Overly assertive, aggressive, domineering, impulsive, egotistic, boastful


Positive Traits:
Cooperative, adaptable, considerate of others, sensitive, diplomatic, modest
Negative Traits:
Shy, timid, fearful, drowns in the details, easily depressed


Positive Traits:

  • Self-expressive, inspired, happy, fun-loving, keen imagination
  • Negative Traits:
  • Scattered energies, self-centeredness, unfinished projects, lack of direction


Positive Traits:
Strong sense of order, highly practical, steady growth, fine management skills
Negative Traits:
Lack of imagination, stubborn, fixed opinions, argumentative, slow to act


Positive Traits:
Expansiveness, new visionary ideas, quick thinking, versatile, resourceful
Negative Traits:
Restless, discontent, edgy temperament, dissatisfaction, overhasty, impatient


Positive Traits:
Responsible, artistic, nurturing, community-oriented, balanced, sympathetic
Negative Traits:
Self-righteous, obstinate, stubborn, meddlesome, egotistical, dominating


Positive Traits:
Methodical, analytical, intelligent, scientific, studious, solitary, perfectionist
Negative Traits:
Hidden motives, suspicious, overly reserved, isolated, inflexible


Positive Traits:
Good leader, strong sense of direction, sound judgement, decisive, commanding
Negative Traits:
Overly ambitious, oppressive, impatient, stressed, materialistic


Positive Traits:
Hearty friendliness, humanitarian instincts, giving, selfless, creative
Negative Traits:
Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, carelessness 

So there you have it! Put the numbers you calculated to their associated meanings and work it out in your head, just like with tarot or other divinatory practices.

Just a few parting comments before I end this post.

In Summation

This is the setup for a slightly above basic numerological reading. The most basic that I ever use involves taking just the Life Path and Destiny path numbers. To take an even more complex spread, you could break down the person’s full name by each individual name, analyzing the vowels, consonants, and overall number for the first, middle, and last name individually, so that you can study what builds a person up into their full name and their path numbers. This gets very extensive very fast, and even with just the four above, you may end up doing three numbers per name plus the Life Path number. For your standard 3-name schema, this would involve ten numbers. Still manageable, but quite a lot.

On the topic of nicknames: generally, the rule in numerology is that you should use the name a person has held the longest. For example, Shay isn’t my birth name, but I’ve been called Shay for just over half of my lifetime. This is a good guideline, but please consider it only as a guideline. If someone has a name they do not wish to be called, respect them, and analyze the name they give you instead. An interesting thing to do - if the subject is comfortable - is to compare the birth name with the chosen name numerologically, and they can comment on advances that you have made through your life.

This is all I can think of at the moment! Go forth and numerolocize!

Lastly, I put together a blank template so you can practice on your own :D


“You think so?” Luke asked, looking up at Han sadly as he fiddled with the hem of his robe. “…You think.. You think we could'a had a chance– somewhere, out there?”
“Yeah.. Of course.” Han pursed his lips when he saw the younger swallow heavily. “The Galaxy… is a big place.” 
“What do you think it would have been like..?”
“I dunno–” They both flinched when Leia called for Han. “I dont like thinkin’ about it, kid.”

World-Building 102 - Creating a Culture

Hey y’all, Abby here with another writing post! Today, we’re going to be talking about culture and how to create one for your world. (Lots of questions today.)

Consider the social hierarchy.
Is it based on wealth? Race? Political favor? How complex is it, and can a person easily move through its levels? Do people of higher levels within the society get certain privileges? Can people between different classes marry (if so, what happens to their rank?)? How easy is the system to understand? Can anyone understand it, or is it something that must be studied? Are there common jobs among each class? Are these ranks instituted?

What about government?
How complex is that? What form is it? Democracy, republic (there is a difference), monarchy, socialist, communist, totalitarian? (Of course there are more forms than the ones listed here.) Or is it one you created yourself? How does it work? How many people are in charge and how did they get there? What role to the common people play in the government and what is it? Are there often government scandals? If so, are they widely known or kept on the down-low? Is political power more associated with wealth or popularity? What are the most common/popular political opinions? How strongly do people feel about them?

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the signs as things i’ve heard my public school teachers say
  • aries: you're korean? my wife's korean! do you like kimchi?
  • taurus: we should have a tri-president system where america has three presidents
  • gemini: cows aren't edible in china?
  • cancer: in the hispanic world, farting is like pooping on the floor
  • leo: i always confuse india and africa, but then i remember that india's the one with the pointy thing at the end.
  • virgo: i didn't have enough wine to grade all your tests
  • libra: *animal noises*
  • scorpio: looking at this brown fruit, does it turn you off?
  • sagittarius: they call me [name that doesn't rhyme with vagina] because it rhymes with vagina.
  • capricorn: fat is more fattening.
  • aquarius: i am NOT a feminist. i am a heterosexual.
  • pisces: here's a picture of me and my friends smoking hookah

‘OITNB’ Actress Speaks Out About Family’s Deportation

“I was coming home from school […] and I got home and their cars were there and dinner was started and the lights were on but I couldn’t find them.Then the neighbors came in. They were just like ‘I’m sorry but your parents were taken away.’ […] I just broke down. I was just like, what do you do? And then I’m so scared for them, what they’re going through. My parents are going to jail— and for what? […] People don’t realize it is so difficult to get documented, and my parents tried forever. The system didn’t offer relief for them.“  —Diane Guerrero

BTS when they are accidentally turned on by you


Everyone has that one spot that instantly puts you in the mood. It is a normal thing and causes a normal reaction. Right? Right. But the timing of said normal reaction… well that is not so good. When you two were at the dorm with the rest of the guys and you were all laughing having a great time. You two are sitting on the couch with his arm around your waist, you scoot a little close so you can lay your head on his shoulder wrapping an arm around his waist too. The problem is that when you rested your hand on Seokjin’s hip he could feel it through the thin material of his pants and the dip of his hip bone was that spot. He instantly became turned on and he had to quickly dismiss himself from the others and hid in the kitchen while he attempted to get a hold of himself. 

Originally posted by leojuseyo

“Okay think of something else Seokjin. Something else other than those warm hands on you… Moving…. Caressing… Crap. Okay that is not helping…” *continues to mutter to himself*


As a musician it is expected for him to have sensitive hearing. He needs to be able to pick out certain notes, rhythms, or even sometimes both to be able to do his job properly. What is not expected is for him to have sensitive ears. But he does and that is something he has managed to keep from you most of the time you two were dating because if you knew this you would use this knowledge for evil. You would most certainly try to turn him on in the worst places possible. But fate seems to enjoy making Yoongi uncomfortable 99% of the time because you two were at the music store when leaned up to whisper in his ear that you needed to slip way to the bathroom. The second your mouth touched the shell of his ear a shudder went through him and holy shit he went from 0 to 100 really damn quick. He barely manged to nod at you trying to move his hips away from you because he did NOT want you to know what you just did to him. He watched you leave for the bathroom and quickly moved to purchases the first thing he saw and used the bag to hide his… problem when you came back.

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

“Oh you already found something to buy? That was quick you normally take hours to find something.”
“Uh… yea the CD I was looking for happened to be on a display.”


Hobi is so extra when he is with the boys but normally he is more calm and low key when he is with you. He says it is because he is the “mood maker” of the group so he tries to always keep the mood up so it is a relief when he is with you. Not saying that he can’t relax with the boys but it is a different type of relaxing when he is with you. He feels he can be calmer more sedate in his reactions. This being said, because he uses being extra so much as a response to something with the group that he tends to do the same thing in other situations. Especially when he is embarrassed. Which is exactly happened one day when you two were grocery shopping and you bent down in front of him to get something from the bottom shelf. This wouldn’t of normally caused the… reaction that it did right then but he had a busy schedule the past month and it hadn’t left much time for you to be together. So when your ass rubbed against his groin when you bent down the reaction was pretty instantaneous. He was so embarrassed by himself because he knew you didn’t mean to do it that he started doing an impromptu dance in the middle of the isle ending with an adorable ayego.

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“Um… Oppa what are you doing?”
“Expressing my love for you!”


You normally did not often do to much to bring attention to yourself especially in public. Namjoon loved that about you because that makes you you and it also means he can keep you to himself. This is why it is obvious when you two were on the subway you did not mean to press yourself almost completely against him when the train jerked to a stop for more passengers. You were so pushed against him that you were practically one person. This was not good because Namjoon generally didn’t get to feel you this close unless you two were having sex. Which is exactly what came to his mind and he instantly became turned on. Because the crowded subway car became even more crowded unfortunately you were not able to step back. In fact it was so crowed that you both were pressed backwards until Namjoon’s back was against the closed doors and you were STILL pressed against him. It was impossible for you not to feel him and this proved to be correct because your eyes widened and a blush flooded your face. He blushed too but in all honestly he was mostly angry at himself for not having better control over himself. 

Originally posted by yngissi

“I… I am SO sorry Jagiya. I will try and um make it go away?”


You and Jimin were on your first date in 3 months because of his recent comeback and tour. It had been so long since you two had even seen each other let alone spent any time together. So to say he could easily be worked up was an understatement. Here you two are at your favorite little restaurant that was almost hidden from the rest of the world because the entrance was found in an alley. They had the best food and the atmosphere was perfectly romantic. To celebrate seeing each other after so long you two splurged and got a slice of chocolate cake to share. The cake was decedent three layers with whipped cream frosting. You were loving the cake especially the whipped cream. Under normal circumstances the sight of you eating this would not get him riled up. But come on three months is a long time and it didn’t help that at very moment you decided to wipe up a bit of the cream with your finger and lick it off. Jimin quickly excused himself and nearly ran to the bathroom and locked himself in one of the stalls trying to calm himself down. 

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“Oh god help me…”


Taehyung was normally the one to initiate PDA. It is most of the time in the form of an arm around the waist or a hand on the small of your back which is fine because you enjoy the comfort of his presence. You two were walking hand in hand through the mall when you spot he book store and your eyes light up. He gives a loud fake groan when he sees the look on your face and allows you to drag him to the store. He honestly didn’t mind it though because the kids section often has puzzles and toys to amuse himself with while you go drool over books. He had found a particularly interesting puzzle that he was trying to figure out when a pair of arms came around his waist and your front pressed to his back. He jumped nearly a foot into the air when he felt your arms and relaxed as soon as he realized it was you. The relaxing went away though because when he had jumped it caused his shirt to ride up meaning your hands rested directly on his stomach which is very sensitive. His body began responding to the sensations that was flooding his system. He tried to call out things to distract you and hopefully cause you to pull away, (he loved back hugs and he didn’t want to risk you not giving him another one if he pulls away to quickly) Unfortunately what he was calling out were things that were distracting to HIM not you.

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“Look Jagiya a book about rabbits! Oh and another one about ferrets! There are pictures!”


Jungkook loved spending time with you and in his opinion there were not enough hours in the day for him to spend. Because of that he tries to convince you to go with anywhere he goes which works out for most of the places because it is something you like to go to as well. However that did not extend to the gym because you absolutely did not enjoy the gym. But Jungkook is nothing if not convincing so one day he finally manages to break through and you agree to go. You both start out lightly (especially you since you don’t normally work out) and eventually move on to more physically demanding things. It wasn’t until halfway through your workout that Jungkook realized his mistake in having you join him in the gym. Because what normally happens in the gym? People are there in clothing that allows them to not over heat which is most of the time skin tight pants and either shirtless or very little clothing over the torso. This combined with the sweat you were working up soon resulted in your clothes sticking to your body outlining the delicious sight that he normally doesn’t see unless you two were in bed. He felt himself starting to get turned on by the sight of you quickly decided that he was done for the day because he could very well do something like drag you into a supply closet. He tells you that he is ready to leave and asks you if you could go ahead and finish what you are doing then go hit the showers and change so you both can go home. it wouldn’t do to leave you there because that means other people could see you still Without waiting for a response from you he quickly leaves for the locker rooms and takes the coldest shower he could possibly manage.

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“Bad Jungkook. Baaaaad. You can not go around getting turned at the drop of  a hat!”

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seriously why people always wanna talk about how patriarchy affects men

like how do you hear something like “you throw like a girl!” and not realize that while one boy is being teased, literally the entire female sex is being told they suck at physical activity.

how can you look at that and just want to say “see! patriarchy hurts boys!!” No it doesn’t, not systemically. It tries to train them into actually being stronger than women, meaner to women. It teaches them that weak, and stupid are Girl things, and therefore all things girls do are stupid, inferior to things Boys do. How you want to look at that and say “yes, and look how that can hurt boys’ feelings!!” ???

Like no. i don’t wanna talk about boys. I don’t want to hear how their feelings got hurt when they got called a girl, as if their feelings getting hurt somehow overshadows the fact that being female is a shame, an insult, a curse. And I don’t understand why someone would want to make a boy’s feelings a priority in feminism. It’s a side effect, one that can be easily fixed if men wanted to fix it. They could start standing up for women, the women and girls in their life, they could teach their sons that women are not inferior, that the people who use ‘girl’ as an insult are in the wrong. 

But for some reason it has become feminism’s job, women’s job, to take care of boys’ and men’s feelings and comfort them. Just like always. Color me shocked.

A horror brewed once more in a dark studio,
Filled with distorted speech and cut audio,

Where DONTNOD made their secret lair,
And wrote, again, unwarranted despair,

But then a saviour slowly arose,
From reality’s shadows; yes, those!

Her name was Max, a kind soul,
One entrusted with a grim role,

To put a stop to the most heinous atrocity,
Lurking in the studio of mediocrity,

“Life is Strange 2″ it was named in the womb,
And was, again, a vile portent of LGBT doom,

Max looked at the gathered crowd,
Of cruel, plotting heads bowed,

Loud Max was: “No more shattered trust and ruined lives;
You have already bloodied your backstabbing knives!”

“No more!”, proclaimed the Goddess of Space and Time,
And with a wave of a hand and a whispered chime,

She undid the heralds of doom and hate,
Saving many from a malicious fate,

Nodding grimly and turning back to the tear,
She entered, closing it with barely a care,

She returned to her love with a run,
Eager to once again with her be one,

To celebrate another small victory,
One without any sort of glory,

But with a solemn, righteous air,
In each universe: they defeat despair.

Max and Chloe are their names; legendary they are,
Always protecting their gay fellows; both near and far.

  • russel: the next time you think you’re lonely, just remember you have about 25 billion white blood cells in your body protecting your sorry little ass with their life. you have 25 billion friends who would die for you. no need for tears.
  • 2d: thank you osmosis jones
  • murdoc: my immune system tried to kill me though
  • noodle: murdoc just remember you had twenty five billion enemies trying to kill you and you've survived them all
  • murdoc: take THAT you tiny goddamn sons of bitches

CHANMI: I didn’t know [they] got close like that. It seems like when Mina-unnie was in a slump, that Hyejeong-unnie was a big help to her…