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“Try it again,“ I said.
 "Kiss me.”
“No,” he said.
“Kiss me.”
“No,” And then he smiled. “You kiss me.”
 I placed my hand on the back of his neck. I pulled him toward me. And kissed him. I kissed him. And I kissed him. And I kissed him. And I kissed him. And he kept kissing me back.”

 ― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Hey, happy belated valentine’s day. have some asadais 
i was quite busy to post this on time and to aswer to requests but i managed some time (being me not having internet for a day) to finish this. 
I´m not good at drawing comics but better try and fail than do nothing.

It was all shapes.

Guess which video game I finished (and am like halfway through a second play through on haaaah)! Night in the Woods is charming, and I loved the characters and the colours. I heartily recommend it to anyone who liked Oxenfree, Undertale or Life is Strange, among other things. I don’t know if I did the game’s actual colours justice, but I tried. 

Like my stained glass style? I’ve done others!

Want one I haven’t done? I take commissions!

The Athens Lunatic Asylum was a mental hospital located in Athens, Ohio, from 1874 to 1993. It’s commonly known for it’s prevalence of the lobotomy as well as the number of legends that say it is haunted.

In December of 1979, a patient called Margaret Schilling disappeared from the mental hospital. It wasn’t until 42 days later, when workers discovered her decomposed remains in one of the abandoned wards, that what became of her was uncovered. Sitting beside her was a pile of her neatly folded clothes.

To this very day, the stain caused by the purge fluid leaking from her body remains on the floor. No matter how hard workers tried, the stains could not be removed. While many believed this to be a rumour, a team of forensic experts concluded that the stain was in fact, caused by human purge fluid.

something borrowed // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles lets Y/N borrow something of his & unexpectedly gains something in return

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no


Clutching the plastic lunch tray she navigated her way through the crowded cafeteria and back to the lunch table. The stress from the first four periods of her day slowly melted away as she spotted her group of friends across the cafeteria, sitting at the same table they had since the start of their freshman year.

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as Lydia waved over to her. Picking up her pace, Y/N maneuvered her way through the crowds of people who were too engaged with their conversations with one another to pay any sort of attention to the small girl.

Then, a familiar boy caught her attention.

The sheriff’s son, Stiles Stilinski.

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significantfoliage  asked:

The most important MHA question: which of the kids really quietly notes whenever anyone says their birthday and always has a treat for the birthday kid? And it always a surprise because the kid doesn't ask for their birthdays, just listened to other conversations.


i think Izuku makes notes of their birthdays but i’m not sure he’s the type to actually like.. go out of his way to get them something. like. he’s just gathering info on them b/c he’s analytical like that and that’s just how he is. the actual concept of getting them something honestly doesn’t cross his mind until someone actually brings it up or it’s a few days before someone’s birthday and he’s like ‘OH WAIT’ 

(All Might, similar to Izuku, often forgets birthdays until about the day or so before. he usually has so much on his plate that details like dates and holidays and anniversaries usually slip his mind, but he always tries to make it up as best he can, usually very boisterously)

as for the rest of the class….

  • i think Kirishima is definitely the type to do this. he just quietly makes a mental note when his friend’s birthdays are and he surprises them with a gift and no one ever expects it. it’s always something he thinks is super manly and he always tries to get them something they’d like
  • Iida also does this b/c it’s just the polite thing to do and he’ll get everyone in the class a small, appropriate gift no matter who it is. (usually  it’s something very practical, and he thinks himself very clever for getting them something so useful, tho he does try to match it to their personality) (he may or may not have looked up their birthdays instead of just listening in but)
  • Tsuyu absolutely remembers birthdays and likes to hand-make little cards for her classmates (she’s used to doing this for her younger siblings). she always signs them with a cute little frog doodle
  • shockingly, Aoyama does this. he always makes a note of when someone’s birthday comes up and tries his best to get them the absolute best, amazing, most sparkly gift ever for their special day, b/c any gift from him needs to sparkle just as amazingly as he does. (he usually gets them something in their favorite color) (he does this b/c he really wants to become closer to the class and be on the same level as them and this is one of his ways of doing so)
  • Bakugou also does this but only for the people he actually gives a shit about. but he’s also like….. incredibly bad with giving gifts and showing emotion and being sentimental at all so he usually just tries to be less of an ass to them that day. maybe gives them a couple compliments (framed like insults b/c that’s who he is). tolerates them slightly more than usual. maybe buys them a snack. etc
  • Shouji. he’s got eyes and ears everywhere (literally) so when he hears about someone’s birthday coming up, he’ll get them something small. he tries to personalize gifts, so Tsuyu would get a cute frog plush, or Bakugou would get a cool looking skull shirt, or Izuku would get something All Might themed
  • Jirou. she can listen in on any convo and sometimes she just overhears stuff. she’ll usually just buy some chocolate or candy for them
  • Todoroki. at first he didn’t really pay much attention b/c he just… was so focused on himself and his personal issues and his goals and he didn’t really notice much else around him. but after his fight with Izuku and the incident with Stain, he tries to notice more about the other kids around him, and will secretly try to figure out what they like so he can get them a good gift. he’s super new at this stuff and he doesn’t really know what the proper procedure is, but he really wants to make up for how he was before and he wants to be a better classmate and friend and to make a better impression and he is just so very earnest. (he’ll usually get them something that’s usually a bit… too expensive and extravagant, but still very simple.)
  • Momo. similar to Todoroki, she really just wants to make a good impression and to make her classmates happy b/c she loves being useful and helpful and being nice. she always gets something that’s usually WAYYYY too expensive b/c she grew up super rich and has like no idea that she doesn’t have to spend that much on birthday gifts for her classmates, but she’s just so earnest and she just wants to help and give them a good birthday and none of the kids really fault her for accidentally showing off how rich she is b/c she’s just so cute and earnest and nice and sweet
  • Mic and Aizawa. Mic especially. he always remembers people’s birthdays and tries to make a little party out of it. Aizawa remembers and he usually just gets them something really small (like a gashapon toy or something)

i added a few of the teachers to this, i hope you don’t mind!!!

That Oversized Sweater (Klance Sickfic)

For: @403secret (because she liked this one too and a little bird told me she liked sneezing fics)


Getting groceries were harder than Keith made it out to be. He didn’t mention that a little bit of math was needed.

Lance looked at the two bags of apples with narrowed eyes, noting how one of them was more expensive than the other. Honestly what were pink lady apples? And what was so special about them anyway? And what was the deal with calling apples pink ladies? Until today, he’d only seen apples as either green and red, pink nowhere in the mix.

Out of curiosity, he dropped a bag of them in the cart and wandered past the vegetable and fruit aisle into the frozen food section. He shuddered at the dead-eyed fish looking at him and escaped to the washing detergent section. After (completely illegally) unscrewing dozens of bottles, he found a satisfactory scent and sighed in relief as he made his way to the check out.

Keith was so very dead, but Lance was not prepared for what greeted him back at the apartment.

After loading and unloading like a madman, Lance felt like he’d just run a marathon and treated himself to an ice cream. After eating the ice-cream (and unashamedly licking the last bits left in the tub), he felt generous and bought one for his Keith. He really was far too nice for his own good. What a good Samaritan he was.


Lance almost dropped the bags as he stood in the doorway. It took a split-second for him to grip them again, sparing himself another disaster. It had been kind of cold outside and and his skin was tingling.

His gaze was directed at Keith, but more importantly, was directed at what Keith was wearing. You see, about a month ago Lance had seen this grey jumper in a sale and had loved it so much that he’d bought it right then and there, only to find out it was far too big. (The fact that he’d binned the tag and the receipt was irrelevant.) At the time, Keith had commented on how much he’d hated it and it had been stuffed in the back of his closet.

It wasn’t in the closet anymore because Keith was wearing it now. It was even big on him, swamping his lithe form and covering his hands. It reached his knees and he looked so small and vulnerable and Lance just stood there, sure his brain was short-circuiting. Keith looked downright adorable.

“Lance?” Keith didn’t sound right and upon closer inspection, Lance saw the red nose and glassy stare of a sick person. “Where were you?” He sounded confused and if Lance wasn’t worried before, he was worried now.

Dropping the bags on the floor gently, he walked over and placed a hand on his forehead, brushing aside damp hair to check his temperature. He did feel a little warm and judging by Keith’s lack of protests, a bit out of it. Keith coughed weakly and Lance winced at the grating noise it made in his ears.

“Come on, Keith, let’s get you to bed.” He gently led him towards the bedroom, a muddled Keith in tow and soon had him on the bed, sweater like a blanket, draped over him. His cheeks were bright red, contrasting starkly against his pale sin and his lips were dry. “Let’s get that sweater off, hmm? It’s too warm,” he said as he tried to gently pull it off.

Much to his surprise, Keith shook his head furiously. “Smells like you, it’s not so bad.” At that he scrunched his eyes and sneezed, tears springing into his eyes and looked utterly pathetic, close to crying. “Don’t make me take it off.” He uttered hoarsely.

“Okay, we’ll leave it on.” Keith looked so reassured and smiled, looking pleased.

Lance was everything, but he was not heartless. So he left Keith be, reassuring him that he’d return with something to help his throat. A few squeezed lemons and spoonfuls of honey later, Lance returned bearing water, a steaming cup of you’ll-drink-it-no-matter-what-it-tastes-like and medicine. Keith took them all meekly, much to Lance’s surprise and concern.

Crawling in beside him, he cradled the boy in his arms, Keith’s face buried in his chest. He ran his fingers through his hair, eyes staring at the wall in front of him. Keith coughed, harsh barks that hurt Lance to the core, and he soothed him, patting his back softly. Every now and then, he sneezed, little squeaks that made him smile a little.

Then, almost out of nowhere, he heard sobs emitting from Keith. Looking at Keith again, he could see that his nose was running and that a mixture of snot and tears were trailing pathetically down his face, eyes red and cheeks stained. He tried to wipe them away, but Lance was quicker and gently wiped them with his sleeve, being sure not to wipe to hard.

“Oh, Keith.” He lamented, taking in the sick boy in front if him.

“’M sorry.” Keith whimpered. “I didn’t mean to get sick.” He wiped a long sleeve across his cheek.

“Of course you didn’t. Now, lie down and see if we can get you to sleep and we’ll see how you feel tomorrow, all right?” He cupped is jaw softly and Keith nodded tiredly.

Then, Lance remembered. He had bought Keith ice cream! Hastily assuring Keith, he dashed and ransacked through the bags, pleased to find that the ice cream wasn’t complete soup. Grabbing a spoon, he returned with the spoils.

Keith reached for it, but Lance whacked his hand away playfully. “Nope. I’m feeding you.” Keith had enough of his wits about him to blush.

So he fed Keith, carefully spooning them in, wiping his lips where some had smeared, laughing at the way Keith scrunched his nose at his cheesy behaviour. A sick Keith was a cute Keith, and he was going to savour it.

They lay back down again after the ice cream carton was discarded and Lance hummed quietly, alternating between patting his back and combing his hair gently.

Keith was tucked comfortably beneath his chin, a hand gripping his shirt for dear life. He felt so soft, the sweater evening out all the sharp angles and felt so small in his arms like this. Lance caressed the soft folds and chuckled when Keith approved with a low hum.

They fell asleep like that.


“Lance? Why the hell did you buy the apples with the pink insides?”

So that’s what pink lady apples were.


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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Summary: Sebastian and (Y/N) meeting in an unusual way.

Word count: 846

A/N: Just thought of posting another Sebastian imagine. I love him so much and I honestly miss Seb. I hope you guys like it.

My requests are still open and you can request from the Flash, Arrow,Super Girl, Glee, Shameless, Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/F/T/S) is Your Favourite TV Series.

It was your lunch break and you decided to go to Lima Bean alone since you needed some coffee to wake your body and soul up. You were almost sleeping during your maths classes and you knew that caffeine was the solution and the hero of your day.

It was also your fault, because you stayed up until 3 am as you tried to finish a season of (Y/F/T/S). You’ve watched that series many times now, but you never got tired of it. Of course, it was your favourite, how could you even get tired of it?

“(Y/N)!” You quickly turned your head as the barista over the counter finally called your name. You happily hopped to the counter and got your paper cup full of caffeine.

“Thank you.” You smiled widely and you started to walk towards the transparent glass door.

“Bye! Have a nice day.” The barista greeted you and you turned your head to flash her a sweet and wide smile.

“Bye.” You responded as you turned your head back through the transparent door.

You were about to open the door when a tall boy suddenly bumped you and it caused you to shower him with your burning hot latte macchiato.

“For fuck’s sake!” The boy hissed as the coffee burnt his fair coloured skin and he quickly took his familiar navy blue with some red lines blazer off.

“OMG.” Your eyes widen and you quickly ran to the counter to get some clean white napkins. “I’m sorry.” You handed him the napkins and he tried to clean his stained blazer and white button down shirt.

“Damn, look where you’re going the next time.” He snapped at you and you quickly corrugated your forehead, finding the guy a little bit arrogant and irritating. “You have two eyes to see, not to be stupid.”

“Uhm,” you raised an eyebrow. “excuse me?”

“Oh, fuck off!” He rudely pushed you away from him.

“Asshole.” You insulted him, obviously losing your temper. Who wouldn’t? You were just trying to make it up to him. “Tell me how much do you want me to pay for that worthless blazer you have there?”

“You surely can’t afford it, so don’t even bother.” He smirked at you, letting go of his frown this time.

“Fucker.” You threw him your empty paper cup and you started to walk to the transparent door once again.

“Hey,” He put the cup on an empty table and he suddenly stopped you as he pulled your left soft hand towards himself. “what’s your name?”

“It’s not your business, lunatic douche.” This time, it was your turn to snap at him. You were also confused because of his actions.

“Oh, c'mon!” He then started to laugh once again. “Let me buy you another cup of latte macchiato.”

“No, thanks.” You shortly answered as you tried to escape from his grip.

“I thought my friends told me that I suck at acting?” He snorted louder than before and you just looked at him, perplexed.

“Huh?” You corrugated your forehead once again.

“Sebastian Smythe,” he let your hand go as he extended out his right hand, ready to shake your hands.

“(Y/N).” When you finally decided to give in, you took his hand and shook your hands together.

“Your name is as beautiful as your face.” He winked at you, now he’s flirting obviously. You started to think that this Sebastian guy in front of you was bipolar, because, the moment before, he was so angry and he treated you bad and, now, he’s complimenting you and everything. “C'mon, let’s talk for awhile.”

“Alright.” You rolled your eyes as the two of you got a coffee table. He ordered a cappuccino for him and a latte macchiato for you.

As he was ordering, you started to admire his features. You realized that he was a handsome and elegant man. His hair was slicked back perfectly and he took care of his face, as there were no traces of pimples or blackheads. His tie was stained, together with his school uniform, but his outfit still perfectly fit to him.

“(Y/N)!” He snapped his fingers as he tried to catch your attention.

“Hmm?” You shook your head and considered his emerald coloured eyes.

“I’m sorry for how I treated you before.” He regretfully said. “I was practicing for a theatre role and I thought that it would be funny to try it to you.”

He explained his reason and you just shook your head while having a playfully smile.

“Sebastian, you’re an asshole.” You both chuckled as your anger started to fade away. “You deserved to get that free coffee shower earlier.”

“I know,” He winked at you with a smirk on his lips. “but I am happy that I tricked you and not someone else.”

“Indeed!” You agreed on his statement happily and he just let out a soft giggle.

“Friends?” He asked you seriously.

“Friends.” You replied.

You were happy that you gained a new friend, even though you met in an inappropriate, but creative and original way.

Kiss Me (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! So I decided to write a part 4 for the Bite Me series because I felt sad and I couldn’t just let that end off with such a sad ending and some of you requested for one more so here it is!! This would be the very last one, so yay thank you for reading this series😊 Enjoy!!

Bite Me//Miss Me//Remember Me//Kiss Me

You gasped as you pulled yourself out from the ground, trying to take in as much oxygen as you could, your entire body in pain. After minutes of struggling to get out from the dirt, you knelt on the ground with your hands supporting you, staring at the ground before pushing yourself back so that you were resting on your heels.

Looking up, you stared at the blue sky, a frown etched on your face. You’re alive?

Groaning, you pushed yourself up, staggering slightly as you straightened yourself. You reached up and held your head, shaking it as memories of that night came back to you. The phone call with Dean, the hellhounds.

You looked down at your clothes seeing that they were the same clothes that you were wearing that night, your clothes ripped with bloodstains all over. Crossing your arms over your chest, you tried to be more decent as you looked around, trying to find out where you were. You realized you were at some open field, looking down, you realized a makeshift cross stuck to the ground. Frowning, you realized that the brothers must’ve buried you here.

Noticing a sign, you found out that you weren’t that far from Bobby’s house. Slowly walking to the side of the road, you noticed a car driving towards you. Raising you hand, you hoped that the driver would stop, which luckily, she did. The driver took one look at you and immediately thought you were homeless, stranded or maybe even escaped some kind of animal attack, not that you could blame her, you were a mess.

She dropped you in front of Bobby’s house and tried to give you some life advice which you totally zoned out on. Smiling and thanking her, you shut the car door and watched her drive off before turning and heading up the porch. You took a deep breath in before ringing the doorbell, thinking for a second before knocking the door as well, feeling excitement bubble as you finally get to see them again.

The door opened soon after and you faced a surprised looking Sam, you felt a grin slipping on your face. “Sammy!”

You heard a gun cock, making you turn to the side to see Dean pointing a gun at you, Bobby standing beside him with a knife in his hand. You frowned, crossing your arms over your chest. “Seriously? This is how you treat me after I come back from the dead?”

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limerence [M] // HOSEOK

Lim·er·ence / ˈlimərəns/ n. psychol. the state of being infatuated with another person, characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings but not primarily for a sexual relationship

summary - What do you do when you realise you felt more than you thought? Do you act on it? Or do you let it go?
word count - 2.9k

genre  - fluff, angst, implied smut
pairing - Hoseok x Reader
warnings - none

A/N - I wanted to thank Ann (@godsavemefrombts) and Nel (@callmeawalkingbtsdaydreamer) for helping me out and giving me tips, you were such a massive help, I probably wouldn’t be as happy with this if I haven’t asked you, so thank you~

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#247: You’re Best Friends With One Of The Other Boys


I never really know what to write in my author’s note but it just seem more clean and nice once I do? Like if I don’t add this it just looks weird when I post a preference. Is that weird? Probably. 

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here


“Y/N you’re burning my ear!” “I’m not doing anything you’re just a complete whiner!” You disagreed and tucked onto his curl so he wouldn’t move his head further away from you. If he kept on wiggling and moving like this you would end up with a burned finger. “You were literally so close I could feel the heat.” Ashton said, eyes wide and reflecting in the mirror in front of you. “Well if you really want to look fully emo I suggest you sit still because otherwise I can’t straighten your hair.” A huge scoff came from the lad in respond, never had he heard such nonsense. “If you would just be a little bit gentle you wouldn’t have to go through me being a wiggling mess!” You rolled your eyes by his words and as soft as you possible could grabbed his curl and straightened it. This time a happy smile came to his face and he leaned back in the chair satisfied. “Is she always this rough bro?” Ashton questioned after a minute of silence, breaking it completely and looked over his shoulder to look at Luke. “For the love of god Y/N you just did it again!” Ashton scolded instead of getting an answer from the blond haired boy, looking up at you with wide eyes. “You two are insane oh my god…” Luke mumbled and tried to avoid the conversation, this was always like this when you were together. Insane and loveable.


”Luke you can’t just take the remote out of my hands that is nowhere near fair!” You scolded and gave him a large smack on the chest. A gobsmocked expression came to his face in reaction, his eyes widening and his jaw falling. “Who called you the owner of the remote? Seems like it prefers to be with me.” He teasingly waved the black item in the air and moved a cushion back on the couch when you reached forward to take it. “Besides,” He mumbled with a laugh and kept it above your head so it was out of your reach. “You don’t have arms long enough to grab it. I think that settles everything.” Rolling your eyes deeply by his attitude you slammed yourself on top of his lap and almost forced your knee against his soft spot on purpose. There was no way in hell he was allowed to use dominance like that, especially when it came to you. “What are you-, Y/N that hurts!” He whined and tried to get you down, but you weren’t going to give in before the remote was back in your hand. “Calum for the love of god, control your girlfriend!“ He whined, Calum’s eyes widening and glanced towards you from looking down at his phone. “You started that yourself, I’m just gonna sit here and watch.” Luke’s jaw fell by Calum’s explanation, a loud sound of cheer coming from you in victory once he finally let go and gave it back.


“Okay as both of you are my best friends and I’ve sworn under my breath I didn’t want to become between you, but I can’t witness this anymore.” Your eyes widened once Calum opened the door to your hotel room, having Michael pulled by the sleeve and dragged inside as well. “Now I don’t know what happened or why you were suddenly so angry but we’ve got an award show we’re attending tonight so I suggest the both of you get your shit fixed because you’re not leaving until you have.” You stood up from the bed confused by his words, looking over at Michael to see him almost have the same face. But he was also guilty, his eyes adverting to the ground both because he didn’t like arguing with you but neither did he want Calum to drag himself into it. You were adults after all, you were supposed to figure out stuff like this yourself. “Now I’m gonna close my eyes and when I open them again, you’ve befriended.” He lifted his hand up to cover his eyes and that made Michael walk forward to wrap his hands on your cheeks. “Okay so I feel like we can’t get out of this no matter what with this idiot in the room… I’m so sorry Y/N.” “I’m sorry too.” You smiled and leaned up to wrap your arms around him. Looking over towards Calum he smiled softly and made a thumbs up with his thumb when you mouthed, “Thank you.”


“Oh my-,” You paused with a jaw falling so long it was almost close to touch your feet. “What happened?” Michael was quick to question and looked towards the mirror in front of you. It didn’t look as if something had happened besides the expression on your face. “I uh-,” You trailed off, not knowing whether or not you should tell him. “This happened out of accident I swear!” “Y/N what did you do?” Michael asked in a stern tone but you could still tell he wasn’t mad. Or maybe he would be after finding out what you had just done. “I may or may not have just spilled some blue hair dye onto your shirt.” “WHAT?” He was ready to stand up from his chair and take a look. “Maybe if you just decided to wear something old instead of expensive shit like this you wouldn’t have this problem.” You tried not to spill blue dye onto the floor when he stood up and moved closer to the mirror. “Maybe if you weren’t so clumsy we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.” He disagreed and tried to remove the stain with some water and tissues, not that it helped the slightest bit. “See you’re just ruining it even more!” You tried to take it out of his hand but he wouldn’t listen. “Honestly I thought we sounded like an old married couple arguing but you guys definitely top that.” Ashton commented stunned from the doorframe, having witnessed the whole thing with a laugh.  

See You Again ver. 1.5 | Kol Mikaelson

!!This has the same summary as the other but this is written on y/n pov instead of Kol’s!!

Pairings: Kol Mikaelson x Reader

Warning: none to extreme

>>> First version, Kol Mikaelson’s point of view


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2nd of August 1712

3 hours, 2 ales and 30 minutes since the peak of the moon yet my dearest Kol Mikaelson is still no where to be found. We were supposed to meet here and run away together to find a new life, turning me into a vampire once I’m 18. In my hands is the letter he sent me 2 moons ago.

31st of July 1712

My darling Lady y/n,

I am writing here to tell you that we are leaving as soon as I expected.

Meet me at the abandoned Parishton Well in the Northern Woods where we spent our first evening together. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives, for the rest of your soon-to-be eternal life.

I’ll be there my love,

I love you. You will always be my Always & Forever.

With our love,

Kol Mikaeson

I held my own hand and massaging the back of it in an attempt to calm my anxious nerves. After a few more minutes I fixed my Victorian hat and walked out of the North Woods. I told the horsemen to go and ride the carriage to the Mikaelson Castle

When I arrived there I asked, Maria, the castle servant whom I trust and questioned her on my beloved’s whereabouts. Sadly, Kol Mikaelson left the compound with another lady hand in hand. Oddly, she told me this in a monotonous tone as if she was…trained to tell me this. To caught up in my own sadness and pain I left the castle.

6th of August 1712

As I sealed the letter for my beloved with my signature wax seal I gave it to our royal messenger and told him to give this to Lord Kol Mikaelson. With that I waited patiently for the reply and told myself that maybe he was just late.

I went to the place where we were supposed to meet but like the nights before he was nowhere in sight. I took the rose on my hair and left it on the rock where I know he would pass and left. I decided to walk through the woods on my way home when I heard a man walking behind me but as I turn to look no one was there, I turned back to see Lord Lucien in front of me.

“My Lord.” I bowed graciously and when I saw him his eyes was red and veins where popping out of his eyes. A vampire.

Before I knew it I was knocked out and all I can feel is a euophoric venom and slight hunger passing through my body.


I woke up in a pool full of dead lifeless bodies, their bodies drained of blood. I looked at myself realizing that I was the one who did this. I hurriedly cleaned myself and tried wiping the stains in my dress and ran away. I left the village never looking back again

xxxxxxxxx CENTURIES LATER xxxxxxxxxx

I was looking at the sign ‘Welcome to the French Quarter’ my old hometown, the one I promised myself to never return but, I have a task in my hand. I vamp speed to the Mikaelson Compound and was happy when the threshold ring worked. Luckily, I met a witch named Emily Bennet and she managed to create a ring that allowed m to enter any home without being invited.

I went in and saw that Niklaus and Elijah was talking and I heard the name I’ve been avoiding to hear, Kol. They noticed my presence and them being shock was an understatement.

“How in the bloody hell din you get in here?” Niklaus boomed stalking towards me but I dodged him and twisted his arm.

“Well I have few tricks of my own Niklaus.” I said coldy and shoved him across the room landing and breaking his velvet sofa. I laughed but it sounded like a cold one.

“I finally found you, Mikaelsons. Thanks to you bastards for compelling Maria to lie to me, for hurting me and you being the cause of my child’s death.” I told them without a single emotion on my voice. Well, perks of having your emotions turned off with nothing but rage left, the only emotion I left myself to feel.

“Darling y/n, how did-” I cut him off,

“Find out? Well, at the age of 17 bloddy Lucien Castle turned me in to a vampire which resulted to my baby dying inside of me, well Kol and I’s baby. Consumed with grief I turned my emotions of 3 days later and found Maria a year later. I turned her in to vampire and she told me she was compelled by none other than Niklaus to tell me that Kol left with another lady,” I grabbed the leg of the broken chair, “And Elijah proceeded to dagger Kol.” I stalked towards them and saw them alarmed and laughed at them. I sat on the table and continued my story.

“After I got the information I took out Maria’s heart.” I told them nonchalantly

“Why?” Elijah asked, seeing as Niklaus was speechless

“I don’t know, I was bored and I didn’t care. So back to the story,” I drank the bourbon on the table. “I waited for years for Kol to wake up and when I saw him here in New Orleans I saw that he was back to his monstrous self and was again daggered as I was about to get him. Fast forward to now, he has a new lady by his arms. So iturned my emotions back off except for rage.” I took the opportunity to throw the stake at Niklaus’ stomach and snapped his necked and throwed the other stake to Elijah.

“For causing the life of my baby.” I looked him in the eyes and snapped his neck.

“What in the bloody hell is going on?” Ah. that voice I raised my head and smiled at my ex lover, Kol Mikaelson.

He looked dashing as ever if my emotions was one I’m pretty sure I’d fall all over again. After a thousand years later, he still looked like the man I first loved. Now, he is nothing but the enemy.

“y/n?” I vamp speed to him letting the spell of bourbon and aftershave consume me.

“Hello my darling.” I snapped his neck and smiled sweetly. My plan is now in motion.




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Are you going to age with grace?

Are you going to age without mistakes?

Are you going to age with grace-

Only to wake and hide your face? 

When oblivion is calling out your name. 

You always take it further than I ever can…

My contribution to fennecfenris ’s ‘St. Martin Day’ fanart compilation. I decided to draw the moment before he assumes the role of Akatosh, and saves all of Cyrodil.