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{PART 16} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You begin to regret revealing all the details about your painful, tragic past to Jungkook. Meanwhile, Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin share their knowledge with each other in the hopes of figuring out what intentions lie behind Yoongi’s actions.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 15} {Part 16} {Part 17}

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So, Prison Break will be back in a matter of hours.

And to a lot of you, that may mean nothing. 

But it means a hell of a lot to me.

Prison Break first aired when I was fourteen. I don’t remember much about the night itself, but what I do remember is kicking up a real fuss when my brothers outvoted me on the choice of programming, the two of them commandeering the TV remote and forcing me to watch the pilot of this new prison show instead of the episode of House that I had apparently very much wanted to watch at the time. After that night, though, House certainly never took precedence in my schedule ever again, because I had fallen hard for Prison Break in a way that I never had with a show before (or since), my soul already eagerly sold to it before the credits were even rolling on the first episode. 

For the next four years of my life, it was my obsession, my joy, my greatest love, the one thing I could talk endlessly about (particularly any part related to MiSa, my OTP of all OTPs), and the mere thought of which would always make me happy. It led me to my first fan forum, to amazing friends (who I am still in touch with to this day), and also brought me into the world of fanfiction, which in itself became (and remains) a hugely important part of my life. 

As it went on, the show not only taught me life lessons like sacrifice and making difficult decisions and taking responsibility for your actions; it also taught me about myself, and what I wanted and valued and believed. And, as with any show that truly pulls you in, the characters were always far more than just actors spouting lines– they were like family to me, and I celebrated and struggled and grieved with them through four incredible and traumatising seasons. I genuinely cried more tears for them and their pain than I ever did over anything else in my own (obviously very fortunate and privileged) life. 

The same year that Prison Break ended, I graduated high school and was accepted into medical school, a career that I had chosen for several very good reasons, not the least of which was because my still-forming teenage self had looked at Dr Sara Tancredi and had seen exactly the kind of woman I wanted to grow up to be. About five years after that, I was freshly graduated as a doctor, and finally got the chance to meet Went, Dom, and Sarah at my first Comic Con, and was able to thank them in person for the beautiful thing that they had helped create, and which– in Sarah’s case in particular, of course– had helped to create me. 

Today, I’m exactly a month shy of my twenty-sixth birthday, and have been a doctor for almost two and a half years, having even worked briefly in the prison system during that time, among many other things. I may not have the posters hanging on my wall anymore, and the cardboard box full of memorabilia and carefully folded cranes might be tucked away in a closet out of sight, but even still, this show has never left me. It’s in the “Be the change you want to see in the world” ring that I’ve worn every day for the last nine years. It’s in the tiny origami flower that has been tattooed on the back of my left ear since I was nineteen. It’s in the crane that was tattooed on my left wrist two years ago in Chicago, with those same old forum friends beside me, all coming together for the first time in our ten-year friendship to visit the city and the prison that had been the setting for the story that had brought us into each other’s lives. But even more than the marks on my skin, its mark is still inside me, a permanent building block in the foundation of who I am. 

In the last eight years, there’s only one thing about this show that I’ve always regretted, one thing that I have literally wished (on shooting stars, four-leaf clovers, birthday cakes, 11:11, dandelions– you name it, I’ve wished on it) that I could change. Of course, I know that happy endings don’t always exist; that reality is hard and cruel and whatever, so supposedly TV should be too. But that never stopped me from wishing that there could have been just one more happy ending out there to give to this story.

Then, about two years ago, something happened. Stars– both astronomical and celebrity– aligned. Whispers like ‘reboot’ and ‘season 5′ floated around, and then suddenly, startlingly, my dream had started looking like a possibility. A possibility that eventually turned into a miraculous definite, the confirmation followed by months of filming and promoting that I promptly did my very best to ignore or hide from, because I was convinced that if I thought about it too much– let myself hope too much– it would somehow all disappear again; would revert to being merely an elaborate fantasy that I’d concocted in my head, a silly fangirl’s headcanon to rectify her OTP’s heartbreak as well as her own.

But tonight, it’s all becoming real. Tonight, for the first time in eight years, I will turn on my TV and see my character-family again; will experience that old feeling afresh. And though there’s certainly always the chance that the new season will somehow be a disappointment, or will only add more pain, it’s a chance I’m so very willing to take.  

A chance that I’m so, so grateful even exists.

So, if you can, tune in tonight (9/8c on Fox). Even if you’ve never watched before, even if you think that frankly I’m probably just overhyping it and it’s actually nowhere near as great as I claim. Do it anyway, and show the network and showrunners that what they have done means something to the viewers out there– to the people like me, who got far more from this show than just a fascinating story, who might have been a very different person today if they’d managed to wrestle the TV remote off of their brothers on that one night a dozen years ago. And who knows; a success for Prison Break now, like with The X-Files and Gilmore Girls before it, could mean reboots– and therefore justice– for even more beloved shows down the line, and even more opportunities for other fans to re-experience the things that helped to shape them into who they are.

And, well, this moment may have been eight long years in the making– but whatever happens, it was worth it.

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 11 ❤️

A/N: I’m sooooooo sorry for this wait yall, but here it is! the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! I hope you guys like it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

“Buckyyyyyyy!” you whined.

Bucky rolled his eyes as he ate his slice of pizza. He loved you, he really did, but he was exhausted! Ever since you hit the five month mark of your pregnancy, the two of you have been going at it like wild rabbits. It got so bad, that Bucky was highly considering putting a chastity belt on himself. He knew you couldn’t help it, but Jesus, you weren’t taking no for an answer.

“We just finished ten minutes ago,” Bucky groaned, setting his slice back on the plate.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling your face into his throat. You inhaled his scent, filling your senses with the amazing smell of cinnamon and the ocean. Those were your two favorite smells in the world, and it was fairly ironic that your alpha wore those scents as well. Maybe you two were really meant to be together.

You straddled his lap, blocking his view of the football game he was focused on. Bucky’s blue eyes bore into yours. You leaned forward, pressing your lips against his gently. And to your satisfaction, he responded, running his tongue along your bottom lip. You slowly grinded your hips onto his, trying to create some sort of friction.

You heard a small sigh escape his lips as you rocked faster. You could feel the hardness of his erection forming through his boxers. You let a small moan escape your lips as you felt it rub against your clothed core. Bucky placed his hands on your hips, gripping them tightly.

But to your annoyance, he forced them to stop.

You pulled away, your brows furrowed. He never turned you down, especially when you were all hot and ready like this. Immediately, you figured you’ve done something wrong. Did your tummy bother him? You were fully swollen now, maybe it turned him off?

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered, his eyes travelling down your body until they rested on your lower body. You could immediately feel your chest tightening. You could feel the slow burn of tears forming in your eyes. Of course he wouldn’t want you right now, you were as big as a pumpkin.

“Y/N, I….I think your water broke!”

Your eyes snapped open, immediately going straight to your lady area.

Your eyes widened with fear as you saw the clear liquid running down your thighs. It was enough to completely drench Bucky’s favorite black boxers. It even drenched the sheets below. But that isn’t exactly what caused you fear.

Your due date wasn’t set until two weeks. Why was this happening now?

“Friday, get Tony over here asap!” Bucky exclaimed, gently moving you to the side and running towards the closet. He fumbled through the clothes, ripping out your coat and some shoes.

You let out a shriek as the car sped down the highway.

You were absolutely sure that Tony had broken at least twenty different traffic laws, along with causing an accident a few streets away. You clung onto Bucky’s middle protectively.

“Okay, the hospital’s to the right!” Pepper exclaimed, sticking her head out of the window.

“You just ran a red light!” Steve pressed, looking behind him through the rear window. You could hear the sounds of cars honking and the screech of tires as they swerved around the car. If you weren’t pregnant, you would’ve smacked Tony by now.

After a few minutes of breaking numerous laws, the car came to a screeching halt in front of the hospital. You let out a breath of relief. You honestly thought the cops would stop the car at some point.

Bucky flew the car door off it’s hinges as soon as the car stopped, earning a string of insults from Tony. He’d get over it surely, but not after complaining for an entire week.

Bucky immediately wrapped his arm around your waist, making sure that you were completely upright, before ushering you into the hospital lobby. You listened to Steve as he made sure you breathed in time with him.

“It’s gonna be okay, Y/N,” he assured, opening the doors for the two of you. “I’ve watched videos just in case and they always say that breathing is the most important part of staying calm.”

You gave him a small smile, but the panic was still evident on your face. You were internally screaming as Bucky led you to the front desk, filled with nurses.

“Hi, what can I do for yo- woah!” the smallest nurse gasped as she took in your swollen tummy and your pain stricken face. She turned to the nurse beside her.

“Lily, get the wheelchair asap!”

You let out a sigh of relief. As much as you loved being in Bucky’s arms, your feet were killing you. You needed to sit down as soon as possible, you didn’t care where anymore.

The nurse scurried around the counter towards the two of you and gently grabbed ahold of your other arm. She and Bucky both led you to the other side of the room where the wheelchair was waiting.

“My name is Chloe, I’m the head nurse here.” she smiled. She bent down and unlocked the wheels on the wheelchair, giving it a small test roll. When she finished, she stood back up and helped guide you into the chair.

You let out a small groan as you sat into the seat. Your body ached already.

“Are you the father?” she asked, smiling up at Bucky.

But before he could respond, he was interrupted by a scream.

One that came from you.

You clutched your tummy, your eyes screwed shut as you let out a wail.

You watched as the doctors and nurses prepped themselves and set up the IV for you. 

“Mrs. Barnes,” the nurse spoke, rubbing your arm comfortably. “I’m afraid that you’re already dilated four centimeters already, we’re going to have to prep you for delivery now.”

Your eyes widened. You honestly hadn’t thought of that at all. You were aware that your mother gave birth to you via c-section, but that’s because you were a delta. From what you understood so far, the baby must not be, as you’ve had zero complications so far. You glanced upwards at Pepper, who seemed completely conflicted.

“It’s going to be perfectly fine, honey.” she assured you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze. You nodded. You could totally do this, right? It didn’t look so hard. Your mother managed to get through two births, along with the billions of women who did this throughout history. Birth was just a small bump, one that you could get through with the help of Pepper and Bucky.

Tony had immediately opted to stand outside, as he was a hundred percent sure that he would either:

a. throw up

b. pass out

c. both

And as much as you loved the dude, you really didn’t want that to happen while you brought your child into the world. 

Immediately, you felt the first contraction hit you.And god, it felt like you were being stabbed repeatedly by knives throughout your lower abdomen. 

You clutched your stomach, crying out in pain. Bucky immediately was by your side, grasping your other hand with his metal hand and stroking your hair with his flesh one.

“OW!” you cried as another contraction hit you. You could feel the sweat forming along your forehead as you screwed your eyes shut. You could feel the pain shoot throughout your body, as if it were hitting every single cell.

“C’mon doll,” Bucky whispered. “We can do this.” He pressed a small kiss to your temple. You nodded, trying to focus on his voice. He was right, you could do this. Just a few more minutes and this wave of contractions would be over. That’s couldn’t be hard, right?

You let out a sigh as he stroked your hair.

“Alright, Y/N,” Chloe spoke, placing the mask on her face. Her eyes were soft as she peered down at you. “We’re going to need to put your feet onto these stilts now. You think you can do that for me?”

You nodded, releasing Pepper’s hand and placing it on the small handle of the hospital bed. 

“Dad, if you could help me lift her legs that would be great.” 

Bucky shot up from where he was sitting, his eyes wide with attention. He stood beside your legs and gently lifted your right one until it was resting on the stilt. You gave him a small thumbs up for his bravery. 

Once your feet were positioned, that’s when you felt it. 

The pain was mind numbing, completely filling your entire body. 

You let out a bloodcurdling scream, one that caused everyone in the room to jump. 

“Get Dr. Strange in here NOW!” Chloe shouted, her eyes wide with fear. 

You clutched Bucky’s hand tightly, digging your nails into the metal. This was unlike anything you’d ever felt. You felt as if your body was being ripped apart. The only thing that you could think of was your mother. Is this what she felt like when you came into this world?

If so, you were so sorry for the pain you caused. 

“I can see the head!” Chloe exclaimed, leaning forward. Her eyes were narrowed with concentration, but the immense panic was there. 

Something was wrong. 

Your heart raced wildly in your chest as you felt another wave of pain coursed through your body. You could feel your pelvis widening, making room for your baby. 

“Hey dad,” Chloe spoke. She tried to sound calm and rational, but you could hear the fear laced in her voice. Especially how it trembled after each word. 

Bucky’s head snapped upwards in her direction. He was completely afraid. He knew birth would be a rocky ship, but this wasn’t anything like he’d seen in the videos. He knew you would be in pain, it was obvious, but from the look in Chloe’s eyes, he knew something was wrong. And he was so damn afraid. 

“Y-Yeah?” he replied. 

“I’m gonna need you to talk her down. We need to keep her calm.” 

He gave her a small nod before turning his attention to you. 

He ran a hand through your hair, turning your face towards him. 

“Y/N,” he spoke, his blue eyes starring into yours. “Remember the first day we met?”

You let out a whimper, nodding in reply. You couldn’t speak anymore, the pain was just far too much for you. Tears began falling from your eyes. 

“I knew as soon as I stepped off that elevator that I loved you. I don’t know how, but I did. And look at us now. You’re gonna be a mom. An amazing mother.”

“Y/N, honey,” Chloe interrupted. “I’m gonna need you to push for me. The head is almost out.” 

You sat upwards, wincing at the pain. With a deep breath, you pushed. 

And pushed. 

Until you heard the soft cries of a newborn baby. 

You let out a sob as Chloe lifted up the small bundle of joy in her hands, wiping it with the small towel in her hand. 

Its…it’s a boy!” she cried, looking up at you with a smile. Your eyes widened as you stared down at your son. He wiggled in her hands as she wrapped the blanket around his body. 

Your eyes shot to Bucky’s face and you didn’t know if it was possible, but you fell in love with him all over again. 

His eyes watered as he starred down at your son. Never in his mind did he imagine he’d have a little version of him in this world, but there he was. 

Chloe looked over at Bucky, grinning at him as she held your son out to him. 

“Do you wanna hold your son, sir?” 

Bucky nodded, completely in awe. He could get used to being called a father, especially by his baby boy. 

Bucky Barnes starred down at his son as she placed him into her arms. He looked exactly like the two of you. The baby stopped crying as soon as he was placed in his father’s arms. 

But as quick as the pain subsided, it was right back. 

You shrieked as you felt the pain shoot through you once again. 

What was happening? You looked over at Bucky, who had placed your son into Pepper’s arms. He raced towards you and gathered your hand into his. You could see the tears racing down his face as you screamed once again. 

Chloe gasped, her eyes starring down at your body in shock. 

“T-There’s…..there’s…Y/N I’m gonna need you to push again, sweetie!” she exclaimed. 

“W-What?!” Bucky exclaimed, his eyes wide with pure fear. What was happening? Was there something wrong?

You pushed with all your might, despite the seering pain in your lower half. 

You pushed. 

And pushed. 

Until you heard the familiar screams of another baby. 

It’s a girl!” Chloe cried, holding out your baby girl.  

Pepper let out a small cry from beside you. Remy was right after all, you were having a girl. 

Bucky stared down at his daughter, completely distraught. How in the world was this happening? He reached out his hands, stepping forward as Chloe brought your baby girl over to him. 

And to everyone’s surprise, her screams ceased as soon as she was placed into Bucky’s arms. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, turning towards you. “It’s a girl.” 

As soon as his eyes landed on you, he felt his heart shatter into a million pieces.

As if on cue, the heart monitor stopped, just like your heart did. 

-FIN!  ❤️


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We Got Friday Nights

A little friends to lovers drabble/one shot for @thesschesthair​ cos she likes them and she is awesome!

also on and ao3

When your best friend is gorgeous, smart and one of the most decent people you’d ever met, it makes sense that people would think you were a couple. Of course every time this happened to Killian Jones and Emma Swan they’d laugh it off and say there was no chance that anything like that could ever happen.

They were friends - for almost five years - and they quite liked it that way.

Only one time, she had seriously considered it.

They were in the middle of this health kick - running a few times a week after Emma had almost collapsed chasing a skip up a fire escape. Killian had offered to run with her - it wasn’t safe for her to be running around on her own, he’d said - she’d rolled her eyes and reminded him that she could take care of herself and that Storybrooke was hardly the crime capital of New England. He’d still insisted on joining her.

One Saturday he’d knocked on her apartment door, too early for the sun even to have peeked over the horizon. The park was deserted as they pounded the trails in companionable silence until it began to rain. A fine mist at first, it quickly graduated into a heavy downpour with large, freezing drops saturating them in seconds as they raced to the cover of the trees.

Killian laughed when she slipped in the mud, his hands coming up to her waist to halt her fall -  they were warm, even through her soaked t-shirt. He was close enough she could really appreciate those damn blue eyes of his that never saw him leave a bar without at least one phone number (wanted or not). His hair had fallen over those eyes. She’d told him a dozen times to cut it and he always just shrugged. Water dripped down those silky tendrils, drizzling across his cheek. Dazed, she’d stared at his perfect face.

For a second, she’d forgotten who he was ( her best friend ) and why they’d never been more than that (she didn’t do relationships or men in general, he just didn’t do commitment). For a moment he was just a handsome, perfect guy who she was very attracted to… so she reached up and brushed away the rogue strands, her fingers sliding down his cheek, reluctant to break the contact. It was okay- just for that moment - to let herself get lost in the smile he gave her and to imagine what it would be like to kiss those lips and for those hands to tighten at her waist and draw her close.

They’d hugged a thousand times. But that was different, because he was her friend and every hug they shared was devoid of that pulling tension she felt right then. Warmth radiated from him as the rain tumbled through the pine trees. She let herself daydream for a few perilous moments about a “them” - a dream of cozy dates and tangled limbs and kisses and-

Then, of course, reality kicked in. The rain vanished, the sun replacing it in the blink of an eye. He’d tugged on her shoulder, rousing her out of the dream as he asked her if she was ready to head back. She’d smiled and nodded, avoiding his gaze until her feet found that rhythm again on the mossy footpaths, each step pushing that idea further away.

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Our Story- Auston Matthews (By Anon)

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

Alright y’all so I had this story submitted to me and it’s adorable and so I’m posting this anon (because they prefer it that way) so you guys should be getting FOUR updates today! (I’m counting this as one!) Without further ado…. Surprise Auston Matthews!

Warning: steamy (no descriptions promise), a couple of cusses


As we were driving there, I admitted to being nervous about what the ACC would look like, where we would sit, and if I would even enjoy the game. Nonetheless, I was happy to be there and held on to the fact that it meant a lot to my dad, which meant a lot to me.

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Soulmates - Scott McCall

word count: 1456
warnings: Deucalion’s your Dad so… that sux

Soul mates were a tricky thing, as your father had once explained to you when you were young.  There were no hints, no clues as to who they could be.  For the humans, all you had to do was touch once, and that was it.  You knew that the one you’d made contact with, was your one and only.  But for werewolves and other supernaturals, it was a bit different.  You still had to make physical contact, but you would know that you’d found your mate if their eyes glowed upon making contact.

Some people went their whole lives without finding their soulmate.

Others died, never knowing who their mate was.

On the contrary, some met their soulmates as young as four, and spent their entire lives together.

You, had not met your soulmate.  And quite frankly, it wasn’t a top priority of yours.

But it had happened so abruptly…

“Derek!” You yelled, running down the stairs of the loft.  “Derek I’m starving and there’s no food left in my little fridge thing” You reached the bottom, about to complain because you just knew your best friend had ransacked your room in the middle of the night.

“Not now y/n I have guests-” But you’d already walked into the living room, and seeing Derek’s big group of friends.  Friends, you were surprised.  He really only spoke to you Isaac and Peter, but you guessed he lied about that.

Everyone in the room froze, turning and staring at you.

“Derek…” A girl with fiery hair spoke cautiously.  “Are you a father-”

“Good God no, this is y/n” Derek said, groaning and waving a dismissive hand.  “She was supposed to stay up in her room, but she doesn’t listen to me anymore, now, do you?” You looked at him, held back a snicker, and stared at your feet for a moment.

“Alright… and who… who is that?” The pale boy next to the previous speaking girl asked.  He was shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“She’s… I captured her” Derek said boldly, flashing a large smile.

“Saved” You coughed.  “Saved me”

“Saved you? From who?” A petite asian girl asked you.  She walked forward, giving you a timid smile but she had kind eyes.

“My father” The girl in front of you frowned.

“Oh, sweetheart I’m sorry, were you in an abusive hom-”

“My Dad’s Deucalion” you stated and her eyes widened instantly.

“O-Oh” She turned, looking to the group of friends for a moment then back at me.  “I didn’t think he’d had a daughter” She mumbled.

“Kira don’t be ridiculous” A dirty blonde haired girl said.

“Now wait he could have” The pale freckled boy spoke.  “Maybe with Kali… a long time ago she looks out age..”

“I’m seventeen” You said firmly.  “And I can hear you clearly.  I don’t mind the questions you don’t have to be all secretive about it”

“I’m Lydia” The green eyed girl spoke, walking over and shaking your head with a large smile.  “Resident banshee of the McCall pack” you nodded.

“y/n” you replied.

“That’s my mate, Stiles.  He’s a human” Her red slicked fingernail pointed to the pale dark haired boy, whom she smiled at.  “That’s Kira, she’s a thunder kitsune” The black haired girl grinned at you.  “That’s her mate Malia- and oh! That’s our alpha Scott” She pointed to the guy who just walked into the door.  He was wearing a brown leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet, kicking off his shoes at the door.  Though it’d probably be smarter to keep them on, you knew Derek never cleaned.  He walked in, and pulled off his helmet.

“Hey guys did he know anything about Berserkers-” His eyes landed on you, and you tensed slightly under his stare.  “Hi-hi” His mumble of a greeting made you laugh quietly.

“Hello” You said back, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Scotty, this is y/n” Lydia said.  

“Hi- hey- I’m Scott” He came forward, setting his helmet on couch and walking over to you, holding out his hand.

“y/n” You say, holding out your hand to shake his.  Your fingers had almost brushed but you were interrupted.

“y/n if you’re going to restock your fridge there’s stuff in the basement freezer” Derek said, and you dropped your hand to the side.  “We’ve got pack business now” You stepped back from the others and left the room in silence going down the stairs.

“Scott, hey hey Scotty” Stiles began to snap his fingers in front of his friend’s face.  “You there buddy? You’re staring”

“S-sorry it’s just- did you see her? Was she real? She was gorgeous did you see?” Lydia let out a chuckle.

“Yeah she was real Scott, good job”

“Oh.. was I-”

“Foolish?” Lydia offered.

“An idiot?” Malia tried.

“Lovestruck?” Kira spoke.

“She was beautiful…” Scott slumped onto the couch, holding his helmet in his lap and staring off somewhere.  “Do you think I acted too weird?” Stiles chuckled, patting his friend on the shoulder.

“Yikes buddy…”

You came back up from the basement, a new abundance of snacks.  Scott had walked over to you, but you’d gone up the stairs too quickly.

“Should I call for her?” Scott whisper screamed to Stiles.

“No Scott, don’t be dumb just- just come back to the pack meeting”  Scott made a pout, staring up the spiral metal staircase.

But he listened to his friend, and walked back into the living room with everybody else.

“So, Derek, what do you know about Berserkers?”

You’d sat in your room for the next few hours, nose stuck in a book.  You’d changed into leggings and a sweatshirt that you swam in, but you were too cozy to complain about it’s size.

It was dark, ten o’clock maybe, and you hadn’t eaten.  Now sure, you could snack from your new gathering of treats… or… since Derek was sleeping… you could sneak down the stairs for a snack.  You smiled to yourself, slipping out of bed and tiptoeing towards the door.  Slowly, you turned the handle as not to make much noise.  You opened the door and stepped-

“Scott?” You jumped back when you nearly ran into him.

“Sorry- sorry I’m sorry that was creepy- oh my god I feel like a stalker-”

“No n-no it’s fine you’re fine, just surprised me is all” You blushed and tucked your hands up into your sleeves.  “So uh- what uh- what’re you doing here?”

“Well the pack mostly passed out and we’d ordered a pizza and I-I thought you’d like to uhm, to have s-some?” You broke into a big grin and nodded your head.

“Pizza sounds delicious” You said and went down the hall and descended the stairs instantly.  Scott followed you into the kitchen, where a bunch of pizza boxes sat on the counter.  You grabbed a slice of your favorite and danced on your toes with excitement.  “I can’t remember the last time I had-” You spun, and bumped into Scott.  His hands instantly grasping your arms to catch you before you fell.

His eyes flashed red, as did yours.

“S-Scott? Y-you’re- you’re my-” He nodded, blinking a few times as though he didn’t believe it.

“Yeah-yeah I guess I-I am” He slowly let go of your arms, and rose his hand towards your face, gently brushing against your cheek.  You blushed instantly, and smiled.

“Do you… do you feel that too?” He nodded, and your hand clasped over top of is against your face.  “It feels good” You whispered, leaning up just slightly.  Again, Scott nodded.

“Yeah.. yeah it-it does” Your eyes flickered from his deep brown was to his lips.

“God I know nothing about you but I just really wanna kiss you” You breathed, and he smiled crookedly for a short moment, then closed the distance between you.

Now, you’d never kissed anyone before, but this was mind blowing.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, and his hands still cupped around your face.  You parted for a short moment, gasping in a breath before standing on the tips of your toes to kiss him passionately again.

“You’re my soulmate” He mumbled against your lips.

“Mhm” Your hands rose and tangled into his dark locks of hair.

“W-we should go out sometime” he said, and you pulled away from im slightly.  Enough to smile softly and look into his eyes.  You nodded shakily.

“Ye-yeah we sh-should” You stuttered.

“Okay- okay how about next friday? W-we can go bowling- or-or something else” You nodded, a shyer smile pulling on your lips.

“Bowling sounds great” You said softly, and he smiled, his eyes crinkling as he pulled you back in for another soft kiss.

What an interesting night.

soulmate aus are my fav… and i just read an AMAZING scott soulmate series by @mccallifornia that y’all should SOOO check out, edge of my seat with each chapter… for real go read it!!

xoxo ~ jordie

Outcast - J.J

Can you write imagine where you are bullied by people in Riverdale School because you are introvert and nobody likes you and one time when you get slapped in the face jughead helps you?

Warnings/Triggers: Swear words pg13

Word Count : 960

Should I make a masterlist?

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The hallway was filled with tons of teenagers. All with different ambitions, different hobbies, and different homes. There was the jocks, who had every sport under their arm. They would alway wear their letterman jacket, no matter the weather. Then there was the preppy girls. Typical cheerleaders. Hair like silk, ‘on trend clothes’, straight white smile. Your ‘nerds’ would sit at a table far from the jocks. Their comics in hand, and all their school work in another. Then there was you, who didn’t fit into a category. Your style was different from others, your hobbies were different than others, so you were outcast.

People judged you for being different. Which was silly in your perspective. If you were so different to them, what were they to each other? Normal?
Normal was never a word you used to describe anything. What made something normal? The way they looked? The way they acted?

As you grew older you stopped that theory. You had started to want to be accepted.


It started your first year of high school. You had your hair in a braid, along with your favourite summer dress. Your mother shouted a complement as you rushed out the door. The day itself wasn’t bad, it was the people around you. The jocks would make not-so-very-nice comments on how you looked, while the girls would snigger as you walked by. That day, when you were trying to get into your locker, someone came up and taped something to your back, before slamming your books to the ground to late walk away with their posse.

Since then, the torment continued. They would knock your books down to make you late for class, shove you around just to annoy you, and would make nasty remarks behind your back. You started to show up early to school, so you could organize your stuff and get to class without the assholes bothering you.

On one particular morning, you got to school early enough to the point where there weren’t too many lights on. You set you books into your locker, tossed your jacket on the hook, and set your backpack down. Man, it was only Monday, and you couldn’t wait until the week was over.

A laugh rung out behind you. A deep laugh. A laugh that you despised. “What are you doing here this early in the morning?”

Your eyes widened, your hands nervously rubbing together. “We know you heard us” another voice spoke. You tried to swallow the lump in your throat but it wouldn’t go away.

Footsteps could be heard from behind you. Loud, squeaky footsteps. “You still haven’t said why you’re here Freak” Your mouth stayed shut.

A hand was roughly set on your shoulder as you shuddered.

“Why are you are?” You would never say anything back. But why where they here? Did they follow you?

“Football practice. We thought we’d stop by” One of the players grinned, getting closer to you.

“You Know….we don’t have to get to class yet…” The guy in front looked around at his friends.

His hands moved quickly, as he shoved you back into the locker. If only your were wearing your jacket, maybe then your back wouldn’t be scratched now.

“You have a lot of nerve thinking that you can show up to school and expect to be treated nicely” His breath smelt slightly of smoke, even at this time in the morning.

“Well sorry if I expect respect from even the lowest scum of the earth like you” You mumbled, but as your eyes looked at his, they filled with rage.

He pursed his lips and raised his hand back. He threw his hand forward as hard as he could, whipping it across your face. The crack of skin contacting skin echoed off the walls. His palm was bright red, the same red mark that matched the one on your face. Staring at him with your eyes wide as your hand slowly made it to your fire red cheek. Tears pooled in the corners of your eyes as you stood there dumbfounded.

“Hey! What the hell did you do?”

You closed your eyes trying to process what had happened, not paying attention to the new shouting voice.

The guy who was holding you against the locker was pushed back.

“Why the hell would you hit her?!”

Who would be here at this time in the morning?

“Why the hell do you care Jughead?!” The jock argued.

Jughead? The one from your writers class?

“Because she’s human? Because I have decency? Because apparently I have more heart than you do?”

The jock shut up at his comment. Probably not understanding what the hell he meant.


And they left.

“You okay y/n?”

You finally opened your eyes to see the brunette with his signature beanie.

“Uh yeah..” You sighed shakily, “It just hurt in the moment I guess I’ll be fine”

“How many times have they hurt you?” He asked quickly, picking up your books for you.

“Never. First time”

“Well I know that’s not true…” he muttered, you raised an eyebrow challenging him. “You been coming to school early lately” He continued.

“You’ve been coming to school early too Jughead…Why’s that?”

His face stayed still like stone. He couldn’t tell anyone he was living in a closet at school. He could be expelled.

“No reason. You’re lucky I came”

“I could’ve handled it fine on my own” You argued.

“I don’t doubt it. Here’s your books”

“Thanks” You mumbled, “See you in writing?”

“Sure. We can walk together.”

On the outside, your face stayed the same, but on the inside you were smiling. Someone was actually offering to walk to class and actually talk to you?

“Ok..See you”

I promise!

Fandom: Star Wars

Chapter/ One-shot: One-shot

Characters: Pregnant!Reader x Cassian Andor, Wedge Antilles, Chirrut Îmve

Words: 1689

Warnings: Spoiler alert: Rogue one spoilers! 

A/N: This became a lot longer than I thought it would be. Sorry about the ending, I kind of fast forwarded it because everyone who has seen the movie knows what happens and I’m not good at rewriting stuff (plus it has been a few weeks since I last saw Rogue one so I don’t remember everything). And right now I do not have a longer story about [Y/N] background.. :) 

Originally posted by fandomsarecoolilikequiteafew

You had been feeling nauseous lately and you had been late with your period. Even if you already knew what was going on you still wanted some confirmation about it. You were sitting on the bed in the medical bay, waiting for the medical droid to come back with the answers.

“Miss [Y/N], congratulations, you are having a baby” the droid said when it came back to the room. The droid told you that you were on your ninth week pregnant. You didn’t know how to react but you smiled at the droid before thanking it and left. Now you were worrying about how to tell your boyfriend, Cassian, about it. He was on a secret mission right now and you didn’t know when he would come back, in the meantime, you continued to do your work at the base. You did a little bit of everything, sometimes you were helping out with the ships and sometimes you were behind the desk, so to say. You were now helping Wedge Antilles, your best friend, to fix something on the wing of his x-wing when you saw Cassian’s ship land. You excused yourself and went to greet him. They had a petite woman with them but you didn’t recognise her.

“Hi” you said when you met Cassian. He took you in for a hug and kissed your forehead.

“Hi, sweetheart” he whispered softly and you chuckled.

“Captain, stop messing around, we have a meeting to attend to” you heard the familiar voice of K-2SO. Cassian sighed before he let go of you.

“Hi Key” you greeted the droid.

“Hello Miss [Y/N]” he greeted you back.

“Sorry, I will see you soon” he said and quickly kissed you before he left. You smiled as you watched him walk away and soon you went back to help Wedge to fix on his x-wing. Moments later you heard Cassian call out your name and you turned around to see him jog towards you.

“Cassian” you gasped when he took you in for a hug again.

“Sorry” he whispered. You chuckled softly. Not so long ago he didn’t want to show to anyone his soft side. There you stood hugging again when you heard K-2SO walking closer.

“I’ve been looking for you, Captain” the droid said and you sighed.

“Key, give us a moment here” Cassian said, a little annoyed about K-2SO always interrupting you two.

“Very well, I’ll go and prepare the ship. We’ll be leaving soon.” the droid said before it left.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked Cassian with a sigh.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just about to tell you” he answered you. You looked up at him with a sad look on your face. He tucked your hair behind your ear and smiled weakly at you. You knew deep inside you that this was going to be a hard mission but your instincts told you that he would come back.

“I love you” you said as you looked lovingly into his eyes. Cassian smirked a little.

“I love you too” he said and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss wasn’t long but it was full of love.

“I have to go now” Cassian said and you nodded.

“Be safe and come back home” you told him and he smiled. He kissed you quickly before he left to the ship. You noticed that the woman he had brought with him was leaving with them but you didn’t think more of that. You watched as the ship flew away before you went back to yours and Cassian’s quarter.

As soon as you heard that Cassian was coming you ran to the docking bay to greet him. You didn’t have to wait so long when you saw a ship land. It wasn’t Cassian’s U-wing and you started to worry a little but when the ramp fell down and you saw Cassian you let out a breath. You ran over to him and threw your hands around his neck. He chuckled as he took you in for a hug. He leant in for a kiss and the kiss was full of passion.

“Hey” he said as you stopped kissing. You smiled as you greeted back.

“I missed you” you told him and he hugged you tighter and kissed your forehead.

“I missed you too” he whispered. Cassian had to go to a meeting again and he rushed away to get there in time. You walked over to greet the new arrivals. You learned that their names were Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe and Bodhi Rook. You noticed that Chirrut were blind and he told you about the force helping him see. He also told you what happened on Jedha and Eadu. You sighed but you knew that Cassian did all this so that the resistance could be one step closer to save the galaxy from the empire.

“Is Cassian the father?” Chirrut suddenly asked you and you stared at him with your mouth open.

“How do you know?” you finally asked him after a moment of silence.

“The force is strong with your child, and also with you” he told you calmly. You quickly glanced up at Baze who shrugged his shoulders.

“The force works in mysterious ways” Chirrut continued and you looked back at him again.

“Yeah, well, there has been a jedi in my family. My grandfather was a jedi, and my mother used to tell stories about him when I was a child. I never became a jedi because the jedi-order got destroyed when I was just an infant” you explained to him and he listened carefully.

“I see. Who was your grandfather?” he asked.  

“His name was Qui-Gon Jinn”.

“Aah, I’ve heard about him” Chirrut said. You smiled at him. You saw that Cassian was walking towards you.

“You have to tell him” Chirrut said and you answered with a yeah.

“Hi” you greeted Cassian when he arrived. He greeted you back but soon asked you to leave them for a minute. And you did. Moments later you saw the petite woman, whose name you had learned was Jyn Erso, talking with Chirrut and Baze and soon you saw that Cassian had gathered a group of rebels and they were all talking with Jyn. You stood there watching them. When they were ready, Cassian came over to talk to you.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked and you felt a lump in your throat.

“Yes, we have decided to help Jyn get the Death Star plans.” he said and you felt tears in your eyes. “And it is probably going to be a one way trip” he continued and you started sobbing. He took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. Soon you pulled away from him and you wiped the tears of. You looked into his eyes.

“Just promise me one thing” you begged him as you reached your hand to his chin and he leaned in to your hand.

“Anything” he said.

“Promise me that you will get back home again, in one piece.” you said and you reached your hand towards his and guided his hand to your stomach. “Promise me that you will get back home for us” you continued and the tears started falling again but you were smiling at him.

“Are you pregnant?” he gasped and stroked your belly. You nodded and let out a small giggle. “I love you” he continued and you tried not to start crying again.

“Promise me” you begged.

“I promise” he promised and you hugged each other. “Thank you” you whispered. You pulled away from the hug and gave a quick kiss to each other before he left to the ship. You saw Chirrut on the ramp smiling at your direction and you smiled back at him even if you knew that he didn’t see it. Cassian gave you one last look and you waved your hand at him. You watched as he disappeared into the ship and it took away. You ran up to the control room to wait for answers.

“What is your boyfriend up to?” one of the workers there asked you.

“Honestly, I have no idea” you answered him. You sat down beside him.

You were waiting for some answers and it felt like an eternity. You heard that the Alliance fleet went to support them.

“Your girlfriend seems nice” Jyn said to Cassian when they were onboard of the ship.

“She’s the best” Cassian told her with a smile. Jyn smiled back at him. They finally arrived to Scarif and they were lucky enough to get through the gates. Jyn, K-2SO and Cassian managed to get to the Citadel Tower.

After everything that happened in the Citadel Tower, Cassian and Jyn limped to the beach.

“I promised [Y/N] that I would get back” Cassian said to Jyn when they sat down. Jyn smiled and looked at him. “She’s pregnant” he said before he continued “And I love her”. He looked at Jyn with tears in his eyes and a weak smile on his lips. “But this was worth it” he said and turned his head to look at the Death Star as it fired the superlaser towards the planet.

“[Y/N]” someone shouted. You saw that it was Wedge who ran towards you. He was short of breath when he came to you and before he spoke he tried to catch his breath again. He looked at you and you could already guess what he was about to say but you didn’t want to believe it. He sat down beside you and took your hand in his. He looked into your eyes before he spoke. “I am so sorry, [Y/N]”. You stared at him before it hit you what he had just said and that’s when the tears started falling down your eyes. Wedge took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. “I’m sorry” he whispered. Now you had to raise your child alone but you would always tell your child about his/hers dad who was a hero that saved the rebellion.

Loving can hurt

Kol x Reader


Synopsis: Mystic Falls’ crew kidnaps you intending to kill Kol, then he comes to rescue you and a few things happen.

Word count: 1658

“Elena, I am sorry, but I am not going to help you, or anyone, to kill him!”

“For God’s sake, Y/N!” She yelled, frustrated. “He is an awful, merciless, crazy maniac! How come you are letting him live? Have you forgotten how much pain he has put you through?”

You gulped, not having a real clever answer in your mind. Of course Elena was right, Kol Mikaelson was a synonym for trouble and you really was out of mind to step up and defend him. But you had developed a friendship with him and got to know a side of him no one could even imagine. The thought of somebody hurting him made you physically ill.

“I know that, Elena.”


“I am still not joining this messed up plan.”

Bonnie, who was quiet all this time, just listening, stood up and glanced over you, as if she was trying to understand what exactly you had in mind. “Sorry, Bonbon, it is not exactly an easy task.”, you thought, almost laughing at your tragical life. She opened her mouth and closed right after. It took a few tries before Bonnie actually spoke:

“You sentencing Jeremy to death.”

“I am not! I can talk to Kol, even to Klaus, get them to…”

“Well, if you are so popular with the Mikaelsons, how about we use you to drawn them here?” Damon said, sarcastically, coming out through the kitchen door. “I mean, you are not willingly helping us, but it will do the trick just the same.”

You wided your eyes, actually scared they might use that to get what they want. Of course, complete the Hunter’s mark and find the bloody cure to Elena would make them do anything.

“Come on, Damon, you do not have to do this.”

“Are you helping us, then?”

“I need some air, a little time to think about it.”

“Unfortunately we do not have time.” You heard Stefan say.

Sunddenly, you felt an aching pain in your head and fell, not being able to stand due the dizziness. It took no more than five minutes for you to lose your consciouness.

[Later that day]

“Can somebody think?” You heard, vaguely. “Y/N is about to wake up and Kol is not here yet.”

Your head still hurt a little, perks of being a human. Not an ordinary one, since you discovered, a few weeks ago, you belonged, or should, anyway, to pack of wolves from the North East Atlantic. That’s why Niklaus Mikaelson took so much interest on you and pulled you into his family business.

After all the Mikaelsons were freed from their long sleep, also known as being daggered by their half brother, you met the one who stole your heart: Kol Mikaelson. He looked so… Unique. Of course your relationship had a rocky start, as he tried to drink from you, tortured you and would have killed you if Klaus had not stopped. The whole thing made you hate him for awhile and plot a revenge, helping your friends to get information.

“So, we text or call?”

“We should wait until she’s awake. It would be way more dramatic.”

You tried to focus on their voices, to tell them apart and know who the hell was talking.

“Damon, I already feel bad enough to be doing this to her, she does not deserve it. Y/N is my friend, our friend. This whole thing is not fair!”

“Elena, she chose a maniac over you. Keep that in mind.”

“I have to agree with Damon on this. It hurts me too, but we have to do it.”


Now you were fully awake and aware of what was going on. Your hands were tied up and you were standing, limp. Only a small candle enlightened the room, providing a fuzzy image. You had to find a way to prevent the disaster that was about to happened. Because if they did not kill Kol, which was already a bad thing, he would go nuts and go on a killing spree, not letting any of your friends alive to tell the story. You knew what he was capable of. 

You started moving, just for them to realise you were awake.

“Perfect timing, sweetheart!”

“Damon… All of you! Do not mess with this family, because if you kill one of them, his siblings will not rest until you are dead.”

“Blah, Blah, Blah.”

“I mean it!”

“Can somebody just call the bastard?”

You twitched, trying to free yourself from the ropes. Of course, it was useless. In times like these you really wished you were a wolf and not this pathetic little weak human.

You let out a sigh.

“I promise I will let you out as soon as this is over.” Elena whispered. “I am sorry you are caught in the middle of this.”

“Elena… Listen to me, please.” You asked, almost begging. “Kol can be a nice person, if he wants. However, he is also a wicked son of a bitch who will kill anyone that gets in his way.”

“Tell me again why you are friends with him?”

“It’s complicated.”

You lowered you head, not quite wanting to reply that question. Being around him was hard and messy. It pulled you to Kol even more, though.

Both Stefan and Damon walked towards you and Elena, the latter grinning and holding a phone in his hand. You did not know what was so complicated for them to understand, however, it was already too late for that.

Y/N, why are you calling me? Something happened, love?” Kol’s voice sounded preoccupied.

“Not quite, honey.” Damon smirked, replying. “But if I were you, I’d hurry. Things are about to get wild.”

He hung up.

“Now we should get prepared.”

“Let me go, now!” You cried. “You got what you wanted.”

“We will do that… After he is dead.”

“Damon, you are so freaking annoying!”

Then they left, leaving you all alone in the dark cold cell.


[A few minutes later]

You heard a thud upstairs and instantaneously got worried. One more time you tried to free your wrists, using all the strength you got on your bones. Push after push, nothing worked.

Where is she?” Kol screamed and you heard another thud. “Let her out. GIVE HER BACK TO ME!

“Oh damn it!” You cursed, angry with all of that.


“Caroline? I didn’t know you were here.”

“Listen to me, we don’t have time. Are you sure you can control Kol?”

“What have he done?”

“Just answer me!”

“Yeah, I can talk him out of killing everyone.”

“Then come.”

She was not very kind when she pulled the rope, making you stumble and almost hit the floor, since your legs were still weak from the time you spent hanging. You walked slowly and she offered to carry you, if it would make things faster.

The minute you arrived at the living room, you realised why they needed you up there. Kol had his hands right at Elena’s neck and one very close to her heart. He would kill her without blinking.

Fuck, you hated being the reason to all of this.

“Please, stop!”, you said, your eyes watering. “I am here, Kol, you don’t have to hurt anybody else.”

As he heard you, the Mikaelson loose the tightened grip around the older Gilbert. She ran away from him and hid under Damon’s arms, obviously scared. 

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, they wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I was just so worried about you.”

He pulled you into his embrace, where you went without complaining. It felt so good to be close to him. Smell his glorious scent, hear him breathing. The whole package. You almost forgot there were other people watching you hugging.

“Now you”, Kol suddenly spoke, looking at your friends. “Tell me, why you needed me here?” 

“We wanted to complete the mark. Killing you was the best cheat we got.” Damon replied.

“Funny, I guess you know that if anyone manages to kill me… My sireline dies whithin.” He stated. “Also, you all could be sired to me.”

“We are all sired to Klaus.”

“Well, mate, you can never be really sure of that.” He let out a devilish smile. “Anyway, I should get going.”

Before you and him left, Kol, in a minimum amount of time, grabbed Damon by his neck and lifted him up.

“If you ever touch her again, you will not live to tell.”

Kol then smiled and let him go, walking to you and holding your hand, after he got close enough.

Outside, it was a windy, and the moon shone vividly. A perfect ending to a very nasty day. For second you thought somebody would end up dead. And now… All you wanted to do was kiss your friend and say it would have hurt the hell out of you if he died.

Kol stopped and gave you an intense look, one that made you shudder out of pleasure. It was a mixture of feelings you did not care to understand completely.

“I love you.”

You froze.

“You w-what?”

“I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.”

You bit your lower lip and he watched, a grin on his face.

“Well… I guess… Hum… I love you too.”

“Took you long enough to say it, love.”

You giggled.

He cupped your cheeks, leaning to kiss you, which he did, very carefully. His lips were wonderful and the couple of seconds it lasted, it was great. Gosh, you felt like jumping and laughing.

He smiled against your mouth.

“I guess we should get going. Nik will not be pleased to know the events of this afternoon.”

“Tell me about it!”

“You handle him.”

“Are you crazy?”

You laughed, as he placed a hand on your waist, getting you even closer to him. You could not help but think that was perfect. Not just the moment. Everything.

All perfect.

Like it should be.

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How about this prompt: "If you can't sleep...we could have sex?"

Originally posted by kingrreigns

Roman Reigns Blurb - Sleepless Nights

I turned over onto my left side, trying to get comfortable for the hundredth time tonight. I checked the clock on my nightstand. 2:48. Awesome. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I just could not get to sleep. I had been tossing and turning all night to no avail. I was still wide awake and pissed about it. I rolled back onto my right side with a heavy sigh and watched Roman sleeping effortlessly. I watched the rise and fall of his chest and wished I was doing the exact same thing.

I reached over to move a strand of his long, black hair away from his eyes and off of his face and his eye immediately snapped open. Shit. “Hey, babe. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“All good, love.” He reached over and brushed the back of his hand against my jaw. “You know, if you can’t sleep….we could have sex? Maybe it’ll help relax you.” He grinned slyly as he spoke.

I tried and failed to stifle a small laugh. “Only you would wake up in the dead ass middle of the night and offer up sex as a solution to my insomnia.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it, Sam.”  Roman traced his fingertips down the small of my back as he spoke, his deep voice low and mesmerizing.

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How about this prompt: "If you can't sleep....we could have sex?"

Originally posted by craicthatniall

Niall Horan Blurb - Sleepless Nights

I turned over onto my left side, trying to get comfortable for the hundredth time tonight. I checked the clock on my nightstand. 2:48. Awesome. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I just could not get to sleep. I had been tossing and turning all night to no avail. I was still wide awake and pissed about it. I rolled back onto my right side with a heavy sigh and watched Niall sleeping effortlessly. I watched the rise and fall of his chest and wished I was doing the exact same thing.

I reached over to move a strand of his dark hair away from his eyes and off of his face and his eye immediately snapped open. Shit. “Hey, babe. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“ ‘S all good, love.” He reached over and brushed the back of his hand against my jaw. “Ya know, if ya can’t sleep….we could have sex? Maybe it’ll help relax ya.” He grinned slyly as he spoke.

I tried and failed to stifle a small laugh. “Only you would wake up in the dead ass middle of the night and offer up sex as a solution to my insomnia.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it, Sam.”  Niall traced his fingertips down the small of my back as he spoke, his voice low and mesmerizing.

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Can I have like a little snippet or teaser of this dean angst. 😱

Originally posted by spn-spam

Sam’s eyes snapped opened, lifting himself off the cold surface.

He couldn’t believe he was stuck in a freezer. He only hoped you and Dean were alright. He had to get out of here.

He quickly walked to the door, just as he was about to try and open it he heard a familiar voice.

“I already tried that. Useless.” You spoke, making Sam turn around towards you. His eyes widen, as a sad frown set across his face.

“Y/n.” Sam softly spoke. Concern clouding his eyes, as he saw a gash on your head.

“Least, I’m not stuck here with your brother. That would be torture.” You joked, making Sam role his eyes.

“You’re bleeding.” Sam sighed, changing the subject.

“No shit.” You grumbled, resting your head back, onto the wall.

Sam quickly walked towards you, crouching down in front of you. He noticed you shivering.  

“Here, take my coat.” Sam spoke, taking his coat off, and wrapping it around you.

“I’m fine, the main concern is getting out of here. Unless you want to die in here together. Because endgame.” You choked out, coughing as soon as you finished your sentence.

“We’re going to get out of this. Okay.” Sam reassured you. Looking at you with hope in his eyes.

“And if we don’t?” you coughed out. Warming yourself up. But failing.

“We will.” Sam sighed, his face dropped into a frown, as he saw you looking at him, with teary eyes. Your lip quivering.

“Y/n?” Sam asked, putting his hand on your shoulder.

“Why doesn’t you love me? Like I love you.” You gasped out, shivering. Thinking Sam was Dean.

“Y/n, it’s me, Sam.” Sam gulped, quickly pulling you onto his body, and holding you close to his chest, trying to get you warm.

“Am I that unlovable?” you sobbed, as you clung to what you thought was Dean.

Office After Hours #3


Part Three Summary: After Bucky’s surprise confession, you decide to give him another chance, in return he gives you a morning to remember.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: jealousy, elevator smut, language, oral [reader receiving] 

A/N: I’ve missed this series a lot! Things are defo going to get heated in the next few parts ;) 

Monday morning came around way too fast and you were kind of dreading having to see Bucky at the office. You still couldn’t wrap your head around the fact he went to such extremes to try and convince you he wanted to change for you. You couldn’t deny that you admired his effort, despite the fact he practically broke into your apartment- it was a pretty sweet gesture.

But, it didn’t change the fact you had this overwhelming fear of falling for him, you couldn’t make sense of your feelings for him as it was. He was addictive and you weren’t sure if dating him would be a better or a worse option than the casual hookups you were already frequently having with him.

You made your way to the elevator, coffee in hand. Hell, you’d definitely need it to get through the morning. Some colleagues joined you inside the elevator, all giving you smiles and “good mornings” as they did, your heart racing as you realised one of them was Bucky.

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The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 3

Originally posted by lethargicmin

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 7k

Genre: Angst, (Future) Smut

Series: 1. Lust|2. Gluttony| 3. Greed (1) |4. Greed (2)|5. Sloth| 6. Wrath|7. Envy

Comment: I wanted to put Greed all into one post, but it started to get too long for my taste. I’ve broken it into two sections, and the smut will be mainly in the second one. Hope you like it!

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Whether they were friends, enemies, or lovers, they all left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


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Sleepover Pt. 2 - Philip Hamilton x Reader

Part 1

Time period: Modern 

Word count: 883

Ship: Philip hamilton x reader

warnings: General anxious thoughts ((Jic))

Requested by: @niawoods <3

here’s my little way of giving this lil story an actual ending, requests are open!!! feel free to submit imagine requests to my inbox!

Originally posted by gravitywon

Like all good things, your impromptu sleepover had come and gone with the weekend.

it was Sunday now.

Philip had slipped out of your room some time after you decided to sleep in. you couldn’t deny it, you felt foolish. Of course he didn’t want to wake up to you when he could pick any other person to wake up with out of the handful that adored him at your school.

You’d have to talk to him tomorrow.

For the rest of the weekend, you let your anxieties get the best of you. You ignored your phone when texts buzzed in and turned put it on silence when calls started to replace the texts.

That meant someone wanted to talk to you,

Or worse,

That meant he wanted to talk to you.

Of course you were making a bigger deal out of this than needed, but you couldn’t help it. Somewhere along the line, your brain saw fit to connect thoughts of philip with embarrassment and you could hardly do anything about it.

Leaving your room for the first time in a few days, you padded down the stairs into your kitchen to get a late night snack.

“Y/N” your mother -who had gotten back from her weekend excursion about an hour ago- said as you opened the fridge door. “What are you doing in your pyjamas already? It’s not even 6:00.”

You couldn’t bare the thought of telling her that you had worn them all day, so you shrugged and lied smoothly. “I have a test tomorrow.”

“oh , alright then!” the two of you were cut off by the doorbell ringing, your mother got up. “I wonder who that is.”

You turned back to the fridge, trying to find something edible. You could just barely hear your mom at the door.

“Oh hey! Are you here to help Y/N study for your test tomorrow?” your mother asked the person at the door,  slightly grabbing your attention. You paled when you heard his voice.

“Um, Yes?” he responded, sounding more like a question.

“Oh that’s wonderful. Y/N’s right in the kitchen. Yn! Philip’s here!”

She turned to you to find you have way up the stairs already.

Your mind was screaming at you Abort! Abort! Abort! Forget the food and hurry up! Maybe he didn’t see you!

You closed the door to your room behind you and sighed, walking over to your bed. A few moments passed and there was soft knock at your door.

“Y/N” Philip called out softly.

You tried to think of some way to evade this confrontation, then it hit you. You mustered up your best fake cough and spoke with a croaky voice. “You might not want to come in, i’m sick and it’s contagious.”

You grabbed a pillow on your bed and hugged it to your chest as you waited for him to respond.

The handle to the door jiggled and opened. You could hear your heart in your ears when you saw his familiar curly mop poke out from behind the door, then your eyes met his and you swore your heart fell from up in your ears straight to the pit of your stomach.

Philip had these eyes that didn’t hold back, you could almost always tell exactly what he was thinking. Now was no different. Philip’s eyes looked dull and dreary as he stood in your doorway staring at you.

“You haven’t answered your phone.” he spoke solemnly “i came to see if you were okay, but I guess you’re fine. I’ll just go then.” he turned around.

“Philip!” you called after him, getting up and walking over. You put your hand on his back softly and he turned to you.

“Did I do something wrong friday?” he asked.

Your heart clenched at the memory of waking up alone. You planned to shake your head ‘no’ but your stupid teenage brain thought differently. “You left.”

Way to make this dramatic Y/N.

His shoulders slumped as if a weight was lifted from them and he smiled softly. “That’s why you were ignoring me? So you don’t hate me?”

“I don’t think I could even if I tried.” you spoke.

His eyes flicked to your lips quickly before returning to your eyes as he inched closer.

“Y/N, can I try something?” he asked quietly.

You didn’t respond and stood on your tiptoes before placing a light peck on his lips. Once you had made your way back to rest on the balls of your feet, He stood still. Your thoughts raced as he slowly brought his hands up to gingerly touch his mouth.

Y/N, you idiot, that’s not what he wanted to ‘try’.

“Philip I’m so sorry, that was uncalled for-”

He shut up your rambling by gently placing his hands on your shoulders before he bent down and connected your lips once again.

His moved with yours like a knife with warm butter. The smell of his hair filled your nose as he pulled away and rested his forehead to yours. “Y/N?” he asked huskily.

“Yeah?” You responded quietly.

“Is there really a test tomorrow?” He asked, holding a serious face for a moment before breaking out into a grin as you pulled away and threw a pillow at him.

Maybe things would be okay after all.

Drabble #71

Summary: “Tell me a secret.”

Member: Jinyoung

Send me number from HERE with the member you want! I won’t be able to do them all but I’ll do some!

Originally posted by kareverie

Jinyoung’s fingers traced the lining of your panties as you spoke. He tried his best to listen but admittedly he was entranced by your half naked body on his bed. You noticed he was elsewhere after you repeatedly asked him to turn out the blindling bedside light but all he did was make a low hum. 

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Arranged love

Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Coming from a pure-blood family always has its drawbacks. For instance, your parents decided whom you’ll marry earlier than you learnt how to walk, and that man happened to be Sirius Black. Your parents had a good relationship with the Blacks, so when Walburga gave birth to a son same year as your mother gave birth to you, they immediately agreed on that this will be the perfect opportunity to keep the bloodline purely.

You spent a lot of time with him as child, but you only learnt about your parents intention on the summer before your first Hogwarts year. As you were only eleven, you couldn’t really say anything to that, just accept that your future is written down. 

It was a huge surprise to you, to Sirius, and to your whole families that you both got sorted into Gryffindor. Your friendship became just stronger after that. It was also an open secret between you and your friends that you’ll be married one day, but since you were kids, you just joking about this. Both of you were in a view that it won’t be your parents who tell you whom you should marry, but it was funny to joking around and call each other “wife” and “husband” sometimes. 

It was funny, until you started dating with others and he was being overprotective, jealous even.

“Are you really dating with that prat?” - he asked after you’ve been caught on kissing with a Slytherin boy. 

“He is not a prat. And yes, I’m dating with him, but it’s none of your business.”

“It is, since you’ll be me wife.”

You furrowed your eyebrows.. “I think we both agreed on that I won’t.”

“Well, let’s say somehow you’ll be. Then I won’t be happy knowing boys like him snogging with you. “  He said thoughtfully, then added with a smirk. “And I’d like to be the first who taste your cherrypie.”

You laughed. “I’ll pretend I didn’t heard that.” 

It was funny, until you really fell in love with him. Then every joke he made about you being his made your heart leapt, every hug he gave you sent shiver down on your spine, every one of his compliment made you melted, and everytime when you reminded yourself that none of this means anything special other than your good friendship, it’s made your heart ache. 

It was funny, until he finally broke every contact with his family.

“Is it true? You really live with James’ family now?” - you asked him happily as you sat on the common room on your first night of the sixth year. 

“Yep.” - he smiled. “I really can’t bear my family any minute longer.”

“I’m glad for you.” - you said, giving him short hug. He patted your back gently.

“There are benefits for you too.” You furrowed your brows, so he continued. “We no longer have to be married.” - He said, grinning, and you returned a fake, nervous laugh, but inside, your heart skipped a beat. 

Your arranged marriage was your last hope to end up with Sirius one day. 

On the same night you couldn’t hold back your tears and feelings when you went back to your dorm, so you told everything to Lily. She tried to comfort you, telling you that there’s a chance he feels the same and his jokes maybe aren’t jokes at all, both all your hope that Lily gave you about it disappeared with every day from that day. 

Sirius always was a heartthrob, but it seemed as he tried to hook up with every girl at Hogwarts at this year. And since you were still best friends with him, he loved to share with his conquests with you.

You sat in the common room next to the fireplace with a cup of tea between hands an early saturday morning, when the portrait hole’s door opened. 

“Tough night.” - Sirius muttered with a smug grin as he threw himself down onto the couch in front of you, his carelessly buttoned shirt half sticking out from his jeans, his hair disheveled, his tie on his shoulder.

A few first time when you saw him like this you were sad and jealous, but for a while you were just angry, although you didn’t show him.

“Who was the victim this time?” - you asked, giving him a pathetic look.

“Victim? I can assure you she didn’t sound like a victim.” - he said proudly. You rolled your eyes at him. “She was a seventh year Slytherin, by the way. A wildcat, really. She did things I didn’t think girls ever would do. Like, …” - he started, but you cut him off. 

“No offense, but I truly don’t care what any of your girls done to you.” You were already on your way to the staircase when he called after you.

“Y/N, at least help me to go upstairs. Every inch of my body hurts.”

“Your problem.” - you replied without glanced back at him.

It continued on and you tried to avoid his hook ups, until one of your friends cried her heart out in the toilet after a night with Sirius. Poor girl thought it could be more than a one night stand, and even if you knew she was too naive to think something like that, you get really angry to saw your friend like this because of your other friend. You rushed back into the Gryffindor common room to found Sirius there, playing with a Fanged Frisbee along with James and Peter.

“You!” - you yelled, pointing at him. “Sit down!” 

He frozen for a moment but when he realized how mad you are, he made his way to the chair in front of you. “Okay, mom.”

“Oh, are you in a funny mood, aren’t you?” He looked questioningly at James and Remus while the others’ eyes were on you. 

“What is your problem?”

“My problem is my friend crying at the toilet for hours.” - you said not yelling now, but still in a loud voice. “And you know why? Because you lied Merlin knows what kind of things to her to get in her panties. You insensitive twat!”

He frowned, trying to touch your shoulder. “Hey, would you calm down?”

You quickly got up. “No, and don’t touch me. Don’t you think you should stop it finally? I honestly so disappointed in you, playing with every girl’s heart, good job, really!”  

James stepped closer. “Y/N, I think that’s enough now.” - he said warningly as you both saw Sirius just remained sitting, looking into the nothing with a half angry, half sad face. You couldn’t tell why he’s look like this, but it made your heart ache a little, so you turned your voice down. 

“Just stop being so selfish. You hurt people’s feelings even if you didn’t realize.” - you said finally, referring to yourself as well before you left him there.

The following week passed in the most awkward mood between you since you knew each other. You barely speak to each other, but if you do, it was prim and polite, out of your characters. 

At Saturday morning, you found yourself walking in Hogsmeade in the company of Sirius.

“So remind me again, how is it possible that you talked out yourself from detention this time, when even Lily had to go?” - you asked, shaking your head.

“My charm can do a lot of things, darling.” 

You stopped in front of the Three Broomstick, facing with him. “Look, I’m sorry I shouted at you on the other day. I shouldn’t’ve say things like that..” 

“No, you were right.” - he said, giving you a little smile. “Join me for some firewhisky, we have to drink to our stupid argument.”

You shrugged and followed him into the pub to found and empty table. You drank shots after shots, until the burning strength of the alcohol made both of you weak and emotional. Close as you sat to him, resting your head on his shoudler, arms wrapped around his biceps, you started to apoligize again. 

“I’m really sorry Pads. I love you and you’re my best friend and I was an arsehole with you. You’re not selfish, you know.”

There was a long pause, and if you wouldn’t saw his hands playing with the bottle on the desk, you’d think he fell asleep. Then you heard his low voice.

“Do you know why I pick up those girls and playing around?”

“Enlighten me.” - you muttered jokingly, thinking what will be his idiot reason. 

“Because it’s help distract me from my thoughts. About every bad things that happened to me. And about those that I want  but I can’t get.”

“And what would it be?”


 You immediately raised your head to look into his face - he wasn’t grinning or laughing, there wasn’t smug expression. He wasn’t joking, he seemed honest. 

“What?” - you asked in disbelief, still you felt as your heart started beating with an incredibly fast pace, whilst his words sobered you like you didn’t drink anything on that afternoon.

He sighed a little before he spoke. “I tried to hide my feelings for you so far, but since you were shouting at me.. your words burned in me so hard. I was doing that because I tried to move on somehow, and I caused you to lost your trust in me. It really hurts. I just.. I know I can’t move on until I tell you, so there we are.” He shook his head like he was ready to say the stupidest thing in his life. “I love you. Not as a friend. It was always more.”

You couldn’t utter a single word. Deep down, you waited for those words for so long, but it shocked you so hard you were speechless. Since Sirius thought you don’t want to say anything, he stood up, clearing his troath.

“Let’s go back to the castle, yeah? The others probably free by now.”

You followed him out of the bar and on the road lead to the school, still wordless. It took you a good five minutes until you realized he actually in love with you.

“You. Idiot.” - You articulate as you stopped in front of him suddenly. His puppy eyes were sad but now it mixed with surprise. 

“Look, it’s not my fault I fell in love with you, no need to be rude about it.” - he said, and was about to continue his walk, but you grasped his arms.

“No. You’re an idiot because you didn’t tell me and you’re an idiot because you didn’t notice I love you too.” 

It was his time to became speechless, jaw dropped before he let out a bark-like laugh, his head tilted back. He pulled out his hands from his pocket and placed the tip of his fingers on your chin, whispering again.

“We’re either the stupidest or the luckiest persons in the world.”

“Both, I think.” 

He licked his lips before lifted your chin and pulled you to a short, slow kiss.

“Your parents will kill you.”

You grinned. “That was their idea in the first place. But I really don’t care about their opinion anymore.”

He chuckled. “I love your rebellious blood.”

“I’m pretty sure you made me this way.”

“You’re probably right.” - he said, pulling you into a soft hug.