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This broken shell of a human being formerly named Robert Jacob Sugden doesn’t know Aaron has been brutally attacked, abused and has turned to drugs… this is what he’s like simply because he misses Aaron.

What is he going to be like when he finds all of this out and deals with all of the other nonsense that’s piling up?

Am I trying too hard to hold onto relationships that I should just let go of already? I feel like I try so hard to stay friends and to stay in touch when I get 0% effort from the other person. Is that a sign that these friendships are over? Should I just let these people go…?

In the waiting room...

I ran into someone I used to nanny for over 10 years ago. The oldest is now 16 and apparently sees my therapist…

So awkward…
And triggering!

His mom was sitting directly across from me. I didn’t even realize it was her until she called his name after he came out. I was in shock. I debated on saying anything but ended up keeping quiet.

What makes it hard is.. my mom used to babysit the kids (two boys) and then they hired me. My mom was livid. I babysat them for years.. the parents were crazy. It’s definitely not shocking to see him in therapy. Sad but not shocking.

They drank too much. Mom didn’t work, but had me babysit during the day because she was over whelmed… then mom spiraled tried to kill herself with the kids home. Went to Chicago and received electric shock treatment. Mean while I was at their house babysitting even more for them, and trying to hide the fact that the husband was having an affair on the wife. So awkward… lots of inappropriate sharing.. I even caught the mistress in the laundry room hiding from me. So awkward.. which then followed the wife calling me on several times asking me what her husband was up too. Which led to me having to lie to her to keep my job.. ugh such a horrible time..

My mom would use that info (of her being “crazy”) to “show” me my future.. like “look r, that’s how you’re going to turn out. Crazy like her.” She wasn’t crazy, she had bipolar (same diagnoses I had) and a failing marriage.

I couldn’t exactly say all this to my therapist.. although she asked.. because is that fair to him, the kid? Or the mom.. because I wouldn’t be surprised if she sees her too.. so I sat with it. It was fine during session, but now so many memories from that time are coming up. I feel myself being triggered…


I hate that I ran into them.
I hate that I can’t be my therapist only client. Or at least being the only client I know. I don’t want to share her with people in my real life. Especially, those from my past. Unrealistic, definitely, but my true feelings nonetheless.

i made it out of boredom so someone pls caption it pls i am not creative enough for that

Begin Again

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex (c’mon kids you know the drill, wrap it before you tap it)
Summary: Bucky Barnes did it- he got clean, and is now trying to make up for the horrors he’s caused by working for Shield alongside the Avengers. When he gets sent on a solo mission to bring in (Y/N); an ex avenger who’s gone rogue, someone particularly special from his past, things get heated.
A/N: This has been in my drafts for a while so enjoy xxx
Word Count: 1.3K


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What if Neil and Andrew (being the drama queens that they are) have a petty argument about who wants the other more so they make a bet on not kissing or touching. Neil vents to Matt and Dan points out that she would definitely win that bet against Matt, so they get roped in to not touching and kissing, katelyn somehow hears it and she and Aaron get involved. Who would give in nail, Andrew, Matt, Dan, katelyn, Aaron? They other foxes are of course betting on it.

Neil drove the ball hard up court, nearly taking out the other teams back liner. Kevin caught it and gave him a warning look, which he ignored. Matt checked a striker into the court walls, needing to be pulled back by Dan before starting a fight and getting a red card.
The Foxes were admittedly on edge. It had started when Dan thought it was funny to bet Neil and Andrew that neither could keep their hands off of each other if they tried, and spiraled out until the other couples were keeping away from one another as well to see who could go the longest. It had been a week and going from constant contact, even the kind Neil and Andrew had, to nothing was wearing them down. As Nicky was used to it with his own long distance relationship, he found it all hilarious.
Andrew seemed bent on proving he didn’t actually care about Neil enough that keeping away was a bother, but Kevin had needed to kick him out of practice twice for nearly injuring the others with how aggressively he’d started playing.
Half time couldn’t come soon enough. As soon as the signal went off, they all stalked to the locker room. They were up 4-0 but half the team was close to being red-carded off the court.
Andrew threw off his helmet and marched over to Neil.
“Fuck this. Yes or no.”
Neil couldn’t say yes fast enough before Andrew had him up against the lockers, kissing him hard. He could hear the others half heartedly jeering at them for breaking so soon, as well as Wymack asking what the hell was wrong with them all but Neil couldn’t care less.
Andrew moved back, curling his lip.
“You’re covered in sweat, it’s disgusting.”
“So are you.”
Andrew pushed him back and stepped away to get his helmet, visibly less tense. The others were grinning tiredly.
“Never would have thought you’d cave first, Andrew.”
“I don’t deny myself what I want for stupid reasons.”
Nicky looked at Aaron, Dan, and Matt.
“So, who’s going to cave next?”
Kevin knocked him with his racket.
“All of them if they can’t behave long enough to finish the game.”
Neil drained his water bottle as they argued, feeling Andrew fingers ghosting under his jersey and over his lower back. The $50 wasn’t worth giving up getting to touch Andrew. And he doubted Andrew was interested in giving it up either.

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UFO Sighting, July 15, 2016
Witness reported: I set my camera for a 30 second exposures while on the tripod for maximum light and clarity. Most of the photos came out like they usually do, but one really stood out. The image that was taken in my front yard has a Spiral - Tri-Spoke - Greenish looking bright orb in the sky.

Mufon case 77917

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my sister has been watching emmerdale for a while now, and she ships aaron and robert, which to me seems toxic and abusive. from what i understand, they've been sleeping together since 2014, and robert is manipulative and emotionally abusive, especially in 2015. could you please explain how you justify wanting them to be together when robert is such a bad person/influence on aaron?

This is a really good question and it deserves an in-depth answer so I hope you’re all right with a full blown essay, anon!

So, I want to say first off that you’re not exactly wrong in your summation. There are people who would like to gloss over the fact that Robert was very emotionally manipulative towards Aaron, but to me that’s basically trying to erase a part of his character and I don’t want to do that. I also think it’s important to acknowledge that their relationship was not always healthy or particularly loving in many respects.

To properly answer this question I have to split it into several parts, focusing on each stage of their relationship to explain why I still ship robron and why I think they make such a good couple.

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imagine in that moment what that must have been like for simon though, he spent centuries thinking betty despised him and left him after the incident with the crown, all through the collapse and rebirth of the world and his never-ending downward spiral he tried to find a way to see her one last time only to apologize

then he finally gets it he gets his single chance to make things right with her and sees her in the flesh for the first time in over a millennium and he can finally end it with her face to face in sound mind and body, the closure he needed to pass on in peace from since he cried out “please love me again betty!” on a vhs tape to anyone who would listen so long ago, he’s ready to say goodbye now and accept what bad hand life had dealt him and what ever life she went on to live after him, this is the end of a life he never knew

instead she jumps through the portal into his arms and kisses him

in that moment he realized he didn’t need her to ‘love him again’ because she never stopped loving him

that must’ve been the best damn kiss of his life