tri spiral


I haven’t lost control yet. The thing that i think will take people off guard is the direction that i’m taking and it’s not going to be logical… Trent Reznor, 1989

So Young, So Dangerous [w/ enforcers-nine-and-twelve]

// identification: @enforcers-nine-and-twelve

“Hound One, Hound Three, do you copy?” Ginoza murmured into his wrist device, waiting for his Enforcers to contact him back. This was a delicate mission. Probably their only chance to capture the two terrorists that had been giving them a run for their money as of lately. It had only been thanks to Kougami that they had managed to finally get ahead of Sphinx and corner them. But the two terrorists didn’t know that. Yet.

“Yeah, we’re in position.” came Kougami’s voice.

“Good. The three of us will move when they come out. Shepherd Two, Hound Two and Four will back us up. You know what to do. Shepherd One out.” Ginoza gave his final orders and trained his Dominator to the entrance of the garage that apparently was Sphinx’s base. This time, it was the MWPSB’s move.

Am I trying too hard to hold onto relationships that I should just let go of already? I feel like I try so hard to stay friends and to stay in touch when I get 0% effort from the other person. Is that a sign that these friendships are over? Should I just let these people go…?


UFO Sighting, July 15, 2016
Witness reported: I set my camera for a 30 second exposures while on the tripod for maximum light and clarity. Most of the photos came out like they usually do, but one really stood out. The image that was taken in my front yard has a Spiral - Tri-Spoke - Greenish looking bright orb in the sky.

Mufon case 77917