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Y esto es básicamente el Madrid:
una fé ilimitada y altanera cuya leyenda es universal,
por eso nos rompen tanto la cara; porque no la escondemos.

Translation: And this is basically Madrid: a boundless and haughty faith whose legend is universal, that’s why they break our faces so much; Because we do not hide it.


i can’t believe i waited till 2017 to tell u guys about the target brandish au


lets all now bask ourselves in this glorious jikook moment


I’ve gotten a lot of stereotypical Latin roles. Whether they be gangsters, or thugs or this and that. I’ve purposefully made the choice, even when it’s a cool project or a great director or a part that will give me some sort of notoriety, to stay away from those kinds of things. One, because for me, as an actor, it’s just not interesting; but two, I don’t want to kind of perpetuate that stereotype.


Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army

so what if...

this is obvious but I realise I’ve not actually written it down -

Izzy TRIES TO KILL OZ cos she realises he is trying to split her and Ed up

but Ed finds out and rushes to save Oz just in time

cue sofa scene, Ed appalled that he nearly got Oz killed, Oz comforting him with a hand on his knee (and possibly confessing feelings)

so next episode Ed is out for revenge ON ISABELLA for nearly killing his bae


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i finished it i guess and it sucks lel look at it

Fan art of my Sinnamon roll, Vitya. My baby boy, I love him so much.

This was so hard to do, my god. I swear, no more art of light-haired people for a while. It isn’t even my usual art style, cos I tried some realism, and I just need to take a break now, cos I worked on this for two days.


The Lockwood & Co. Series by Jonathan Stroud

“Well, I make that one murder victim, one police interrogation and one conversation with a ghost…to think some people just watch television.”