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no but seriously, no matter how many articles are published on what a great place the Tri Cities is to raise your kids, the government is doing nothing to help people who have been harmed by the nuclear waste - whether it’s the downstreamers who’ve been suing for decades, or the people who work on the facility who don’t have proper protective gear, or the scientists who are trying to help clean up the waste who develop various illnesses - and instead spends their time trying to pretend that Everything’s Okay!

the vitrofication plant was supposed to be operational back in what, 2010? and now they’re saying it won’t be done until 2025? because they keep switching contractors and are ineffective in what they’re doing

so the waste that people pretend is not an issue is sitting there and people keep dying and Everything’s Okay!

So here’s what I plan on reading over the next couple months (not including books I’m in line for at the library teehee). I’ll give a run down on the first one because I know a lot of my followers like recommendations :3

Silence Fallen is the 10th in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. The first is Moon Called.

Mercy is a coyote shape-shifter living in the Tri-cities of Washington state, casually and not so casually sharing territory with werewolves, vampires, and fae. The books chronical her adventures with all of them.

I absolutely adore Mercy. I have a tendency to love side characters or supporting characters more than the main protagonist with a lot of books I read, but I can honeslty say that Mercy is my favorite character in he series. She’s so funny and badass. An honest to goodness dork if I’m being perfectly real.

Seriously give this series a go if you enjoy supernatural/paranormal books. It isn’t very erotic like I know some paranormal romances to be (which I would only loosely classify this as, it’s more action and adventure), so if erotica isn’t your thing, you’re good to go with this series. And if you love erotica, it’s okay because the books are super fun and intense in their own right!


hey guys! im sure you’ve been seeing my posts about rin recently, and im trying to find him a good home! i live in south eastern washington state, and this little guy needs someone to take care of him. i went to the vet with him, and they have him in the back right now and are cleaning his ears. he has a mark on his back side from getting into a fight. we treated him for a few fleas next to his ears too. so he’s all checked out and has plenty of meds that are already paid for.

now we just need to find a home!! he’s the sweetest little kitty and really needs someone who loves pets and will take care of him. like i said, we live in south eastern washington, so if you are interested you can shoot me and ask on here and i’ll give you my cell and we can talk about a plan!

if you can’t take rin into your home, could you please signal boost this so we can find him a place to live! thanks!!