tri bulldog


Halloween → [to trick-or-treating children] I’m sorry, this isn’t a good night for this.

dog asks!!

golden retriever: what are your best qualities?
german shepherd: what is something new you’ve tried lately?
bulldog: what is your earliest childhood memory?
beagle: what is your favorite book?
yorkshire terrier: what is the meaning behind your url?
poodle: what is your favorite food?
rottweiler: what are your plans for tomorrow?
boxer: what do you love about your closest friend?
siberian husky: what is the last thing you laughed at?
dachshund: what is your morning routine like?
great dane: what are some of your favorite stores?
shih tzu: if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you?
welsh corgi: how many languages can you speak?
pomeranian: where is somewhere that you’d like to travel?
boston terrier: what is your middle name?
mastiff: what is the last song that you listened to?
cocker spaniel: what is the nicest compliment that you’ve ever received?
chihuahua: what is your idea of the perfect day?
maltese: what is your greatest talent?
pug: what is your favorite movie?

gaius-catullus  asked:

Gil is an iconic character and could have had a spinoff. Thoughts?

I laugh at Gil pretty much every time he appears (though there’s no beating Ham Radio), but I think he was used exactly the right amount. He’s too over the top to work on his own show IMO, and it’s a good thing they never really gave him a proper big plot like they tried with Bulldog and Kenny.