if only i had run a little faster

based on a heart-breaking conversation with a friend a couple of weeks ago. 

how long do you think he stayed by Qui-gon’s side? ;~;

anonymous asked:

why does it look like davis caught jemma giving fitz a blowjob in that one pic you used?


also i thought i had a made a joke about that screencap before and it turns out it wasn’t really a joke but i found out i tagged davis as “and some tall dude” and “idk” which is making me laugh

anyway if u ever catch me smiling for no apparent reason, just assume im thinking about this screencap 

leave taylor swift alone

leave taylor swift alone

leave taylor swift alone

leave taylor swift alone


Pink Lace.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, Kitten!kink

Another day out of the house was driving me up the wall.

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[SP] Yang |Drew Kiseki TH|
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I promise that trhis was totally unexpected Uu (100% recommended, Watch the whole speedpaint until the end)

well, Enjoy it!

uh I don’t know hat to tag trhis with so like, sorry.

but I found out today my great grandmas kidneys are failing and this is a much scarier thing than. my grandpa dying.