Started Lip sync for the episode. Y'all gonna like this! #Watermelondrea #ItsAWrap #GuttamindAnimation #Collab #TreyMelvin #ThisIsACommentary


😹😹😹nah should I post the rest tho😹😹😹#treymelvin #comdey #comedian


When I first Subscribed To trey Melvin .There was no doubt that he was diffrent.He was an intelligent influential male of African american decent .People found that hard to believe .He was smart,Kind,Unique….Cute as hell however as a writer,reader,Observant of Human Physiology and religion I knew that he understood most human beings reaction to his standard of life .As far as his videos go he shows what thinks is enough for his fans to know him and appreciate him as a human being and as a friend and less as a YouTube comedy personality .I applaud his multiple achievements in life from birth till death his name will always be a synonym for success.As for his recent video on coming out as a bisexual male I would like to welcome him to the mind scape of the free as he walks down a wondrous path as a Openly bisexual male.Congradulations Trey Melvin You are Free