After much debate, everyone agreed to just stay in and watch a movie. This, of course, set off an argument in choosing which movie to watch. 

Jill and Lissa wanted a comedic romance, perhaps Something Borrowed. The guys, consisting of Adrian, Trey and Eddie, along with Angeline and Rose, wanted a action packed film.They were hoping for something gory, like Kill Bill.

Christian was hoping for a horror movie, preferably one of Stephen King’s. 

Sydney was hoping for a classic or documentary. She had been meaning to watch “A Clockwork Orange”. 

Dimitri wanted to watch a western; any one of the classic westerns, he wasn’t picky.

In the end, they ended up watching Dracula, laughing at some of the inaccuracies but overall enjoying themselves immensely. 

It was a fun activity that didn’t include Vampires, Alchemists, or Warriors of Light or any other Supernatural creature. It was a group of friends doing something normal for a change. 

It made them all wonder if they had been human, would they have met each other?  

Sydney kept nervously readjusting her plastic sword across her shoulder blade and looking at the school’s main doors waiting for Adrian to come. 

Sighing when they didn’t open, she turned back to her group. She smiled when she saw Jill in her Devil costume, looking sweet in a red dress and black boots. Angeline, on the other hand, was an Angel but there was nothing angelic about her.

She had on a short white dress that barely covered her butt although her silver sparkly boots made up for it since they went mid thigh. 

Eddie was dressed as the Doctor, Ten, who she actually knew about which seemed to surprise them. Of course she knew about the Doctor; the classic ones were her favorite but she could see the appeal for Ten. 

Trey had actually dressed in the same costume as Sydney but in male form. They were both Vampire Hunters which Sydney thought would amuse Adrian. 

As if conjured by her thoughts, Adrian walked through the double doors looking ridiculously hot in a striped white-and-red shirt with glasses. He also had on a beanie with some messy strands of hair poking out. 

Sydney was sure she was drooling but couldn’t bring herself to care or tear her eyes away from the marvelous sight.

“Who are you supposed to be?” she asked when he was close.

He gave her a brief appraising look, starting from her toes and making his way to her face. Then, he smiled brightly. “I’m Waldo.”

She was confused and it was apparent to the others. 

“No! Say it ain’t so, Melrose. You don’t know who Waldo is? The Waldo? Where’s Waldo books; you’ve never heard of them?” That was Trey, looking incredulous. 

“No,” she stated. Now this was a novelty; they knew a book that she had never heard of before. 

“I’ll educate you on Waldo another day, Sage. For now we have a party to attend to.”

They all agreed while Sydney was left wondering if there was a double meaning to his words, barely listening to Eddie and Adrian bicker about which Doctor was the best. 

Happy Halloween everybody!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful and safe time. Love you all. :)

I was sitting down in the bed at the old hotel, feeling sorry for myself when there was a tap at the door. 

I immediately tensed up but said, “Come in.”

I couldn’t help but make the sign of evil against my shoulder. It turned out to be Trey, thankfully, and I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding in. 

“Hey,” he said quietly, closing the door, his eyes roaming over my body worriedly. He looked at the untouched plate of food by my nightstand and frowned.

“You should eat before you wither away to nothing and the wind carries you away.”

“At least I’ll be away from those evil creatures,” I murmured. 

Trey sighed and came to stand in front of me. He reached a hand out and I tensed automatically but he just patted my head comfortably and gave me a feather light kiss on the head.

I hadn’t had a gentle touch in such a long time that I leaned my head against his chest in gratitude. 

“Thank you,” I whispered. I hoped that he understood what I meant. That I was thankful that he broke me out of ReEducation and now he was here, and didn’t just leave me alone with those vampires.

“It wasn’t my doing,” he whispered back. “Adrian was the hero.” Feeling my tensed reaction, he pulled back and gave me a small smile.

“Don’t worry though. I’ll take one hundred percent of the credit. I was pretty badass.”

I smiled but it wobbled. He’d said the magical name that always caused a searing pain in my chest. Adrian. 

The Moroi with the emerald eyes and the messy hair. The Moroi that was responsible for landing me in ReEducation. 

“They want to talk to you,” Trey said carefully. 

I knew who they were. I nodded my assent and grabbed onto Trey’s hand for moral support. And human contact.

We walked out the door and I wondered what was in store for me. 

After reading The Indigo Spell

I’m dying to express my feels about Angeline & Trey. I’m actually holding myself back (here and on twitter also) because I know a lot of people haven’t read (or are reading)The Indigo Spell yet. 

PS: And when I said I’m dying to talk about Angeline & Trey that means I’ll talk only about them. And maybe some Sydrian feels but that’s it.