Black Ops 3’s protagonist is customizable, including gender. See Ubisoft, it can be done.

For the first time in the franchise’s history, the campaign’s protagonist is fully customizable. In addition to upgrading abilities, changing your character’s appearance and tweaking weapons, players can pick the gender of their Call of Duty hero. “It’s not just a female head on a male body. It’s a different set of animations for the entire game,” Lamia says. Character interaction will even differ based on the protagonist’s gender. “We knew we were going to do fully unique male, fully unique female for all scenes and all the customization that goes for both. Thank God for Blu-ray, right?” Campaign Director and Senior Executive Producer Jason Blundell jokes, adding the game’s protagonist is fully voiced regardless of gender.

Via: Engadget

Treyarch has revealed their up-and-coming comic written by the Director of Zombies, Jason Blundell, and Treyarch-writer Craig Houston.

“On his quest to secure an ancient artifact known as The Kronorium, Doctor Edward Richtofen enlists the help of The Tranzit Crew, a rag tag group of survivors last seen in the Black Ops II Zombies installment Buried. On a deeply unstable and fractured future Earth, Stuhlinger, Misty, Russman, and Marlton battle for survival against the undead horde, as they slowly uncover the truth behind Richtofen’s mysterious reappearance. The Call of Duty: Zombies miniseries follows these characters’ perilous journey of discovery, filling in crucial pieces of the larger Zombies story.”

The comic is to be a miniseries of six books, published by Dark Horse Comics.

“If you need your Zombies fix before October, make sure to check in at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, July 21 when Treyarch’s [Jason] Blundell joins Dark Horse’s Comics & Video Games panel (5pm/PT), where he’ll shed light onto some of the secrets hidden within the Call of Duty: Zombies saga. Additionally, Blundell and [Craig] Houston will team up earlier that same day for a special guest signing at Dark Horse Booth #2615 (noon/PT).”

The first of six books of the miniseries will launch October 19, 2016.

For more information regarding the miniseries, you may read the full article over on Dark Horse Comics’ website, located HERE.