Up until a day ago, I hadn’t played Call of Duty for almost a year and I forgot how much I missed the Zombies crew. Part of me wants to start a new ask blog in the fanbase, but I think it’s dead. (unless Chronicles has excited the fandom again, idk)

I’ve been itching to buy bo2 for the Zombies maps on there, so I drew Vril God Ed.

He probably just threw down a max ammo to some poor soul.

© InkEngineCompany

uploaded the transparent version too because i couldn’t decide which one i liked better


I finally got my pictures from AnimeFest in March back and I’m so happy how well the turned out. Our action shots are sooo good. The first three are my absolute favorite!

Myself as Ultimis Richtofen, my girlfriend @tehray as Samantha, pictures taken by our friend Elizabeth Monti (sadly she doesn’t have a blog or I’d tag her :/ she obviously does really good work!)

I made another (took me long enough) this time from Ultimis’ perspective upon arriving in the cellar in Call of the Dead.

I went into an empty bay in my work shop (with no working lights. It’s actually that dark lmao) to get the echo. I also played around with sound effects and the characters interacting with each other rather.. er… physically.

Let me know what you guys think! I love doing this!