Prologue | Exodus

Exodus (N) [Ek-Suh-Duh S]  A going out; a departure or emigration.


Ezra, two years though? You’re fucking shitting me right now, right?” I quizzed while pacing back and forth in our room. I was trying to process the bomb that Ez had just dropped on my entire existence but my mind wasn’t allowing me to do so. “What the hell am I gonna do without you for two years?” I continued before bringing my back and forth pacing to a complete halt and looking at him. I may have stopped moving but my rage and confusion were both rapidly increasing.

“Tristan, calm down bab—-”

“Calm d-down?” I interrupted, my voice cracking as it elevated. “How do you expect me to calm down when you told me you weren’t going to have to depart again anytime soon?”

That was the truth. Ezra told me that he was going to be here in Las Vegas for a few years before having to leave again. It hasn’t even been an entire year since his last deployment and here he is, about to go on yet another mission. 

This will be the sixth time since him and I have been together that he’s had to leave me and we’ve only been together for three years. I know that with the Army comes this leaving shit but I haven’t been able to completely come to terms with it yet and this was the exact reason why.

Ezra sighed and gradually ran his hands over his face before speaking calmly. “Tristan, I guess Osama has a large amount of juniors that we were unaware of, so they had to extend our mission.”

“Extend it to two years though? Five or six months like before would have been okay, but two years? What kind of shit is that, Ezra? ” He ignored me and walked over to his suitcase to stuff the remaining of his toiletries into the front pocket of it before zipping it up, causing me to scoff lowly. I trailed him with my now narrow eyes and allowed my eyebrows to furrow. “So you’re ignoring me now?”

“No, Tris…” His voice straggled off as he stood up straight and turned around to face me. “I’m not ignoring you but after all this time of us being together, you’re still not understanding my position and how I have no choice but to go. Even if it is on some last minute shit.”

A petite sigh found its way between my carmex-covered lips as I started to pout a little. I knew all too well that he didn’t have a say so in this. His position in the Army was his job and it always came first.

“I’m sorry babe. I’m just upset that they couldn’t tell you this any sooner than right now. They interrupted us watching “Scandal,” knowing damn well this is my favorite show, to tell you that you have to leave again on their commands? I hate this shit, Ez.”

He grabbed his suitcase and sat it next to the chair by the fireplace then walked over to the chair adjacent to that one and sat down. Motioning for me to come sit down with him, I rolled my eyes and walked over to him. He reached out to grab my arm and he pulled me down onto his lap.

“Tris.” He muttered. “You are so fucking sexy when you’re mad. You know that?” I scrunched up my face and sucked my teeth. “I’m not here for this.” I stated as he chuckled lowly and kissed my shoulder.

“Listen baby girl. I’m just as upset as you are.”

“Are you really? Because I can’t tell right now.”

“Stop that shit, Tristan. You know I don’t want to leave you for two years. Trust me, it’s eating me up inside right now and it has been since we first got together. Always having to leave you ain’t easy babe.” He said while running his hands through my freshly washed hair. Swear I loved it when he did that. It was my ultimate weakness as well as one quick way to get me to calm down.

I closed my eyes and allowed my head to drop a little to the right. He pulled my hair up and slowly kissed the side of my neck a couple of times, sending a few Celsius chills down my vertebrae.

A slight moan hinted from my lips and I could practically hear the smirk that just appeared on his face. Ezra knew that any part of my neck was one of my many hot spots and that even the slightest touch of his lips on it would send me into over-drive. To be honest, it almost caused me to forget the bomb that he just dropped on me too.

This was definitely the wrong time to be getting horny though. As hard as it was, I snapped out of it and rose off of his lap to sit on the other chair that was closest by the fireplace. I looked him in his eyes for a second before clearing my throat and speaking again.

“Where are you going this time?”

He stared at me for a minute before responding, probably wondering why I hopped off of his lap as quickly as I did. “Saudi Arabia for the first year then Afghanistan for the second.” He finally retorted.

“What happened to you retiring?”

“That’s not an option right now. I’m only twenty-four and if I retire without finishing school, then we’re fucked in the financial area. You don’t work so I’m our only source of real income at the moment.”

“But I have my—-”

“Nah. You know that’s your money Tristan.” He interrupted. “I’m not about to go spending what’s yours so like I said babe, I’m our only source of real income so I can’t retire right now.”  I looked down for a moment but him leaning over to take my hands into his, caused me to look him back in his orbs.

“Since I’m eligible now, I get two R and R’s this time. So the first year I’m gone, I can come home for two weeks to spend time with you and the same goes for the second year. I just know I’m not gonna wanna go back when that time comes.”

“And I’m not going to want you to go back, Ezzy bear. I’m glad I’ll get you for two weeks this time around instead of one though.” I was attempting to stay positive for my sake, but deep down inside it was still killing me. 

He glanced down at my hands for a brief second then redirected his attention back to me and that’s when I saw a tear disappear from his left eye. My heart instantly dropped to my ass because my baby never cries. He wasn’t about that life, so witnessing this first hand was something new to me, but it also let me know that this situation was affecting him just as much as it was affecting me.

I wiped his tear away and sat back down on his lap, this time straddling him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he snaked his around my waist before placing a faint kiss on his forehead. 

"I don’t think I’ll ever be good at this, bae. This is hard for me still.” I started, pushing my forehead against his. “You’ve been having to leave so many times since we’ve been dating and it hasn’t been anything close to easy to deal with on my end. I mean, I’m trying but it’s not easy.” I paused to make sure he was still listening. When I got reassurance by him that he was, I continued.

“You’re always leaving and I thought once you came back this time, it would be different. You know ima hold it down for you no matter what but I just want you here with me.”

“I’m sorry, Tris. If this were up to me, you know I’d be right here with y—” His sentence fell short when my lips met with his. I knew he had to leave and I couldn’t do anything about it. If we wanted to keep our steady income then this was a must for him to do.

I didn’t want to do anymore talking at this moment though. Fuck not getting horny. I had to drop him off at the Base in a few hours and him dicking me down before he leaves was everything to me right now. Especially since I wouldn’t be getting any for a while.

His hands instantly started to explore my body as my tongue slipped inside of his mouth and wrestled with his. I took his tongue in between my lips and sucked on it before swiftly trading his tongue with his bottom lip. I tugged gently on it then bit down on it, causing him to grunt lowly.

He stood up with my legs wrapped around his waist and his lips still planted on mine. He walked over to the bed, gripped my waist and tossed me on it. Looking up at him, I watched as he snagged all of his clothes off and climbed on the bed, hovering over me. As I went to take my minimal clothing items off, he stopped me.

“Tristan, just relax. I got this.” A smirk found its way to his plump lips again and his right hand trailed down my side and stopped at my hips, tugging on my laced Victoria’s Secret boy shorts. He tugged a little harder, ripping my boy shorts off which caused me to gasp.


“Shut that shit up. I’ll buy you some more.” He mumbled sternly, leaning over to grab one of his gold friends off the dresser. He opened the extra large wrapper and removed the condom out of it before sliding it down his shaft, never taking his eyes off of me. 

I spread my legs and pinned them back on the bed myself and licked over my lips. I was beyond ready to feel all of him deep inside of me.

He positioned himself in between my legs and meshed his lips into mine. Still kissing me, he grabbed his dick and slammed it in me, with no fair warning. “Ahhh fuck, daddy!” I moaned out into the previously quiet atmosphere, the sound of my voice echoing off of the four walls in this room.

After the third round, I had to tap out. My body couldn’t take anymore. I don’t know if Ezra was taking his anger of having to leave out on me or what, but normally I would be able to hang.

Sex with him was always amazing though. Not only was the sex great but the head that he gave me in between was on point too. I love it when he eats me out because he doesn’t just eat it, he makes out with my pussy and fucks me with his tongue. That shit never fails to give me back-to-back orgasms.

Even though what we just did was nothing short of amazing, it still didn’t make me forget that he was about to leave me.

I got off of the bed and limped into our bathroom to take a shower. I wanted to take one with Ezra but he had already beaten me to it. After my shower, I walked back into the room to lotion up and get dressed, so I can take my love to the Base. Lord knows I was going to dread this drive.

“Baby, you ready?” Ez inquired while walking into the room.

“Almost, just let me slip on my ugg boots and grab my bag, then we can go.”

“Hang on babe.” He grabbed my arm with the softest touch and I turned around to look at him. He sighed before letting any words escape his lips.

“I love you so much Tristan Noelle. You’re my queen baby. My number one. And I want you to know that while I’m out there shootin niggas, I will most definitely be thinking about my beautiful ass girlfriend and missing her too.” I couldn’t help but to laugh a little at his statement. He was always making me laugh at the most inappropriate times.

“I know me leaving is inconvenient…” He continued. “But I’ll make sure to call you as many times as I can and we can even write letters, on some Dear John shit. I’ll even write the first one.” I laughed once again and shook my head. Swear he was just too goofy for his own good, which was one of the many reasons I fell in love with this man.

“I love you too Ezra Alexander and like I said, ima hold it down for you and wait for your Dear Tristans’.” He smiled before licking over his lips and meshing them into mine.

This was going to be a long ass two years. I just prayed that God guided him swiftly in the palms of his hands and kept him safe out there.

Between me and you though, ima miss this man.

Chapter 20|Jealousy VS. Envy

Look what this girl done did to me.

She done cut me off from a good good love.

She told me that those days where gone. 

Now I’m sitting here goin’ half crazy. 

Cause I know she still thinks about me too

And it ain’t no way in hell

That I can be just friends with you.


The words playing through the speakers had resonated with me because I had fucked up big time and I was more than aware of it.


Bringing the bottle of Henny to my lips I took a generous helping. Had I not been familiar with the burn lining the back of my throat I would’ve considered this a punishment, although I deserved far worst for what I had done to two underserving women with my decieving tactics. I had messed up and right now all I needed was a sign to point me in the right direction of rectifying the situation. I knew apologies were in order, but I don’t think words existed that could let both Sloane and Renee know how truly sorry I was.


I had lied and in the end it blew up in my face, but I hadn’t lied to protect me. I could handle what was going on, but Sloane and Renee? No. At the time they were one in the same. They were both in a fragile state stemming from a difficult situation. Renee had lost Jordan and Sloane had lost our child.  So I did what I did to spare them more heartache. Simply put, I was doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.


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Chapter 03|Show Me A Good Time

After everything that had went down today I had come home and gotten to relax for a while. I had gotten so comfortable that I didn’t really want to get back up. The only thing that had gotten me to depart from my king sized bed was the fact I was dragging Renee along. It’d be unfair to call her and cancel at the last minute. She may have been hesitant to go out tonight, but I wanted to take her out.  Something was going on with her and all I wanted was for her to put that on the back burner for a few hours and have a good time. She deserved it as did I. Getting out the bed I began to get ready for tonight’s festivities.

About an hour later I was dressed in a Chicago White Sox fitted cap and a Dolce & Gabbana satin track jacket. A black t-shirt sat underneath my jacket while my lower half was adorned in some dark jeans and a pair of sneakers. I grabbed some sunglasses and placed them on my face. Looking at my reflection I was satisfied with my appearance. Grabbing my necessities such as my keys and phone I exited my apartment and was en route to Renee’s.

My driver had pulled up the address she had given me about twenty five minutes after we departed from my place. Pulled my Blackberry out my back pocket I dialed her number. After a few rings I was greeted with her voice.

“Hey. Are you here?” She asked

“Yeah, I’m outside your building.”

“Okay. I’ll be down in a minute.”


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Chapter 4


          I sat in the studio with Chris and all his boys as I watched them record the Beat It mini video, geeking and having fun. I looked over at Chris as he glared at me & rolled his eyes, he was obviously still mad that I pulled a knife on him but I didn’t really care. As they finished he walked over to me, grabbed my arm & dragged me outside, pinning me against the wall.

“The fuck is your problem Amaris?”

“Nothing now get the fuck out my face. I’m here to do my damn job, now let me do that so I can get home to my kid.” I spat at him as I tried to push past him but he shoved me back into the wall. He clenched his jaw then licked his lips, looking at me and shaking his head. He was no longer mad, he was just frustrated and I could read it all on his face which made me chuckle a little bit.

“Fuck is so funny Mari?”

“You Chris, stop worrying your lite brite ass off. I know what I’m doing aight? If I didn’t think this was what’s best for Nyla then I wouldn’t have done it anyways so chill out.” I said as I hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. He hugged me back, pulling away slowly & looked deep in my eyes. I’ve ever seen him look at the girls he messed with like this and I didn’t know how to feel except nervous.

“Chris…” I said softly as he bit his bottom lip and looked at me.

“Yea Mari…”

“I gotta go.” I said as I tried to pull away from him but he tightened his grip around my waist & then kissed me deeply. I didn’t even hesitate to kiss him back, it felt right but then it felt wrong; fuck my life. I quickly pulled away and ran my hand over my face as he smirked and leaned against the wall.

“Chris what the hell was that?”

“The reason I don’t want that nigga in Nyla’s life, that’s what it was.” He said as he looked at me and pulled me closer to him again, now kissing on my neck. He was doing all of this shit on purpose but I couldn’t resist him. A soft moan escaped my lips as he slid his hand down to my ass and gripped it hard, biting my neck.

          I moaned again in his ear until I heard footsteps & I pulled away from him quickly. He looked at me & winked walking away mouthing something but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

I shook my head and walked outside, I just became confused and I have no clue how I feel about what just happened. My phone started vibrating so I checked it to see a text from Chris, what did he want now?

Chris: Bring your ass to my house tonight, we got shit to finish.

Me: No Chris, I’m hanging out with Trey & Nyla tonight.

Chris: So you don’t want to finish what I started earlier?

Me: I don’t know where that even came from so no!

Chris: Listen Amaris I love you, I love you more thank you fucking realize alright? Why do you think I was so mad about the whole Trey shit? Just come over tomorrow, we gotta talk about this.

          I threw my phone back into my purse and walked over to my car getting into it and starting it up. Why did he decide to tell me some shit like this right now of all times, where was he with this shit a couple of months of go? I didn’t understand; I just wanted to go home and be with my daughter.


          I looked at Amaris as she paced my bedroom back and forth mumbling something in Spanish but I had no clue what she was saying. She rushed over her panicked and shaky like she just seen someone get killed or something, I was praying that wasn’t the case because I wasn’t trying to get caught up in anymore bullshit. I had enough shit to deal with already, I didn’t need the extra stress on my brain.

“Amaris, stop pacing and just tell me what the hell is going on already!”

“Stop yelling at me okay? I don’t need this shit right now!”

“Look just tell me what’s the problem.” I said annoyed as I rolled my eyes and sat up against my headboard.

“Okay look I was talking to Chris earlier, we got into a little argument and then he just kissed me. I mean yeah I kissed him back but now basically he’s trying to tell me he’s in love with me and I don’t even know what to do. What do I do Nicki?” she rambled as my eyes got wide and I stared at her for a while.

I wanted to tell her I told you so badly but I decided it wasn’t the right time. I knew for the longest time that Chris liked her more than just a friend but she was too blind to see it. All she seen him as was like a big brother but he obviously thought differently.

“Nicole say something! What do I do now?”

“Well do you feel the same way or no?”

“Yes, well I don’t know. I love him but it’s more like a brother. Then again, I had a little crush on him but that went out the window when he was with Kae.” She said as I nodded and ran my hand through my hair. This was going to cause a lot of problems, little did she know.

“I mean then again, I would give it a try but I already know how he is. After a while he gets tired of girls and then basically throws them away. I don’t want to be that girl.” She said as she plopped down on the bed, looking up at me.

“You know you’re telling the wrong person all of this right? You should go talk to him Amaris.”

“When I’m ready.” She said muffled once she put her face in a pillow.

“Now this is the real question, do you still have feelings for Trey?” I questioned as her head popped up quickly and she gave me a blank stare.

“I don’t Nicole, why would you even ask me that?” she said as she looked away and I chuckled, this bitch was lying through her teeth.

“If you say so Mari, I know your ass well enough to know when you’re lying so don’t front. I’ll let you be great though.” I said as I stood up and fixed my dress. I just wish she could admit that she had feelings for at least one of them, but knowing her that would never happen.

This seemed like the perfect time to stop hiding all her feelings and just let everything out, but knowing her that wasn’t going to happen. Hopefully one of these niggas could get something out of her, well hopefully.

Chapter 7


It’s been a couple of weeks and I been avoiding Chris like the black plague. I just didn’t feel like talking because there wasn’t anything to discuss. He made it clear how he felt and I said what I felt everything was out there. There wasn’t shit else to discuss.


“Kaiah baby,” I smiled at Trey and gave him a hug when I walked in the studio.

“Trey baby.” I sat in the roller chair next to his.

“You look good girl.”

“I got on sweats nigga.” I said looking down at the big ass sweat pants, fitted t-shirt, and polo boots I had on.

“And you still look good as hell.”

“Thank you.” I laughed.

“How you been?”

“Stressed, but I’m good.”

“Not to stressed to work though right,”

“Nah, but um remember that track you sent me yesterday morning?”


“Well I wrote to it last night, well I wrote a hook.”


“Yeah, I had some shit on my mind so it came out.”

“Aight let’s hear it.” I pulled out my notebook from my bag and went to what I wrote.

After I sung it he looked at me with an eye brow raised.

“Damn who hurt you?”

“Long story man, but what you think?”

“I like it, damn you good girl.”

“I got stuck writing, it’s like I got blocked.”

“Well just think about whatever it was you were thinking last night and go from there.”

“Well nigga you helping.”

“Of course baby,” He smiled and played the track and we got to work. In about three hours top we had a hit.

“Yo this gon be a good look for you Trey.”

“What you mean?”

“I mean people so used to seeing you be all about sex, but this is a nice change up.”

“I know, but you helped me write some of those songs so frown on them.” I laughed. I was behind a lot of Trey’s baby making records.

“I know,”

“So what is going on with you?”

“What you mean?”

“You obviously in love with somebody if you writing like this.”

“You ever feel so strong about somebody and it doesn’t go like you want it too, and as much as you want to throw it away and be like fuck you, but you can’t?”

“I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes you just have to let those feelings pass.”

“I wish it would hurry up and go away.”

“So who’s the lucky guy?”

“What makes you call them lucky?”

“Any nigga that got you in love with them is lucky. They just stupid as fuck if they let you go.”

“Aww Trey,” I laughed and he smiled at me.

“Stop making me blush, but who is he?”

“I’m not gon say to embarrassing.”

“I must know him, who is it? Rick Ross or somebody.” I damn near fell out my chair I was laughing so hard.

“Rozay my nigga but hell no boy you stupid.”

“So who is it? Let me think is it Chris?” When he said that I shut up. How did he guess that? “It is Chris huh? Lucky ass nigga,” He shook his head and I laughed,

“Too lucky,”

“Well you know how to make him realize what he’s losing right.”


“Make him jealous.”

“Do I look 12 to you? I am not about to play those games.”

“Ay sometimes you have to play a game or two to get what you want.”

“Nah that’s not my style.”

“Well just think about it, I know if I saw a chick I might want with another nigga it’ll make me get my shit together.”

“I’ll think about Trey, I aint saying I’ll go along with the game though. And don’t think you slick.”

“What you mean?”

“You only want me to do that so you can be the nigga I make him jealous with. Tremaine you aint fooling nobody.”

“Oh you went there, but okay I’ll admit it. Why not get two of my friends together and enjoy myself at the same time.”

“That’s a damn shame Trey for real,” I laughed and shook my head. Trey been after me for a minute but I wasn’t feeling him like that. Don’t get me wrong he look good as hell no flaws but Chris has had my mind on some other shit. Besides now it would be weird to date one of Chris’s friends when he knows how I feel about him.

“I’m just saying.”

“Well whatever, I’m hungry. You want to come with me to get something to eat?” I got up and grabbed my bag.

“Yeah let’s go.” He grabbed my hand we walked outside and just what I didn’t need was right in front of me. A butt load of Paparazzi. Meditakeout her me and Trey come. We continued to walk hand in hand to the car and we left.  I was sure to hear about this tomorrow.


9: Mind Games


This shit was all my fault. I should’ve kept my guard up then this wouldn’t have happened.

That’s exactly why I always said no to going out, it was too damn dangerous. There are murderers out there that are just like us, unsuspecting.

The one night I decide to finally let my guard down and chill somebody sneaks us.

When I first got the call from Uncle Manny I panicked so I called Jamal. I love Jamal like a brother but I don’t put shit past nobody.

But the more we talked I knew it wasn’t him. Realizing that someone had done this intentionally I couldn’t just come out and tell him.

I mean what was I gonna say? Hey, Alex and I murder people for a living and I think somebody’s after us. Hell nah.

As pissed as I am, I gotta keep my head on straight. I need to find out who did this shit and more importantly find out if she’s okay.

I panicked because this wasn’t my first scare with Alex, she was like my baby in a way. When she got shot two years ago the shit hurt me to the core and I made a promise to myself to protect her.

Now her we are again, and I failed her. I regret dragging her into this life I chose. I should’ve turned her away in the beginning.

Thinking about all this made me more and more angry with myself because I knew Uncle Emanuel and my dad were gonna chew me the fuck out.were

I was standing outside when Jamal pulled up. “Thanks for coming.” I murmured getting into the car.

“No problem, so what’s going on?” He asked pulling off. “I don’t know, I’m Sorry for dragging you into this but I didn’t know who else to call.”

“It’s aight, trust me. So what happened y’all went out last night, had a few drinks?” He asked.

“Yeah, I know I did..but I barely saw her lift a glass to her lips, shit is crazy. I should’ve kept my guard up.” I said staring out of the window.

A couple of minutes later we were out in front of the hospital. I offered to let Jamal leave but he insisted on staying.

We got out and walked into the building, I glanced around the waiting room and my eyes quickly fell on my uncle.

“Hey Uncle Manny, how is she?” I spoke stepping toward him. He embraced me a little hugging me. My dad hugged me quickly and stepped outside to take a call.

“She’s stable as far as I know, but from what I hear that shit could’ve done some real damage.” He said gesturing me to sit with him in the waiting area.

I followed him and sat down with Jamal not far behind. “So Chrys, talk to me…what’s really going on?” He questioned giving me a hard stare.

Slowly I peered up at him. How was I supposed to tell him that this was possibly my fault.

Right along with my father he despised our choice to partake in such a dangerous business.

He was in the game along side my dad so he knew the ins and outs and how crazy shit could get. But regardless he still didn’t want that shit for me and Alex.

“Unc look, I won’t lie to you. I feel like this is my fault…again. I let my guard down when I shouldn’t have. I should have been keeping an eye out..but I didn’t.” I said dropping his stare.

“Chrys, this is exactly why Barry and I told y’all this shit wasn’t meant for y’all-” he started.

“Don’t you think I know that?! This ain’t just a game for me! Sure enough I regret everyday that I have Alex out there risking her life for ME. I’m sorry she got shot that night, I didn’t want that shit to happen but it did..I’m doing this for my brother, I can’t stop!” It’s like my mouth developed it’s own brain and just let go everything I’d been wanting to say.

My uncle looked into my face with a look that just made me want to break down right there in the waiting room.

“So you mean to tell me little Ramone would’ve wanted you out there doing the same shit he was losing his own father to? You’ve already did in the trifling nigga that killed him, give it a rest.” My head shot up quickly.

I mean how could he say that? He’s right I did kill the bastard who took my heart, but wasn’t enough. I guess I’ve become addicted.

I turned away from him just as the doctor came out taking us to see Alex. On the way up I had a lot on my mind. Maybe my uncle is right, maybe I should quit.


I arrived at Chrys’ house and we were now headed to the hospital. Besides the small talk that we shared when she first got in the car, there was complete silence until we arrived at our destination.

We both walked through the automatic doors and followed the signs that pointed us to the waiting room.

At a glimpse, I saw two built, tall guys. They reminded me almost of my father and some instinct in my told me that they probably did the same thing he did too.

“Hey Uncle Manny, how is she?” Chrys was talking to one of the guys. I don’t know much about Chrys’ personal life and she really doesn’t know anything about mine.

We were just the type of friends that kept it in the present and only talked about shit going on in our lives right at that moment.

But by the way she greeted on of the guys I’m guessing he’s Alex’s father. Come to think of it, she does have most of his features.

I followed Chrys to a seat as she talked to Alex’s father. I’m not the nosy type so I wasn’t about to listen to everything they’re talking about. I did hear him say that Alex was stable and that’s all I really did need to hear.

Their conversation started to get heated, I thought about pulling her away but I figured it wasn’t my place to.

Instead I got up and headed for a window peering out onto the busy parking lot.

An ambulance was pulling up and nurses were rushing outside. They wheeled an older man into the hospital covering his face with an oxygen mask.

This scene was all too familiar, I tore my eyes away from the scene. It reminded me of the night my father was killed. That night alone made me develop a bad feeling about hospitals.

I glanced back to the row of seats where Chrys and her uncle had been sitting. They were now gone up to see Alex I assume.

The man who I assumed to be Chrys’s dad walked back into the hospital. He looked over to where Chrys had been then walked in my direction.

“Excuse me, have you seen my daughter? She came here with you right?” He asked. “Yes sir, I think the doctor came down to take them to see Alex.” I responded respectfully.

“Thanks, you look…very familiar.” He said eying me closely. “You probably seen me around before.” I shrugged.

“Yeah, well I’m bout to go up..I’ll tell her you’re still down here.” He said walking off toward the receptionist desk.


I sat in the waiting room a little over twenty minutes before they’d come down. They stood talking in a quiet huddle before I approached them.

“Sorry to intrude, but how’s she doing?” I spoke making them all look in my direction.

“She’s doing fine right now, they’ve pumped her stomach but they’re gonna keep her over night just to keep an eye on her.” Chrys said.

“Can I go see her real quick?” I asked directing the question toward her dad. “And who the hell are you?” He asked raising his brow.

“Uncle Manny, this is Jamal. He’s one of our friends, he brought me up here.” she chimed in before I could embarrass myself.

“Why haven’t I met you before? You could be anybody, ” her uncle said standing his ground.

“Chill Manny, he seems aight.” Chrys’s dad spoke up. “You can go up man, let’s go Manny.”

At least one them are reasonable…

*Two Weeks Later*


Today I could finally go home. I’ve been in this hospital for a few weeks and I couldn’t wait to leave. Hospitals were depressing and I felt trapped.

Hearing my father tell me that I was poisoned was a real shock to me. Although I’m apart of this lifestyle, I never thought ever that someone would actually target me.

He also told me that Chrys felt like she was responsible for this. Which she wasn’t. She hasn’t came to see me since the day I got here and I could tell guilt was eating her alive.

The nurses wheeled me out of the hospital and the first person I saw was Jamal. I tried my hardest to get up so that I could run over to him, but I was still weak.

I heard the nurse chuckling. “Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll regain your strength in no time.” She wheeled me to the car and from there Jamal helped me into his car.

“I missed you.” Jamal said. I smiled at him and turned my head facing the road. We were now heading in a unknown direction. It wasn’t the way to either of our houses so I was confused on where our destination was going to be.

Twenty minutes have passed and the roads were now looking familiar to me. Jamal pulled into the driveway and just like I guessed, we were now in front of my dad’s house. I rolled my eyes as Jamal came to the passenger side to help me out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my father. In fact I’m what you consider a daddy’s girl but I really don’t need to be jumped on with questions about what happened that night and why I wasn’t paying more attention to my surroundings, ‘cause I know it’s coming.

“Why are we here?” I finally asked Jamal. “Your dad asked me to bring you here, he wants you to stay here just until you get back on your feet." 

Get back on my feet my ass. My father is only doing this to keep an eye on me and to make sure that I’m not out here doing hits with Chrys. As much as I know that my father hates what I do, I still continue to do it for the simple fact that I sorta kinda fell in love with it.

It’s just something about that rush that you get when killing someone or role playing to lure in your next contestant. Also being by my bestfriend while doing it was a plus. Speaking of Chrys, she better come out of hiding ‘cause we definetly need to talk.

I rung the doorbell and noticed Jamal slowly easing his way back to his car. “Oh no nigga, where you going?” If he’s scared of my dad, he shouldn’t. From what I heard my dad has somewhat warmed up to the fact of Jamal being around.

"I just gotta get something from my car.” I sucked my teeth and soon the front door swung open. “SURPRISE!!!” There I saw before me was all of my family and some of Chrys’ family including her father, but she was nowhere in sight.

And Jamal’s sneaky ass left me here. Now I had to sit through this party and put on the fakest smile with no one by my side.

I proceeded through the party giving out hugs to everyone in sight. It was strange being around my family since they only came around for funerals and weddings.

It felt good being around my fathers crew though. They were what I considered my real family. Always there for me no matter what.

They taught me everything I needed to know about loyalty and staying true to myself. That’s another reason why I’m doing this with Chrys. No other person would be loyal enough to do this job with her so I decided on my own to join her.

I finally found a place to sit and since all the focus was finally off of me, I could relax. I pulled out my phone and began to text Jamal to cuss his ass out for leaving me.

He made a smart decision ‘cause Lord knows everyone would’ve been pressing him with thousands of questions.

I then started to send a text to Chrys, she can’t keep avoiding me like this so she better get her ass over here.

The sound of the front door opening and slamming shut caught my attention. My back was turned so I couldn’t see anything so I payed close attention.

To my knowledge, everyone was here so I really had no idea who this person could be. “Hey pops, Uncle Manny.” The voice spoke.

But why did he refer to Chrys’ and I dad’s the way he did? His voice wasn’t familiar so I know he wasn’t a close family friend. 

I turned in my chair and met eyes with the person who just walked in. My eyes grew wide, he looked familiar. “Ramone…” I silently said to myself.

For a second I thought I was staring at a ghost. He was a spitting image of Chrys’ brother. 

I looked away when I noticed my father and this person walking towards me. “Alex, sweetie, this is Antonio. He’s….”

What my father said to me next came to sort of a shock to me. I shot up from my seat and all I saw was red. Why would someone keep this a secret for so long?



It had been a few months since Jamal told off on me. Ma had forgiven me but still preached about me stopping.

Me and Jamal were working on trying to get along. It’s a little bit easier to get along with him now that he ain’t so fucking grouchy, but I guess Alex keeps him grounded.

I’m actually happy for him. I was a little skeptical about him being with Alex after that shit Bren pulled but she was cool.

Also me and Chrys got over the bullshit and we’re actually pretty cool now. I mean shit, it’s a given since my brother and Alex are dating. We were bound to keep running into eachother.

I was currently sitting down at this small joint I used to eat at as a kid called mama B’s waiting on her.

I fooled around on my phone before I felt a smack on the back of my head indicating her arrival.

“What up fool?” She laughed. “Nothing much brat, you?” I greeted her. “Not shit,”

“So what’s been up with you lately? I heard you had a man or something like that.” I teased.

“For your information Levi is not my man, he’s my stalker.” She replied rolling her eyes.

“You a damn lie, chill…. we all know you excited that your dry spell is over!” I said poking fun. “You really gone play me like that, little do you know ‘Mal said you had an eye out for me a while back!” She laughed.

“Correction, I told him you was fine. But I only wanted to fuck though..don’t nobody want yo’ duck ass!” I laughed loudly as she attempted to slap at my face.

“Yeah, whatever..what about you?” She asked scanning the breakfast menu. “Well. Ahaaa, you know how I do..”

“Yeah right, so what you got planned today?” She said brushing me off. “Nothing, I’ma chill for a little homeboy Mack set me up with some chick who’s new to town so you know how that go.” I explained.


We ordered our food and a waitress came by placing the food in the table. The entire time we waited Chrys pressed for details on the girl.

“Is she cute though?” She asked taking a strip of my bacon. I slapped her hands away from my plate.

“Damn, you nosy and greedy..back the fuck up!” I fussed. “Well excuse me Mr. Attitude!” She mocked.

“Ima fuck you up lil girl..” I laughed snatching the remainder of my bacon from her lips. “Thieving ass…”

*Later that night*

Mack called me around nine telling me to meet him at his spot. I got dressed and headed over. Once I got there I hesitated going in.

Usually I just walk right in but I was kind of nervous due to the circumstances, so I knocked.

The door swung open to reveal Mack’s girlfriend Lace.

“What’s up bro, I haven’t saw you forever!” She said pulling me in for a hug.

“Aye, aye! Back up nigga!” Mack said coming to the door. “Well you know the effect I got on women is crazy mane.” I laughed causing Lace to pop the back of my neck.

“Anyway, you ready to meet her? You look nervous..” Lace cracked. “I don’t even know this girl name, what I got to be nervous about anyway?” I smiled faintly.

Mack and Lace were both in the “business” and they knew the problems that me and Jamal had with that before. So I was hoping that this girl wouldn’t just be normal.

“Her name is Rain, she should be here in a minute.” Mack said.

We sat around in the living room catching up for a minute before knocks started rapping on the door.

Lace got up to answer the door and my palms started to sweat, what the fuck is wrong with me.

I heard laughing as the door closed and Lace walked into the living room. “Aight Na, this is Rain.. Rain, Nasir.”

I looked up as they walked into the room. “Damn…” I mumbled.


Tonight was the night…

Carlos finally decided tonight would be the night where me and Chrys met again…for business purposes of course.

I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks so I was looking forward to seeing her. I hadn’t even texted or called her.

I figure she’s like any other female, she can put up a front all she wants but I’m on her mind.

It was going on 10 o’clock so I got in my car and headed to the camp. Once I pulled up I saw her truck sitting out back.

I grabbed my gun tucking it in my holster and walked in through the back door.

I paused at Carlos’ office door hearing her voice. I knocked two quick times signaling that I was outside.

“Come in boy,” he spoke roughly. I twisted the handle and walked in. The look on Chrys’ face was priceless.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” She questioned Carlos. Anger flashed across her face.

“Nice to see you too Chrys.” I said sitting in the chair next to her. “Carlos you need to start talking now-” she started.

He put his hand up signaling her to be quiet. “Chrys, you need to check yourself now before you get fucked up.” He spoke.

Instantly she closed her mouth and crossed her arms over her chest huffing loudly.

“Now..I called you both here because we have a big job on our hands. Ace is back and he’s got extra reinforcements. Chrys, I assume you know Levi, he’s been working for me for quite some time.” He said looking between the two of us.

“Now, Chrys last year when I sent you to kill him the first time I thought you could handle it, but everybody slips up so this time I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” She rolled her eyes making me chuckle.

“So, with that being said I want the two of you to team up. Dig up as much information you can find on him, you need to watch him for a while, until I give word to take action. I want you both to report back to me weekly to let me know what’s going down.” Chrys stood up to leave.

“Little girl, sit ya ass down. I’m not done. Levi I know you’re not opposed to working with somebody else to get the job done, but you..” he said looking at Chrys.

“You’ve always been stubborn as hell, I don’t care if you hate this nigga sitting next to you…if you don’t follow my orders then consider yourself off my fucking team. Understood?” He cocked his brow waiting on her response.

“Yes.” She said speaking quickly. “Aight, leave.” I watched as he leaned back in his chair. She shot up from her seat rushing out of the door.

I shook my head, I’m already knowing she’s just upset that Carlos checked her in front of me.

But like he said if she wants to keep her job she ain’t got no other choice but to deal with me.

Chapter 02|Toxic Talks

My eyes scanned the crowded store as my fans screamed showing their appreciation and admiration for me. The corner of my lips curved into a smile. There were some things in the business that never got old and this was one of them. Getting the chance to meet fans was always a pleasing one. To know I was inspiring people doing something I loved was a feeling I couldn’t even begin to describe.

Taking my seat I looked at Michael and he nodded to my bodyguard. The first female approached the table and I instantly took notice of her black Trey’s Angel shirt. A huge smile sat on her face showcasing her excitement as she handed me an autograph book.

“What’s your name, beautiful?” Her cheeks reddened at my compliment as she spoke up.

“Amanda.” She stuttered.   

I flipped through her book finding a clean page. Grabbing the silver sharpie from the table I autographed her book. Handing it over l watched her fan her eyes, but it was a failed attempt at keeping her tears at bay.

“I can’t believe this is real. I love you, Trey. I’ve been with you since your ‘I Gotta Make It’ days.”

“Is that right, Amanda?” She nodded in response to my question as she wiped at her face.

“Stop crying and c'mere.”

Getting up from my seat I removed myself from behind the table and walked over to Amanda. I wiped at her tears with the pad of my thumbs. Less than twenty four hours and this was the second female I had in tears. ‘Keep it up Trey.’ Opening my arms she instantly latched on to me. I may have been here physically, but mentally Amanda sent my mind elsewhere.  All I could think of were the events of this morning with none other than Sloane Carter.


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They say time flies when you’re having fun, but my time went faster so my new saying goes, times flies when you’re having fun and in love.
I stared into her eyes, still feeling the luck I have when it comes to her.
Lord knows we’ve had our share of ups and downs.
But through it all, I have a wonderful daughter, who is a spitting image of her mother with the same attitude.

“Trey?” My name bringing me out my thoughts.

I tilted my head up and looked at her.
“You just seemed lost in thought.” She told me, then sipping her drink.

“Lost in you. A year came and went Key.” I smiled, reaching out and holding her hand on the table.

“I know. I never thought I’d marry you.”

“Real Kianna?”

“But I’m glad I did.” She smiled at me, lifting our hands and kissed mine. The waiter came and took our plates.
“Ready for your first anniversary gift?”

“Yes Tremaine.” She cheered.
“Alright lets go on balcony, close your eyes.” I walked around and behind her, wrapping a blindfold on her.


Clichê, but the man of my dreams and the father of my daughter, I married. That’s one thing I’m truly proud of saying.

“A blindfold? Really?”

“So I can walk you into a wall.”
I stopped abruptly.
“Trey stop playing!” I said louder than I wanted to.
“Relax Key aha..” he chuckled, but I wasn’t moving.

“Either you move or I’ll carry you.”
What?! I still don’t know where I’m going, so my ass is staying right here.
“No. Either you take this blindfold off or I’m staying right here.”

“Stubborn ass.” He gritted, applied enough pressure on my hips to make me whimper, but I liked it.
“Trey…” I mumbled his name.
“Don’t be having my name roll off yo tongue when you being stubborn.” He picked me up, bridal style and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Well yo ass bet not drop me!” He shook acting as if he was going to drop me and I held him tighter.
“Damn, baby…” he whined. “Alright I’m putting you down.” He lowered me down and held my waist to keep my balance. Then his hands left my waist and I felt something softly lay on chest like a necklace.
“Ok, take the blindfold off.” I lifted the blindfold off my eyes and over my head, raising my hand to my chest. I looked down and it was I miniature message in a bottle. I titled the bottle and the mini paper had the date of when we first met and our wedding date.

“First anniversary requires a gift of paper.” Trey kissed my jawline.
“So keeping my life adventurous, I give you a message in a bottle with my love.”
I turned around and faced him.
“Trey, this is beautiful.” Smiling looking up from my necklace.

“I thought you’d like it.” He smiled like a child.
“Aww look at you getting giddy like a little boy.”
He licked his lips and wrapped me in a hug.
“Thank you baby, I love it.” Smiling into his chest.

“Your welcome, baby. Your my world and I don’t ever wanna let you go.”

“My own poet if I must say so.” Now that brings me to your gift. Wait here.“ I disappeared back into the room and came out with a gift bag.


Kianna reappeared and came back to the balcony with a bag.
"Now this took some thought because you have almost everything.”

“Whatever it is, I’ll cherish it forever.”

“Don’t get corny on me Trey, but here. The man that makes my heart sing.” She said to me and handed me the bag.

I opened the bag, and pulled out a journal, homemade, with pictures of us.
“Your very own song journal, to write sweet nothings about me.” She laughed lightly.

“I really like this, and I will write only about you.”
She came forward and hugged my waist, I looked down and kissed her forehead. She stood on her toes, bringing herself to my lips. Swear her lips are the softest, sweetest lips I’ve ever had and will have.

“Mhm. How do you think our first anniversary went?” She asked after the kiss.

“Being that this is my first, this was the best.”

“Saying it like you’ve had anniversaries before.”
I laughed, but its time for a little seriousness.
“Now c'mon so you can get this trigga.”

“Ohh, you giving it out?” She rose her eyebrow.

“And your my receiver.” I winked.
“Golden dick and I’m the trophy wife.” She slipped a finger in my collar and lead me back into the room.

Chapter 3


          My daughter was everything, how could I let something so beautiful go so damn fast? I never even gave this father shit a chance but now I wish I did. I stared at the picture Nicole sent me as I ran my hand over my face, sighing deeply. I needed to get my shit together if I wanted to show Amaris that I was at least going to try to be there for Nyla.

I decided to Face time Amaris, I just prayed she picked up. I tapped her name in my phone and hit the Face time button, waiting for her to pick up. I finally looked down at the screen and seen her rolling her eyes and running her hands through her hair. I could tell she was already annoyed by me but she would have to deal.

“What do you want Tremaine?”

“Can you stop being like for 20 fucking minutes Mari damn, just talk to me and stop shutting me out.”

“Why should I talk to your ass? We haven’t talked in 7 fucking years so why should we talk now? I see no point in this conversation at all.” She said rudely as I groaned & sat back on my couch.

“Look let me see Nyla; I want to talk to her and at least spend time with her.” I said as she sighed and stared at me. I could tell she was giving in, her face went from hard to soft once I said that.

“Her 7th birthday is on Saturday ok? Just bring gifts and you can see her ok?”

“I got it, so how are we going to go about this?”

“I don’t know Trey, matter fact come over tomorrow night and I guess we can explain this to her.” She said as I nodded and smiled a little. She smiled back and rolled her eyes, as she pulled her hair up into a pony tail.

“Look I’m going to bed, goodnight Tremaine.” She said as I nodded and the call ended. I smiled to myself, I wasn’t about to fuck this up at all. Now to tell my mom she has a grandchild is the hard part.


          I paced back and forth in my living room as my sister laughed and I stared at her.

“Jo this shit isn’t funny, fuck you laughing for?”

“I find it funny that you’re about to have a heart attack once Trey walks in that door.” She said chuckling as I walked over to her and popped her in the back of her head. My older sister was an asshole sometimes but I didn’t love her any less. I heard the doorbell ring and my heart dropped into my stomach. I couldn’t move I didn’t want to move; I just stared at the door.

“Rude, I’ll get the door then.” Johanna said as I stared at her blankly while she opened the door.

“Hey Jo, long time no see.”

“Hi Trey, yeah I know. That’s what happens when you leave my sister & my niece after 7 years.” She said annoyed as Trey sighed and closed the door behind him. I heard Nyla running down the stairs and then a big boom. I turned around to see her laying on the floor crying, I told her she needed to stop running in the house but she never listens. Johanna busted out laughing as I stared at her but she kept going, she really didn’t care but that was Jo for you. I watched as Trey walked over to her and picked her up as her cries came to a stop and she looked up him, rubbing her eyes.

“Where did you get hurt Ny?”

“My knee.” She sniffled as he put her on the couch and went into the kitchen.

“Mommy who that?” she questioned as I sighed and shook my head.

“Baby, that’s your daddy.” I said as her eyes widened and she looked at me confused.

“What about Chris mommy?”

“That’s just your uncle baby, he’s like a father figure to you but Trey is your daddy. He wants to spend time with you today.” I said as she nodded slowly and looked over at him as he sat down.

“I can call him Trey like you do mommy?” she said smiling a little as I shook my head and laughed.

“Can you call him daddy?”

“Fine, hi daddy.” She said as she hugged him and he hugged her back tightly. He looked up at me & mouthed the words thank you as I nodded and smiled a little bit. I started to feel differently about her meeting her Trey but then again I didn’t want them to get to close. Trey always had this thing of leaving when shit got too complicated or hard for him, which was the last thing I needed right now.


          I honestly wasn’t here for Trey even meeting Nyla but she wasn’t my kid so what could I honestly do? Nothing at all because Amaris was going to do whatever the fuck she wanted to do. She was as hard headed just like our dad, never wanting to listen but would be upset when things went badly. I closely watched as Nyla and Trey interacted with each other and so far it wasn’t going as badly as I thought it. I knew it would be a different story in a couple of minutes considering Chris was coming over but I never really told Amaris because I didn’t want her to freak. We both knew she was going to let Trey meet her anyways so we came up with the plan to check up and spy on them whenever we could even if it was wrong. We were looking out for both Amaris & Nyla but if I would told Amaris that, she would have flipped the fuck out.

I soon heard a knock on the door and quickly got up, running to open up the door to see Chris there looking pissed off already. This wasn’t good at all, not even a little bit.

“Nigga what’s wrong with you?”

“Jo you already fucking know why, that nigga here?”

“What kind of dumb question is that? I know you seen the damn Porsche out front.” I said rolling my eyes and closing the door behind him. I heard little footsteps running towards up and then Nyla slapped my ass.

“Auntie, mommy wants you now”

“Next time you hit me little girl I swear to God I’ll hit you harder.”

“DADDY!” she yelled running away as I made the sign of the cross and walked into the kitchen with Chris. I hopped up on the counter and stared at Amaris then Chris as she mumbled something under her breath and looked at me.

“What are you doing here Chris?”

“Checking up on my niece and obviously looking out for her since you probably won’t anymore.” Chris said as my eyes got wide and I looked over at Amaris. She tapped her fingers against the counter and then laughed darkly and I sighed, this wasn’t going to end pretty.

“Get the fuck up out my house before I remove you my god damn self Chris.”

“Amaris you’re not about to do shit though!”

“Oh I’m not? Aight bet bruh.” She said as she quickly pulled the knife out the drawer & walked towards Chris. He stared at her and then the knife over and over again, we both knew this bitch was crazy and if she really wanted to, she would stab him.

“Fuck you then Amaris, I’m out!” he yelled as he walked out the kitchen and out the front door slamming it, this was about to cause problems that no one was ready for.

Prologue|A Dynamic Duo

“Renee, could we please go home?” Jordan whispered into my ear over the music playing. His strong arms snaked around my waist. Moving my fresh curls to one side gave him access to my earlobe which is exactly what he wanted. I could feel him lightly nibbling on my earlobe.

Oh gosh,’ I thought. Jordan was really pushing it tonight and if we weren’t in public I would probably entertain him. I bit my lip in an attempt to hold back the moan that was threatening to escape. Usually I wouldn’t mind Jordan showing affection especially since things had been a little rocky between us lately. However, right now couldn’t have been a more inappropriate time. We were in public surrounded by my co-workers at Alexis’ going away party. Sure no one was paying us any attention, but I still needed to maintain some sort of professionalism. That was not going to be achieved with Jordan kissing on me coaxing me to go home with him. Shifting in his hold I positioned myself so my chest was pressed to his. Taking a hold of his hands I entwined our fingers before looking up at him.


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LVII. Smiles


Damn my body was tired. I laid in bed staring down at my chest, Kianna’s scratch marks sketched across my chest. There was no doubt that they were on my back. I knew a couple broke the skin because they had a little sting.
I checked my phone, being that I didn’t check it at all yesterday. Had a shitload of happy birthday messages, missed calls but most importantly I had something to tell my girls. I’ve known for a while now but I just wanted to wait for the right time.
This’ll probably be a good ass birthday ending for both Tiara and myself. I sat up and rested against the headboard, my movement stirred up Key cause I heard her groan, rolling over to my direction.

“Mhm. Morning babe…” Kianna groaned, stretching out.
“Morning baby.”
She pulled and shifted the cover so that she shielded herself.
“What you tryna hide?” With a smirk looking down at her. She lifted the sheet so that she could look.
“A few bite marks and hickies.” She sent a sharp look in my direction.

“Let me kiss’em.” I slid down and buried myself under the sheets. Softly kissing her chest and her breasts.
“Ssss…damn that hurts. Really know how to bruise’em huh?” She whinced looking down at me. I bite down firmer than softly on a previous bite mark.

“Sss-ahh..Trey, that hu-rr-ts.” She managed to say. I sucked on the top of her left breast.
“Pleas-se..” she hissed as I took another piece of her in. I slipped my tongue down the length of her upper half, swirling around her navel, stopping at her middle.
Blowing soft breezes and leaving kisses on her.

“Ohh….God!” Rolled off her tongue, cause she knew what was coming her way. I poked my tongue in her and it was like she collapsed under my control.
Rapidly flicking against her love, and she clawed at the top of my head.
“Treyy ahh-please!” She begged, naturally arching her back under my pleasure control. I traveled my hands up her body, walking them to her breast, groping her.

“Don’t..sto-opp…” she begin to pull away, only that I went right along with her.
“Don’t run baby.” I whispered, stiffening my tongue.
“I’m bout to c-uumm.” Releasing sweetness into my mouth.

“Ok Trey. Trey no more.” She begged catching her breath. I came back up, smiling at her.
“Alright you can’t take anymore.”

“At the moment, no. Accounting on what we was at all night.”

“Accounting on nothing.” I smirked. “But when Tiara wakes up I got some plans for us.”

“What is it?” She sat up slowly.

“Don’t worry. You’ll find out.”

“Mhm. Well I’ma go soak, cause of you.” She was out of bed, walking towards the bathroom.

“I can make it worse.” I came behind her, wrapping around her waist, kissing on her jawline.

“…a-as..” stumbling on her words.

“As tempt-ing as that sounds, I’ll have to pa-sss this t-ime.” She melted into me. I turned her around and brought her lips to mine. Pushing my tongue in, caressing the inside of her mouth as her tongue started to follow the sequence. My hand went down and I allowed my fingers to massage her clit. My finger slipped in and out, deeper each time.

“Aa-ahh..” she moaned pulling from the kiss. Deeper then curling my fingers. She clawed at my back as her knees grew weak. I stared into eyes, that were glossed with passion and lust.
“Stand for me, baby.” I told her having my thumb applying enough force that it was pleasurable pressure that was making her ache. “Aahh..r-right right th-here..”
I continued with more force with my thumb and pushing harder into her.

“Fu-u…Shi-itt!!” Her voice was hoarse.
“Yes baby. Aa-ahh don’t stopp!” She moaned making me hard, I kissed her deeply, while still playing deep in her.
“Mhm..ohhh!!” She bit my bottom lip, meaning she was about to cum. I bit her’s back, pulled out and stepped away.

“Fuck Trey…” she moaned out heavily and I chuckled lightly.
“Let me see you finish..” I guestured to the bed, and she slowly made her way. She laid on the bed, and I infront of her. She voluntarily spread her legs. She walked her fingers to her love. She starting stroking her clit, and I watched, staring from her eyes to in between her legs, back and forth. I wrapped my hands around my shaft and started stroke myself while watching Key. She slipped her fingers in and out, breaking the silence of the room her moans.

“Fuck..” her head fall back, then by my grunts and groans.
“Aahh..” she rubbed faster, pushing in faster, causing herself to leak. As I grew harder her moans grew louder as she pleased herself, I started to throb, and her middle glistened with precum. I went off impulse and threw her hand back and shoved my member into her.
She yelled aloud but stifle her screams by biting her lips.

“Fuck Trey!!” Key gripped at the bed sheets, her back arching.

“Shit Baby!” I groaned, slamming into her, the sound of our skin echoing in the earlier morning.

“R-right—I’m bout to cumm baby!!” Barely understandable because her orgasm was taking her ability to speak. I stroke faster and harder as she released on me, then I slowed down to get mine.

“I love you..” she breathed.
Still in deep, I penetrated with a few forces and came, laying down next to her, wrapping her in my arms.
“I love you too.” I said into her hair, loud enough for just her to hear. We laid in bed a while longer, til she got up, to do what she was initially to do before I took her.

I let her go and she walked into the bathroom.
I waited as I listened to the water run then stop. Peeking into the bathroom to make sure she was in the tub, she was. I went over to my dresser, slipped on a pair of briefs than opening the second drawer, rummaging, and moving through until I found what I was looking for. I opened it and stared down at it for a while, then closing it and putting it in pocket of the jeans I was wearing today.

“Where are we going?” Tiara questioned from the backseat.

“I don’t know Tiara. Your Daddy won’t tell me.” Kianna stated.

“C’mon Daddy you can tell me!” I looked at her reflection in the rearview mirror.
“If I tell you, you gon’ tell your mommy.”

“No I won’t.” She said aloud. “I’ll tell you mommy.” She mouth when Key turned back and looked at her.

“Ok then we’re going…I can’t tell you.”
“Ughh! Daddy!!” She huffed and I stuck my tongue out.


Personally I was still tired, but Trey had something up his damn sleeve and wasn’t telling anybody what he was doing.

“Here Tiara.” I passed back a couple M&M’s.
“Thanks.” As she stuffed some in her mouth, and went to gaze out the window.

“So you really not gon’ tell us where we going?”

“Nah it’s better like this.”

“Just tell me Tremaine, you know I’ma find out.”

“Then why haven’t you found out Kianna?”

“Funny Trey.”
He laughed and I just rolled my eyes.
“Alll-right, we here.” He pulled into the the parking lot of a manicured park.

We sat on the picnic blanket that Trey laid out.
“This is cute babe.”

“You know how I do, but I got something to tell you two.”

“You got me something!” Tiara said with a mouth full of potato chips.
“Not exactly.” Trey told her.


“Ahaha! Stop that.” Causing her to laugh, her little self was too much at times.
“Alright so Tiara, I’m moving in and the only time I’ll be away is when I have to go to work.” Trey said.

“Trey!! This great!” I smiled hugging him.

“So your gonna be home with me?” Tiara asked.
“Yes baby.” He brought her to him and sat her on his lap. She laid her head on his chest and hugged him. He rubbed her back and hugged her to.
“Alright baby, you wanna go play?”

“Can I?”

“Sure, just stay where we can see you.”

“Alright.” She stood up and ran over to the playground. I watched her climb the stairs, then over to the slide.

“So your really moving in?”

“Yes Key. Why? What’s wrong?”

“No. Nothing I just wanna make sure, since Tiara hopes are up now.”

“Well don’t worry I’m moving in.” He kissed my forehead, and pulled me into him to reassure me.


I looked down at Kianna’s hand and she still wore the promise ring I gave her months ago. I grabbed her hand and held it.

“Key you still wear that?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? You gave it to me.”

“You right. I just thought you’d like to…” I reached in my pocket.

“I’d like to what?” She asked, lifting off me. Her eyes searching from my face to my pocket.

“Like to replace it with your engagement ring.” I opened the box and her eyes grew wide.

“Kianna, will you marry me?”

She grew almost hysterical with emotion, tears streaming down her face, as she tried to bring together her words.


Nah. This can’t be happening. Trey did not just propose to me? I was literally stuck on stupid, with his voice still echoing in my head.
‘Marry Me?’ Was all I heard. He reached out and wiped my face of my tears.

“Will you marry me Key?” He asked again, getting me out my thoughts.

“Trey…Trey I….” I couldn’t finish because the biggest smile on my face stopped my speech.

Chapter 17|Guilty White Lies

Shading in the last of my sketch I stuck the pencil into my messy bun before admiring my work.  The dress on the page was beautiful and I couldn’t wait until I brought it to life. It had a plunging neckline showing off just the right amount of cleavage and then a nice peplum to accentuate the waist. It’d hug the body like a second skin and I couldn’t wait to show it off. Letting out a squeal I got up and walked into the second bedroom. This doubled as a guest room and my fashion studio when I needed it be. I had a few mannequins lying around and a bunch of fabric stuffed away in the closet. Sorting through the fabric I sighed. None of them would fit the vision I had in my head so I made a mental reminder that I needed to take a trip and buy some fabric so I could get my designs going and put myself out there once more.

As of lately I had been inspired and I was thankful because it got my creativity flowing and it proved as good distraction with everything else going on in my life. With the events going on between Trey and I, I’d been dodging his texts and phone calls. I know it sounded childish, but I needed the space to get my head together. I needed to process how I felt about what went about it and more importantly what it meant.

“Honey, I’m home.”

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II. Reality.


‘Kianna Brown, right this way’ I rose from my seat and entered the room as the black door closed behind me.
Everything in the room had a metalic shimmer and shine to it as I laid back in the bed. The doctor walked in and closed the door behind her.
'I’m not here to make you second guess yourself, but let me know if you are sure about this?’ I inhaled than exhaled.

'Ok I’m going to need you to relax’
The doctor grab her instruments. Then it started to get real. I felt the cold metal graze my thigh. I think its in my head but I hear screams amd cries.

'No! No I can’t do this!!’ I started to squirm and kick. Fight the doctor til I ran out the door screaming in the halls. 'Help Me!!’

'Get her!’ they grabbed me and pulles me back in and strapped me down.

“I wish I could rip out a page of my memory cause I put so much energy into him and me”

My alarm went off and it sprung me back into reality. Nightmare I had for years, but the ending was never the truth. It had me in a cold sweat. Did I make the wrong choice?
I wasn’t ready. I did what I needed to do. What I had to do. I was abruptly taken out of my thought because of Keri’s voice. Stopped the alarm I got out of bed and went straight to the shower. I let the water rain down my face. The water waved my hair. I got out the shower and wrapped up in my towel. Kept my hair in waves so I just blow dried it. Went over to and went threw my suit case I slipped on my thong and strapped on my bra. I pulled out my gray pencil skirt, red blouse and matching gray blazer. I ironed it and slipped it on.

The skirt hugged my hips and thighs. The blouse showed off just enough cleavage and the blazer was to top it all off. The finishing touch a pair of black, red bottoms. I ran my hands down my outfit while staring in the mirror, I winked at myself and smiled. As I looked in the mirror the dream came back. 'No! No!’ I shook it off.
I called for a driver, they would be here at any time so I needed to get downstairs.

The elevator opened and I walked out.
“Looking sharp Ma'am!” the same lobbyist that check me in the night before.
'Look at you, full of compliants! Thank you!’ he smiled and I keep walking. Purse and briefcase in hand I walked out the door and saw a car. I assumed it was mine.

'2600 Santa Monica Blvd. please’ always polite.

“Sorry ma'am but I believe you’re in the wrong car.” The driver said but then someone else spoke.

“No, no Bernard, its Ok. You can drop her off first.” A familiar voice. I looked up from my phone.
Destiny must really have something against me.
I shook my head.
“You can’t say hi?”

'Hello Tremaine!’ I said salty.

“Hello Kianna, I’m doing good glad you asked.”

I snickered but went right back to my hard demeanor. He scooted closer to me I tried to move but I was already against the door.
“Key, please help me…help you.” he told me solemnly.

'What is there, that needs to be helped?’

“You. Me. A Relationship. Us.”

'Do you know the feeling of being abandoned? Left to fend on your own?’

He looked at me. “I do. I’m feeling it right now. I’m trying to get thru to you but you keep pushing me back. Damn it Kianna! I’m trying, but there’s only so little I can do til you give me that chance, let me in.”

'Hurt doesn’t it? Makes you feel almost worthless as if an empty void in time?’

“Ok! This isn’t helping neither of us, I don’t know what I can do to get thru to you.” he stated. “The Key I use to know, I want her back” He pleaded.

'She disappeared when you disappeared, you could of saved her if you picked up a phone’

I looked up at him and everything he just said was true. But could I open myself to him again, if there’s still that risk of me getting hurt.

“2600 Santa Monica Blvd!” The driver stated. My door opened and I was getting out when I felt a hand on my wrist. I looked down and followed the hand to the arm, shoulder then to his face. Look as if he was begging at this point. begging never looks good on any one.

'8:30 tonight. Hotel Restaurant. Don’t FCK! up!’ I said threw my teeth. He let his hand slide out of mine. The car door closed and went into my meeting.


Seeing her get into my car by mistake and last night was the greatest fate I’ve ever had. I did miss her. I didn’t enjoy seeing her cry. I enjoy seeing her smile, hearing her laugh. Her smile always brighten me up. Her laugh made me excited and anxious for the time we spent together. Now, here she is. Seeing the hurt I didn’t mean to cause, that I didn’t know I caused. A emotion. A trait. I dislike highly.
She walked away from me but gave me a chance. The driver drove off taking me to where I needed to go. I didn’t know she was pregnant. I didn’t know she called me. If I did I wouldn’t been there I promise you that. Because of my unintentional neglect she cut me off. But I know I will get her to open back up to me even if I have to countdown the days.

TREYSONGZ: Tonight’s the night that’ll make it right. #Day1

Chapter 5


All of this shit left me confused; I didn’t know what I wanted or who I wanted at this point. Trey coming around made me want him back more than ever but Chris confessing his feelings had me stumped. I needed to get my mind off of this shit before it drove me crazy.

I walked back inside into the kitchen to see Mama April and Nyla making cookies, I’ve never seen her so happy to be around family. My family wasn’t around Nyla that much as I would like so her being able to spend time with Trey’s family made me feel good. I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and once I looked up, it was Trey smiling at me as I smiled back.

“Come outside, I want to talk to you.” He whispered as he let go of me and grabbed my hand. I followed him outside to the backyard as we sat on the lawn chairs. He quickly picked me up and sat me in his lap as he sat back & smirked. I shook my head and blushed a little; I swear there was something about him.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“I want us to try to be a real family Mari. What we’re doing now is fine, don’t get me wrong but I want more. What I’m basically saying is I want you back so we can work everything out. I missed you being around me at all times and I still love you Amaris. Just please give me this chance to make everything right between us.” He pleaded as my eyes got wide. I didn’t know what to say, this just brought more confusion in my life. I wanted Trey back, I honestly did but some part of me wanted Chris and I had no clue why.

“Trey, I-I want to take you back but, but I don’t kn-” I was cut off by him grabbing the back of my head and pressing his lips into mines. I didn’t hesitate at all; I missed the feelings of his lips on me at all times.

I slowly pulled away as I looked him in his eyes and smiled a little, I wanted him back and there was no hiding it. What about Chris though?

“So I take that as a yes or what?”

“Take it as we’ll see and work on us.” I said pecking his lips and getting off of his lap. He quickly slapped my ass and grinned as I shot him a look and walked back into the house.

“Mommy, me and grandma April make you cookies.” Nyla yelled running over towards me.

“Aw thank you baby, thank you Mama April.” I said smiling as they both smiled back at me. I kissed Nyla’s forehead and went to grab my purse off the chair.

“Ny I’ll be right back, behave for Mama April and daddy okay?” I warned her as she nodded and ran over to Trey. I waved goodbye, quickly making my way outside and into my car. I had to go talk to Chris and clear shit up before anything else got out of hand.

They were both great guys and meant a lot to me and Nyla, but right now it was about who would make me happy. I would love to be a family with Trey but there’s something keeping me back from making that step. That something just happens to be Chris and I needed to get everything in order before I made my final decision.

Right now all I seemed to be doing was making horrible ones at this point. I parked in his driveway, got out and walked up to the front door ringing it. I waited patiently until a short girl wearing nothing but one of Chris’ shirts on answered the door.

“Uhm who are you?” she questioned me as I looked at her funny.

“Aye babe who is that at the door…oh shit Mari.” Chris said as his jaw dropped. I laughed and shook my head walking away from the front door.

“You just made my decision completely easy, thanks Chris!” I yelled as I walked over to my car. He quickly ran over to me and stopped from opening the car door.

“Mari it’s not what you think so chill.”

“Chris shut the fuck up; I’m not trying to hear that shit. You got a new bitch so leave me alone. I got to get back to my family now okay?” I said as opened the car, slamming the door shut.

“What family Amaris?”

“I’m getting back with Trey, so we can be a family for Nyla.” I smiled faintly as he glared at me and stormed away from the car. I could tell he was pissed off but right about now I honestly didn’t give a damn. He had a new bitch every night so he should be fine or he could take back Kae. Right now I needed to focus on my happiness.