Chapter 3: Side Bitch


“Hey lil mama,” I hugged Jazmine when I walked through the door after she opened it. “Where’s your mommy?”

“In her bedroom, I was watching TV.”

“Okay well you keep doing that I’m going to go upstairs.” She ran off back towards the  living room while I made my way upstairs to Zashia’s bedroom. When I walked in she was sitting at her vanity doing her hair. “What are you doing to your head? You barely have hair.”

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Chapter 1: She’s Back

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Brandon “Barry.”

“If this nigga look at his watch one more fucking time I swear to God.” My nigga Legend said after I checked the time again. “The fuck is up with you my nigga? We’re supposed to be having a good time and you over there on some paranoid shit.”

“Fuck you nigga,” I chuckled.

“He’s waiting on Nell’s crazy ass to get here,” Dutch added in. “Who did you send to go get her?”

“This nigga over here let me use his sprinter.” I said pointing to Legend. “Don’t call her crazy, Miami calmed her down some.”

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|9| all falls down.

A K I L A 

I called myself a quiet storm. I got my point across much better when I was subtle with my anger, rather than bursting a blood vessel from yelling. Silent but deadly is what I call it. I was seething with anger, grinding my teeth together, but nobody on the outside would never know because I would never show it. I didn’t need to.

I grabbed my silver iPhone and dialed a number as I trudged into the apartment and locked the front door. I kicked off my shoes and tugged off my jacket and hung it up on the coat rack, all while the phone was ringing in my ear. As soon as it clicked, I started getting angry all over again. “Are you alone?”

“I answered the phone, didn’t I?” There was a chuckle on his end of the line, and I wanted to yank his jugular from his neck. “Yes, I’m alone.”

“I will fucking murder you, Kane,” I grumbled to him, gritting my teeth. “You’re out of your damn mind.”

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Chapter 21

 Chyna POV

We all were in the waiting room and i was pasting back and fourth getting angry, i had just finished trying to calm Trey down and i knew in my heart he was devastated he didnt know what he wanted to do, i seen him get up and start panaking again i walked over to him to try and calm him down once more but i knew he woulddnt give in

“ Bro you have to keep strong shes going to be great shes a fighter”

“ what if she dont fight hard enough sis ?! what ima do now ?! “ he punched the wall

i walked closer to him and placed both of my hands on his shoulders. “ Trey im going to go get a doctor right now, but i need you to do is come down promise me youll do that?” i said feeling tears build up

“ I-I-I i promise sis “ he studdered.

i nodded and walked over to one of the nurses to see if she could give me a update on Cassandra.

“ Hi… ummm can i get an u-”

“ family and friends of Cassandra Ventura,” i heard a man say.

everybody rose up, and i quickly walked back

“ Hello I am Doc Bentley and i have good news for you guys…. and Ms Ventura is ok she is stable… but its gonna take her a while to recover because she has a fractured nose and her eye is shut with sligh brain damage she was beat really badly, we are going to run test in the morning which means she has to stay over night” he said

we all sighed in relief that she was okay “ Thanks doc i really appreciate it “ Trey said

“ no problem its my job, now anyone of you wanna go see her ?” he spoke looking around at all of us

“ Trey you go first”  Oki said

“ yeah go ahead first” everyone chimed in..

Trey POV

I nodded my head at the crew and followed Dr Bentley to Cassie’s room and before i walked in i felt tears building up i know seeing her beautiful face all damanged was gonna hurt my soul and kill me deeply.

“ ok ill leave you alone to talk to her “ he said walking out

“ Ayee doc” he turned around rasing both eye brows “ thanks again “

“ no problem kid, its my job to help people and save them before its too late” he said walking out

I looked down at Cassadra laying down with a brace on her neck and a black eye and busted lip, i bended down on one knee and locked hands with her. “ Cas i know you hear me baby, please fight and dont ever leave me ever, i need you here with me i dont know what i would do if you aint come in my life, im so happy you did when you did…. i promise to do everything right by you and ill never let a mother fucker touch you again, and when i find out who did it i swear they are dead Cassie i promise baby, ima take good care of you when you get out this place, Cassie I-I- Iove you girl, i know you cant hear me but i love you alot baby girl” i said as i got up to walk out.

“ Trey” i heard a soft whisper.

i opened my eyes wide as hell and turned around as fast as possible

“ cas” i said smiling out of both of my eyes

“ I-I- i love you too” she gave a little smile

i wanted to fuck her little ass right there and just plant kisses all over her face but i knew i couldnt do anything and she could hardly remember anything, i was happy she remembered me and heard everything i said because it was true but as soon as she got better i know i was gonna take good care of her.

Tyga POV

“ ahhhh look whos up, my sis “ i said walking over to her with the ballons and flowers

“ man when you got these “ Trey said

“ while you were in here we all went to the flower shop downstairs and got these, how you holding up sis” i said

she smiled.

“ hey baby, “ the girls walked up to her planting kisses

“ let me holla at yal real quick Trey step outside with us“ i said

“ Ok so who you think did this shit” Durk took the words right out my mouth

 Trey peeked his head into the room making sure the girls werent paying us any mind before speaking “ i think it was her Ex Jerel, one of panchos niggas”

“ honestly Pancho and 3 other niggas got away the day we were in that warehouse” Reese said

“ how ya niggas let all 4 of them get away its its 4 of yal each of yal had a body to kill” Chris said locking his hands together

“ man listen i dont know, and youre right but this time its over niggas just put my baby girl in danger so i could care less about anything esle” trey said

“ aigh say less game on” Mijo said

“ ok visiting hours are about to be over, so its time for you guys to leave “ a nurse came up to use before walking into Cassie’s room

i stared her up and down for a minute because she kind of looked familiar.

we walked back in to say our last goodbyes to cassie but i still needed to get down to the bottom of this because it seems like theres more to this story then it is.

Robyn POV

After we left the hospital i told cassandra we would be back tmm to come see her in the morning, shit just upsets me because its 3 days into move in day and this shit happens to her.

“ when i find the mother fucker that did this to her i swear to god ima kill em” i spat as we all drove in Durks new Tahoe truck.

“ Babe calm down you know for sure we gonna find out “

“ Trey you know i always got your back brother “ i said

“ yeah i know sis, im just hurt seeing her laid up in that hospital bed like that, feel me ?” he said

“ yeah i feel you” i said looking at everyone else in the car who was knocked out, expect for me Trey and Chris.


after we were all settled in the house i took the lead upstairs to Chris bed room i knew he had a stressful night just like Trey so i wanted to give him something he hasnt had in a long time.

“ Roll up “ i said

“ thats what i like to hear” he said pecking my lips and walking over to his dresser taking out two bags of weed.

i walked into the bathroom leaving chris alone in the room rolling up, i washed my make up off then undressed my self, then looking at my petite body in the mirror, i looked very good i thought to myself.

i walked out the bathroom with just my bra and panties and seen Chris sitting on the bed with hus back back facing me, i placed my finger in my mouth and bit down on my nail because his back profile looked so good, he had a nice hair cut from the back and i couldnt wait to put it on him and give him good loving any longer,

i creeped up behind him and rubbed my hands down his chest planting kissing on his tattoos of stars on his neck that we had matching

“ mhmm Robyn, you said you wanted to smoke” he said bitting his bottom lips

“ i do light it and lay back “ i said moving to the bottom of the bed out of his way

he did as i said.. lit the blunt and laid up at the top of the bed, i pulled his pants down with his boxers falling down revealing his long thick light skin JR, my eyes opened wider as i looked back up at his as he took a pull from the blunt, i grind then began to jerk his long dick up and down until it becam harder i then took it and placed the head into my mouth giving him a little tease.

“ Uhh, Robyn dont do that you playing with me girl” he groaned

i smiled against his tip then took his whole into my mouth moving my head up and down while jerking it also

“ damn Robyn “ he said grabbing my head and i started taking him inside faster, i licked his man from the bottom to the top then putting him back in my mouth begininng to deep throat him feeling his dick in the back of my throat.

Chris POV

Robyn was going to work on my Jr but i felt me about to cum, but i wasnt trying to yet, i took one last pull then lifted robyns head up and handed her the blunt,

“ lay down” i demanded and she did as told

i pulled her panties down to feel how wet she was and she was soaking for me.

“ you wet as fuck for daddy Robs” i smirked at her “ take a pull” i kissed one of her thighs, then looking up at her.

i seen her green eyes roll back “ Chri-”

i dove right into her love box kissing and sucking on her clit, which made her even wetter

“ Fuckkkkkk…….im about to cummmmmmm, “ she said

I began to flick my tongue faster and faster and with in seconds i felt her cum all over my mouth and i damn sure cleaned all of it up,

i kissed her clit one last time before trailing kisses back up to her lips letting her taste herself, she immediately kissed me back then placed the blunt down and wrapped her arms around my neck

“ give me the dick ive been waiting for “ she whispered in my ear, i pulled back and kissed her lips before entering CJ.

i entered her slowly but before she knew it i started ramming CJ into her, “ mhmm, faster “ she demanded

shit she was being a real freak tonight and i was loving every damn minute of it. i started giving her fast and deep strokes like she wanted her pussy was so tight and wet it felt like i was home where i wanted to be 4 years ago.

“ Cum for me again Robyn,” i said in her ear,

“ let me ride CJ first” she kissed my lips.

i pulled out of her which i didnt want to because it felt so good even though i was about to be right back in it but i let her get on top of me i grabbed the blunt again out the ash tray and the lighter and lit the blunt back up i was high and sweater and i was waiting for Robyn to ride the shit out of me, before i expected she turned around with her back towards me then began to ride me i placed the blunt in my mouth as she started bouncing up and down grinding back and fourth i grabbed her so that i would be following her motion

“ fuck “ i said as she grind faster and faster

“ Robyn im about to cum “ i through my head back realeasing it all.

She hopped off of me and laid on her back next to me, i tuned over to look at her placing my hand on her cheek gentlely kissing he rsoft pink lips. 

“ Robyn…. i need you and Mel to help us with something” i said

“ ok what is it” she said

“ ill tell you later just cuddle with daddy for right now and the rest is said for the morning”

Chapter 22

Panama City Beach, 12:05 a.m.


           The way in which his manhood entered into her body made her whimper with each deeply unforgiven stroke. His left hand was clenched tightly around her neck as he continually pounded at her g-spot, biting into his lip as he watched her strain to control her spasms. Her moans mixed into his distressed breathing drove them insane as Torian’s body repeatedly bucked upwards to allow him to fill her pussy completely up.

           “Jermaine, please!” she screamed out, tightening the walls of her soaked womanhood firmly against his hardened dick.

           She clawed her nails deeply into his back and with a heavy sigh, she came completely over his smooth girth. His hand gripped her neck even tighter as she squirted onto him, completely covering his dick with her juices. His strokes became more intense inside of her, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as her mouth continued to stay agape. A playful smirk overcame his face as he watched her scream and squirm beneath him, his body pressing closer to hers so he could feel the warmth of her…

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C H A P T E R  8

Soooo does someone want to tell me what Kanye was doing when he tried to come for Amber like we aint seen Kim’s vagina. ☕️



“Blue!” I heard my mother yell but I just rolled over and pretended like I ain’t hear her. Ill do them dishes when I get up on my time.

“BLUE!” I heard her scream even louder. Once I realized she had woken me up I sighed and layed there, trying to get my thoughts straight and my life together.

I then started to hear banging on my door followed by a loud ass voice. “Blue gotcho ass up and come here-”

“I swear to God.” I said as I yanked the covers off me.

I exited me and my little brothers room and walked over to my mom who was watching something on tv.

“Baby you gotta look at this. YOUR ON TV!” She yelled.

My eyes got wide. “Im on what now?” I said as I plopped down next to her.

My mother went to go turn up the tv, by hand of course. We lost the remote ages ago. Or did it ever come with one? The tv was on E! News and was currently talking about some celebrities. I wasn’t really listening for all that. I just wanted to find out what my mom was talking about.

Terrance soon appeared on my screen. “And last but not least check out what is breaking the internet. A video of Chris Brown and his new dancer Blue Scott-”

“Thats you-”

“Momma shh.” I hushed her.

“Yea apparently they were at some random bowling alley in Brooklyn and just broke out into dance while the song Forever, one of the singers old songs, played. It’s actually a pretty cool video if I do say so myself, a very interesting sight to see. The girl really knows her stuff. Might even be a little better then Mr. Brown himself.” He finished. “When we come back find out what the Kardashians did-”

I tuned the rest out while me and my mom looked at each other. We both screamed and jumped up and down like the two idiots we were.

“My baby is about to be FAMOUS!” She yelled while she jumped up on the couch.

“Naa mama we’re about to be famous. I told you once I make it I’m takin care of you.” I told her, calming down a little bit.

She stepped down off the couch and engulfed me in a warm hug. “My baby is growing up. Its like yesterday I was cutting the skin off your apple.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled a little. “Mamma that was yesterday.”

When she pulled away I noticed she was crying. I slightly frowned. I hated to see my mom cry unless they were tears of joy. I quickly wiped them from under her eyes. “Why are you crying?”

She sniffled. “Your all grown up. I remember you used to dream and talk about getting into Juilliard and I’m so sorry that we I couldn’t afford to get you in-”

I cut off her rambling. “Mom its okay! Its okay. You have been the best mother ever and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Shoot I know for a fact a better one doesn’t exist. Don’t sweat that whole Juilliard thing okay? Im sill going, thats why I’m doing this. We just have to be patient. Its like you always tell me, everything happens for a reason.”

She nodded her head and sniffled once more. “I know your father would be proud.” Her accent was very thick.

I didn’t like talking about him. It was a sensitive subject that I didn’t like to bring up. “Im sure he would.”

“But I want you to promise me something. Promise that no matter what that you will always remain the same. That you won’t let that fame life change you.”

I chuckled a little. “Imma always remain kosher ma. And thats a fact.”

She hugged me once more. “Je t'aime” she said in her native tongue.

I smiled “Moi aussi, je t'aime”


“Come on Dre.” I struggled to drag him into the room. It wasn’t fair that his strong ass was trying to put up a fight.

“Bruh why I gotta be here?” He said, finally letting me drag him into the studio room.

“Because you brought me around your atmosphere and now I have to bring you around mine. Its only fair.” I said as I turned on the lights and dropped my bag to the ground. We both walked to the center of the room.

“Aight but I can’t dance.” He said before shoving his hands in the pockets of his Popular joggers. I swear he word the simplest of things but always some how looked fine as hell. Like today, he wore joggers, an all white v-neck, and some Jordan’s.

“Well I’ll teach you.” I smiled making him chuckle.

“Or…. I can watch you do ya thang and give you tips.” He said, placing his hands on my waist. Something he was fond of doing.

I smirked. “Deal. Go sit in that chair over there.” The chair was placed facing us and was in front of the mirror.

While he went to go sit down I walked over to my bag and started to strip out of my jean shorts and shirt. I was left in my black boy cut dance shorts and my gray dance crop top that had a strappy back. “Oh you stripping for me?”

I playfully rolled my eyes at him while taking off my shoes and socks. “You would like that wouldn’t you.”

He licked his bottom lip before speaking. “Hell yeah.”

I ignored his stares and walked over to the stereo. I hooked up my phone and searched for the song I was going to dance to in my Library. Once I found it I pressed play then walked back over to the middle.

I took a deep breath and let the piano in the beginning of Jessie J’s Nobody’s Perfect seep into my body, letting it take over. I blocked out everything and placed myself in an all white empty room.

Once she started singing I began doing my the routine choreography I had made for the song. I let her voice and words trigger past events which contributed in me dancing with an abundance of passion. I made sure that my legs were straight and my toes were pointed. My turns were clean and effortless.

“Don’t think I can forgive for this Blue.” He said lowly. All though he spoke barely above a whisper it felt like his words were shouting at me. What hurt worse was the fact that he couldn’t even look at me.

I shook my head as my tears streamed down my face. “Daddy I’m sorry! I swear it was an accident.”

When the song ended I took and deep breath to avoid my tears from falling. I hadn’t even realized Dre was standing in front of me until I smelled his cologne. I didn’t open my eyes until I felt his hand touch my face.

My hazel eyes stared into his brown ones while he caressed my cheek. “Your perfect.”

His words struck a nerve but in a good way. If that’s possible. When he leaned in I did the same, meeting him half way. As soon as his soft lips touched mine those same butterflies I had when he first gave me a hug came back but a million times worse.

My lips moved in sync with his until I pulled away. He pecked my lips a couple of times before looking down and smiling at me. I couldn’t even look at him so I turned my head away from him while my face flushed a cherry red.

“Stop looking at me.” I mumbled shyly making him chuckle.

“You cute.”

“Whatever.” I mumbled walking away from him.

He gave me this look while I started to put up my curls into a messy ponytail. “Alright are you ready to learn?” I asked.

“Bruh. You not finna teach me how to dance. Unless we dabbin in this bih.” He said then started to dabb.

“No Dre.” I said through my laughter. “We’re just gonna do one move and that’s it- its not even dancing.”

He sucked his teeth and looked off. “Pweaseee.” I put on my puppy dog face.

He stared at me blankly before finally giving in. “What we doin Blueberry.”

I smiled. “All you gotta do is catch me….. By my hips.” Memories of Chris trying to catch me flooded my head.

“Catch you?” He asked.

“Yup. Without dropping me.”

“I gotchu baby. You can trust me.”

I nodded my head. I was kind of nervous because he wasn’t a dancer and didn’t know what to do. But I trust him.

I took off running into his arms and he quickly caught and and raised me into the air with ease. Out of habit I pointed my toes. He did this fake drop and I wrapped my legs around his waist while he wrapped his arms around mine.

“Shit I could be a dancer too.” He said as he started walking.

I rested my head on his shoulder and laugh lightly. “Where are we going”

He grabbed my bag from the floor and turned off the lights. “To go grub. I nigga starvin.”


Dre pulled me into his lap while we waited for our food to get done. We were currently at Wing Stop because he was craving them and I’m in love with their fries.

“I can have your fries right?” I asked him while he rubbed my thigh.

“Girl you trippin. You know they fries give me life.” He said. I could feel the vibration from his voice on my back.

I adjusted myself in his lap so that I was sitting sideways. “Pleaseeeeeee.” I pouted making him smirk.

“You know you look cute as fuck when you do that.” He said making me smile. “But you still can’t have my fries.”

I sucked my teeth. “Your really an asshole.”

“My mom wants to meet you.” He said, catching my off guard.

My whole body froze at the sound of those words. Was I ready to meet his mom? I mean we’ve only been official for a week. Wait, he told his mom about me? Does that mean he’s serious about me? What if she doesn’t like me or think I’m good enough for her son. A million and one questions were running through my head at once.

“Baby.” Dre tapped my leg.

I snapped out of my thoughts. “Hmm?”

“You heard what I said?”

I cleared my throat. “Uh yea. You told your mom about me?”

He nodded his head. “She kept askin who I was always talkin to through out the night and my big headed ass brother told her. So I just put the icing on the cake and told her who you were and a lil bit of shit about you.”

“What if she doesn’t like me? What if she thinks im not good enough for you? What if sh-”

“Blueberry relax.” He said with a chuckle. “Everything will be okay and she’s going to love aight? I know she will.”

His reassurance made me happy. If he had faith that she was going to like me then so was I. I gave him a couple of pecks on the lips before someone approached us.

“Well well well if it isn’t the cute couple.” I heard Quez say.

I mentally rolled my eyes. Although that was his friend I still didn’t like him. He always managed to still stare at me and it creeped me the fuck out.

I put a fake smile on my face before I greeted him. “Hi Quez.”

He smirked at me. “Wassup lil blue riding hood. You can’t speak Dre?”

“Can you go get our food and cups I think its ready. And can you get me a coke please?” Dre said.

I guess he needed to talk to him in private so I agreed. Of course when I walked away I felt eyes on my ass.  When I looked back it was Quez. It kinda disturbed me that Dre didn’t say anything about it but oh well. I picked up our bags of food then filled up our drinks at the little Coke machine.

I stayed where I was cause they look like they were having a serious discussion. Quez had said something and Dre looked like he had been defeated when he nodded his head in return. They both looked at me making me raise a brow while I sipped on my drink.

Dre nodded towards the door and I took that as my que to walk over there. We both walked towards the door but not before Quez spoke again.

“It was nice seeing you Blue. I hope my dude is takin care of you.”

I looked back at him and smiled small. “He is.”

Quez smirked. “I bet.”

The way he said that made me feel uneasy and the fact that Dre practically pushed me out the door made my ill feeling worse.

“What the hell, whats your problem?”

I could tell his mood had completely flipped. He didn’t have a smile on his face anymore. It looked like he didn’t even want to be around me.

“My bad baby. He just really pissed me off is all.” He said then kissed me on my forehead before grabbing the drinks out of my hand and getting in on his side of the car.

1   W E E K  L A T E R


“So y'all want to turn this tour into like a movie?” I asked trying to grasp an understanding.

“Yes. It’ll be like a glimpse into you guys tour life. And the best part is that it’ll showcase the three of you. Which means a huge amount of sales when it gets released.” Our tour director said.

We had a meeting wit him and each of our teams to discuss the issues, the changes, and anything else about the tour.

I nodded my head as I played with my chin hairs. I could see my Rolex start to shine and sparkle once the sun light hit it.

“And what would we call this movie?”

“Between the sheets and beyond” August inputed and we all nodded our heads, liking the idea.

“I like it. So when can we start filming?” Trey asked.

“We’ll start at todays rehearsals. We already lost like a months worth of footage so the sooner we start the better. We already got a camera crew on board to capture everything we just needed you guy’s okay.”

The meeting went on and about 30 minutes later we were all walking out of the conference room Trey’s hotel let us use for a little. The three of us decided to go out for a little bit before rehearsals started.

As soon as we stepped out of the hotel we were swarmed with hella paparazzi and fans screaming our names and throwing questions at us. Luckily we had our security securing us so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Being in New York, the paparazzi weren’t as thick as it was back home but it was still a lot of them and it seemed the longer we were in New York the more there started to be. Its started off being a few here and there now its like a mob. For example that whole thing at the bowling alley. They had Blue and I plastered on just about every blogging site.

We choose this spot called Cuts. Its was an upscale steakhouse that had some bomb as food according to August.

“So what yall thinkin of this tour shit so far?” August asked, cutting into his steak.

Finishing chewing first, I then answered his question since Trey was too invested into cutting his steak. “I’m having a fucking ball. Shit is turning out better then I expected.”

“Hell yeah. And we gettin a film? I guess teamin up with yall niggas was a good idea after all.” Trey said.

I put a mouth full of mashed potatoes in my mouth. This shit was good as fuck. “How could we not when our fans were practically down our throats after that BET performance.” I said.

Trey started chuckling. “Yoo they was like you came walkin down the aisle like you was on some the Rebirth of Jesus type shit.”

I smirked. “I was gone for too long.”

“Ayo like real shit I was waitin for someone ta tell me shawty fell off them ropes in da back of me.” August said.

Me and Trey started laughin. “Her over flexible ass. Either that or break her fuckin leg. I couldn’t fuck her in the bed room.” Trey said.

I turned my face up. Every nigga loves a flexible girl in the bedroom. “And why not?”

“Cause she might mistake me for her and turn my shit into a pretzel man. Have my shit all fucked up.”

Me and Aug look at this nigga like the stupid one he is before we started laughin. “You wildin’ man.” August said.

“So whats up wit you and shawty?” Trey asked.

“Karrueche?” I asked.



He shook his head.“ But I wanna know about her too. I was talkin bout Blue.”

I turned up my face. “What the hell? Aint nothin up with me and her.”

August chuckled. “Yeah right.”

I sucked my teeth. “Im serious. Aint nothin goin on between me and that girl. For starters she too young for me.”

They were both lookin at me like they weren’t believing a word I was saying. “So if she was in her twenties you would go after her?”

“Maybe, ion know.” I lied. If Blue was closer to my age I would’ve easily got with her. She’s everything I would want in a girl besides that shy shit. But its cute on her.

“Well then you mind if I try ta get wit ha?” August asked throwing me completely off guard. Of course I ain’t mind cause she wasn’t my girl to begin with. But why would he want her? I couldn’t tell if that was a serious question or not.

“You serious?” Trey asked.

At this point we were all through with our food. We were just sitting around talking. “Yeah. Im not as old as you hags and shawty intrigues me. Not only that but she got eyes that could bless ya soul.”

I cleared my throat a little. “Well I mean it aint up to me but shit go for it. Though I do think she got a nigga already.”

He chuckled. “What’s that supposed to mean ta me? Im August fuckin Alsina.”

Me and Trey both stared at him. “I’m not dealin wit this shit today.” Trey said as he stood up, making me laugh.

We each threw a hundred on the table before we left. The ride to the studio wasn’t to long since we were already in the area. When we pulled into the parking lot there were two white trucks we had never seen before. The director of the tour did say they wanted to start recording for the movie as soon as possible so it was probably the camera crew and everything.

Walking into the room my dancers were rehearsing, the first thing I saw was cameras. Everywhere.

Flii was teaching the choreography to the Look At Me Now/ Hit The Quan set. “Great Chris, just in time. Come on.” He said.

I ain’t really dress up today cause I knew I had practice today so all I had on was some Roshes, basketball shorts, a Bape t-shirt, and a snapback. I took off the watch and chains that I wore and handed them to my manager, Angie, then joined in with everyone else

“Alright now this is the part where its boys versus girls.” Flii said making us get routey.

“Watchu mean versus? Them girls ain’t no competition.” One of my dancers named Keeis joked sending the girls in a uproar.

“Why you tried it Keeis? You know damn well we ALL got you beat.” Destiny said with a smirk on her face.

An hour had passed by and we had basically gotten this set down. The people behind the camera had gotten some great footage as well. No one was acting any different then they normally would so that was a plus.

“Alright lets try it full out.” Flii said.

We all got in our places before the music started. Soon Look At Me Now started blaring from the speakers and I started performing it like I was on stage.  I could see my dancers through the mirrors in the back of me. Once my rap ended in the song it transitioned to Hit The Quan. The chorus started and we all started to hit the quan. I ended up putting my own little twist into it.

We all broke away into two sides, girls on one and boy on the other. The girls went first during the battle and they were killin it. I couldn’t help but look at Blue since she was in the front. We were all eggin them all and shit. On the last part they all ended in a split and it was our turn.

We started doin the traditional dance but Flii added a different kind of flare to it to change it up. Just like we were teasing them on their part they teased us.

The song soon ended and we were all out of breath while Flii clapped. “I like that….alot.”

The rest of rehearsal was pretty decent. We were all sweaty and tired. All I wanted to do was go back to my room and sleep for a couple of hours before I went out to the club.

“So you ready to move to L.A?” I asked Blue as we walked down the steps of the building.

“Umm yes and no. Yes because it for something I love but no because Im leaving my mom and little brother behind.” She said.

I nodded my head. “I understand. But whenever you miss them while your out there just remind yourself that your doing it for them. Why don’t she just come with you?”

“Her job. Although its a shity one she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She would never leave New York. Plus she wants me to go out on my own.”

“Smart lady.” I said.

She chuckled. “And why do you say that?”

“She wants you to be grown and do things on your own. Thats a perfect way to let your child grow up.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll have Anajay and everyone else out there witchu so it’s not like you goin in blind. Plus you’ll have me. Imma always be there for you regardless of where we are.” I said making her smile up at me.

“Me too.” August said, coming up beside her and draping his arm over her shoulder. “Wassup ma.” He have her a side hug.

She gave him a cheeky smile. “Hi August. How was practice?” She asked him.

“Pretty good. I think im startin to get the moon walk down.” He said making her giggle.

All while they were having a friendly ass conversation I couldn’t help but to mentally roll my eyes. Why does everyone want this girl?

I heard a nice V8 engine before a clean black charger pulled up in front of the stairs and Blue said her goodbyes to us. August made it his job to give this girl a hug while I settled with a simple wave. When she walked down the stairs a tall nigga got out the car and met her halfway. She gave him a hug and a peck on the lips before he took her bag and put it in the trunk and she got in the passenger side.

“So thats her nigga huh?” August asked while crossing his arms.

I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my gym shorts before sighing. “I guess soo.”

“That nigga gone be in the NBA one day, if he aint already….still aint no competition though. Ill get her.” August said then walked back into the building.

I stood outside and watched them take off, leaving a cloud of smoke behind. What August said kept playing back in my mind. Was he really trynna pursue her?


Hmm August looks like he was a slice of some Blueberry pie?

Chris salty or nah?

Wassup with Dre?

Blue’s pops…….

Find out in later chapters! 

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Jessie J- Nobody’s Perfect

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