Chapter 41


“Babe imma go shower real quick, you gon be okay with the baby right? I wont be long.” I said getting up, heading to the bathroom looking back at Trey for confirmation.

“Yeah we good ma.” Its been a few days since we’ve been home from the hospital and let me tell you I’m exhausted. There is nothing more at this moment I could ask besides relaxing and showering after giving birth. I smelled like baby shit and throw up, I guess I have to get use to it.

“You look just like your mommy. Beautiful with all that hair, you gon have all the little girls hating on you.” I smiled as I overheard him say.

“Imma be wrapped around that little finger of yours.” I chuckled and shook my head, imagining the future now. All these over the top birthday parties, whatever she ask for he gon get for her.

I walked into the room and seen Trey had fallen asleep with the baby on his chest. I smiled at the two of them. I quickly got dressed and carefully grabbed the baby off his chest, taking her into her room and gently placing her into the crib. I smiled at her small sweet innocent face as she stirred in her sleep a little. I turned on the baby monitor and walked out the room. Trey walked out the room rubbing his neck.

“Why you take my baby away.” I looked at him.

“Because Tremaine she needs to get use to sleeping in her own bed. If we don’t start now she’s gonna wanna sleep with us all the time when she gets older, theennnn you won’t be able to get any.” He raised his eyebrows and licked his lips.

“Shit, sorry baby girl daddy need his time.” I chuckled and walked up to him, kissing him.

“What am I gonna do with you.” He gripped my butt and bit on my neck.

“Can’t wait till I can slide back in this.” I smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

“I know daddy me too.”


I held Jayla’s hand as we walked into Raging Waters water park. I convinced Avery to let me take her for the day so she could have the opportunity to meet my son King and so I could spend time with her alone. I think its only right that since Avery’s having another baby Jayla should be able to meet my other child too. So since Avery is pregnant and her hormones are all over the place she said yes so she could relax, but of course you know her bitchass nigga had something to say about it. I honestly don’t know who the fuck he thinks he is. His baby is on its way he need to back off and let me take care of mines.

“Oooo Michael can we please go on that ride pllleeeaaaseeee.” I smiled a little and looked at her.

“Jayla you have to call me dad not Michael.” She stopped and looked at me.

“But I don’t want to. My mom said I don’t have to until I want to and I don’t want to.” I sighed and bent down to her level.

“Okay baby girl thats fine. But you do know that I’m you dad though right?” She nodded, I smiled and kissed her head.

“Alright princess as long as you know. Lets go find your brother King and his mommy and we can get on some rides.” She smiled and nodded. I got up and we started walking again. I walked to the table where Chyna my girl told me to meet her.

“Hey babe you guys finally made it.” I sat Jay at the table.

“Yeah we had to make a couple stops but were here.” She looked at Jay and smiled.

“Well hello pretty girl you must be Jayla.” Jay nodded and smiled a little.


“Its nice to meet you, I’m Chyna and this is King your brother. King say hi.” King looked at her and smiled.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Well ladies lets go get changed so we can get into the water. Jayla are you okay to go in the locker room and get changed with Chyna, she can help you.” She looked around.

“I guess so.” I helped her up

“Alright I’ll be right out here if you need me.” I watched as she followed Chyna into the locker room. Well we’re off to a good start, hope it stays like this.


I walked into the living room and seen Avery laying on the couch watching tv. I climbed on top of her making myself comfortable between her legs. I looked up at her. She smiled and caressed my face.

“I love you.” She mumbled, I leaned up and pecked her lips.

“Love you too baby.” I looked at her chest and licked my lips. Avery already had some big ass titties but now that she pregnant its like they just be popping out. I pulled my phone out.

“Pose for me baby.” She giggled a little and posed. I snapped the pic.

“You look sexy mami.” She grabbed the phone from me looking at the picture.

“Mhm let me post this. These hoes been getting a little out of hand lately.” I chuckled. She handed me the phone back making me smile at what she posted.


My one nd only. Can’t nobody compare to her.

These hoes ain’t loyal but my wifey is.

Bitchass niggas keep looking because

you can’t have!

Sounded like some shit I would say. My notifications was going crazy for her. I licked my lips and sitting up on the couch, looking through the notifications when a picture of Jayla and that fuck nigga Tyga at the waterpark crossed my timeline. I clenched my jaw and tightened my fist.

"Whats wrong with you why you looking like that?" I looked at Avery and shook my head.

"Nothing just seen some shit I aint wanna see."

"Wanna talk about it babe?" I shook my head no.

"Nah I dont. I cant believe we having a baby." I smiled and laid in between her legs, lifting her shirt and kissing her stomach. It’s like my dreams keep coming true. Now I have another reason to be happy on my worst days.


I handed Jay her food.

“Be careful Jayla don’t drop it. Go sit at the table with Chyna.” She nodded and walked over to the table. I pulled my phone out as it vibrated. I smacked my lips as I seen it was Avery. I answered.


“Hows my baby doing?” I finished paying for our food.

“She’s good Avery. She getting ready to eat.”

“That’s good. I miss her, Is she being good?” I walked to the table and sat down.

“Yeah she being good why wouldn’t she be?”

“Let me talk to her.” I rolled my eyes and handed the phone to Jay.

“Here baby girl its your mom.” She smiled and grabbed the phone.

“Hi mommy.” I looked at Chyna and she smiled.

“She’s her mom she’s going to call babe relax. I call you all the time when you have King and were together. It’s a mother thing.” I shook my head.

“I am mommy. I went on that big slide daddy took me on that one time and I wasn’t scared. Mhm.” She giggled.

“I wanna talk to daddy first mom.” I took a deep breath. This calling Chris daddy shit ends today. I won’t be no fuck nigga and let my seed call another nigga daddy. I’ll be damned.

“Hi daddy. I miss you too.” She smiled more as she talked to this nigga. The whole time we been here all she been talking about is how her “daddy” took her on this and that ride before and her face was nothing but a smile but then when I would talk to her about anything else that has to deal with me her real dad she barely even smiled.

“I love you too daddy.” I looked at her.

“Jay don’t hang up let me talk to your mom.”

“Oh daddy hold on Michael wants to talk to mommy. Okay.” She handed me the phone and smiled.

“My daddy said he got me a surprise.” Chyna smiled at her.

“Well I bet it’s a beautiful surprise princess. Finish eating so we can play some games and win some stuff.” She nodded and went back to eating. I got up and walked away from the table.

“Hello Michael?”

“Avery this shit ends today. I won’t have my daughter calling another nigga daddy. I’m her daddy.” She sighed.

“Look I’m not having this conversation with you dude. I’m not gonna tell her she can’t call him dad. He’s her dad Michael let it go and get over it.” I clenched my jaw.

“So it’s fuck my feelings right. Fuck how I feel about this situation. I’m just suppose to let it go but If I remember correctly when she was like 2 and she didn’t want to have nothing to with yo ass because all you thought about was work and school you the one that came crying to me asking me to help you.” She chuckled.

“You’re really fucking pathetic Michael honestly. Make up lies go ahead you ain’t hurting my feelings and just because of the bullshit like that, that you pull is the same reason she don’t call yo ass dad. Your Michael to her and will always be Michael. You’ll never compare to Chris to her so let it go. I’m not telling my child that she can’t call the man that raised her the last 4 years of her life dad just because some bitchass nigga who is nothing more than just a sperm donor shows back up and decides he wants to play daddy. Fuck off my line with that bullshit. I’ll see you in an hour when you bring my daughter home and don’t be late.” And with that she hung up. I was fucking furious. I called her back.


“You listen to me bitch. I will make yo life hell alright don’t fucking play games with me.” I heard nothing so I looked at the phone and seen she hung up on me again. Oh this bitch wanna play games huh well lets play.


“Here Trey don’t forget the food either.” I looked at Adrienne as she handed me more shit.

“Man Adrienne why yo ass couldn’t take her this shit?” She handed me a pan.

“Because you’re leaving out anyways to go the gym, that makes no sense.” I shook my head.

“Yeah alright. Just know when I want something done yo ass better do it.”

“Oh shut up and go I don’t want to hear that and don’t forget to pick the baby some diapers up on your way home.” I smacked my lips again and walked out the house. Putting all the bullshit that she gave me in my car. Between Adrienne and my mom I don’t know who’s worse they act like they always gotta send each other shit. I got in my car and sped off. I pulled up to mommas house getting out the car. I grabbed all the stuff and walked inside.

“Momma!” She walked out the living room.

“Ohhhh that must be the stuff Adrienne sent me.” She smiled.

“Yeah. Aye ya’ll need to stop this. I ain’t no delivery boy.” She looked at me and grabbed the bags.

“Hush your mouth boy and that food into the kitchen.” She went upstairs and I went into the kitchen. I put the pan on the stove and opened the fridge.

“Hmmm what can I snack on.” I grabbed a bowl of peach cobbler and sat it on the counter while getting me a bowl out.

“Tremaine.” I looked up.

“In the kitchen.” She walked in.  

“Hows my grandbaby?” I nodded while I ate my dessert.

“She good. She getting bigger day by day.” She smiled.

“You need to bring her over so her grandma can keep her.”

“Tell Adrienne that. She the one that don’t want to take her out the house and let nobody keep her.” She smiled more.

“She’s a new mom. It’s expected. When I first had you I never wanted to let you out my sight, never let you go anywhere without me.”

“Yeah but still. I don’t want her to go anywhere either but I need to be pleased and its been a while. I don’t think I can hold out any longer.” She shook her head.

“Boy you better keep that thing in your pants and I hope y’all use protection this time because ya’ll don’t need no more babies. Not until y’all married.” I scrunched up my face.

“Alright imma leave it at that momma.” She smiled a little and looked at me.

“And I hope you washed your hands before going in my fridge.” I raised my eyebrows.

“Imma kick your butt boy.” I laughed a little.


Now that Trey was gone I had time to clean up and get started on dinner. I changed into my sweats. The baby was asleep so I was gonna do as much as I could before she woke up. I grabbed the baby monitor and headed downstairs. Before I could get into the kitchen the doorbell rang making me sigh. I walked to the door and opened it. Surprised to see who was standing there also making me cautious.

“Michael?” I looked around outside.

“What are you doing here?”

“What’s up Adrienne. Um do you think we can talk?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Talk about what?” He ran his hands over his face.

“Avery. I just need to talk to someone who is close to her and the only person I know is you. Please.” I sighed and rubbed my head, I bit the inside of my cheek.

“Yeah sure I guess.” I opened the door.

“Come on in.” I said stepping to the side. He walked in and I shut the door. He took his shoes off and followed me into the living room. I put the baby monitor on the table and sat down. He sat down next to me.

“So what’s up Michael why are you here?” He rubbed his head.

“Well I’m just stuck on what to do with Avery and Jayla. I know she probably told you all this mess about me showing up and I know you probably agree that I was wrong for staying away but you have to understand that I did what was best for them. After everything so many people was still after me and coming to look for them would only lead those people to them which puts them in harm and I didn’t want that.” I nodded as he continued to talk. He’s so full of shit. That’s one thing I’ve always known about Michael he’s so full of shit and sadly it took Avery to leave his ass to actually see the same thing.

“Well Michael you have to see where Avery is coming from. Ever since she had Jayla she has done nothing except what is best for her and that little girl did need you. She was little when Chris came into her life and even then she was still asking when you were going to come back. When Avery found out Chris “killed” you she didn’t talk to him for the longest but she had to make a decision. Does she take another father away from her daughter or does she move past what happened because she can’t bring you back and let him be there for her? She made the right choice and whether you admit it or not you know she did. You know yourself Avery grew up without a dad and the one that she did have abused her. So why would she want that for her child?” He nodded.

“I know. I just can’t seem to see why she’s acting like this though. Everytime she sees or talks to me she’s so damn angry. I mean she use to be so in love with me. What happened while I was gone. I mean it just hurts to know that even if I was dead that she stopped loving me and forgot about me. What happened?”

“She found someone who really loves her and that will take care of her and never let anything happened to her. That man will go to the moon and back for her and Jayla. Something she could never get from you. You treated her like complete shit, you put your hands on her, cheated on her, fucking humiliated her and no matter what she still stood by yo ass.” He nodded.


This was all apart my plan. See Avery was talking all that shit but how she gon feel when I fuck her best friend? Ha bitch ain’t gon know what to think. After I dropped Jayla off to her I called my boy up and he got me Adriennes address. I watched Trey leave and then waited a few minutes after just to make sure he didn’t come back. Now were here. I know Adrienne can’t stand me, she’s never liked me. So I can get her to tell me how bad of a person I am then I make my move on her and make her forget all about that.

“I know Adrienne and I deeply regret that. I just wish she could see that I’m here now and that I want to change.”

“Michael it’s too late for that. Avery isn’t changing her mind about this so you can stop trying to convince her because you’re not doing anything but stressing her out and she doesn’t need that right now especially that she’s pregnant she-” She kept going on and on, she was so into what she was saying she didn’t even realize that was I slowly making my way closer to her.

“Chris is her dad and you need to stop trying to make her tell her that she can’t call him dad. He fucking raised her too.” By now were just inches away from each other and she doesn’t even know it. I looked her up and down and licked my lips. She looked at me and cleared her throat. My eyes shot up to her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She said and I chuckled.

“You know Adrienne, I always had a thing for you I just didn’t know how to express it. Being around you all the time had me thinking about you in a different way. The way you was always so feisty with me kinda turned me on.”

“Get the fu-” I attacked her lips with mines, pinning her back on the couch as she tried to push me off her. She was trying to fight me off now but once she get a little taste of T-Rawww she gon be begging for more.


I pulled up into Trey and Adrienne driveway and got out the car. Avery sent me to get her some snacks but before I went and did that I needed to holler at Trey real quick. I walked up to the house and went inside.

“Ayo where everybody at!?” Nobody answered, so I shrugged it off and went towards the kitchen a nigga bout to raid the fridge real quick. I walk past the living room but I stop because from the side of my eye I see two people on the couch and from what I’m thinking my nigga Trey bout to get some pussy on the couch so let me make this quick and tell him what I need to tell him. I walk backwards and turn into the living room.

“Ooo shit ya’ll niggas about-” I stopped once I seen who it really was. Adrienne and Tyga.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Adrienne gasped while this fuck nigga jumps up.

“Adrienne I told you I didn’t want to do this.” My eyes shot from him to her, back to him, back to her. She got up.

“What the fuck? Nigga you came on to me, he fucking attacked me Chris.” She wiped her mouth in disgust. I looked at him and clenched my fist and jaw. My eyes shot to the baby monitor as the baby started crying.

“My niece is here?” She nodded, she grabbed the monitor and ran upstairs.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I was furious. Trey wasn’t here and the shit that I just witnessed made me wanna kill somebody. I walked closer to him.

“Adrienne called me and asked me to come over because Trey was leaving.” I looked at her as she walked back into the living room.

“You called him over?” She looked at me.

“What? I don’t even have his fucking number. Why the fuck would I call him over I don’t even fucking like him.” I looked at Tyga.

“She wants me bro. First yo bitch now her best friend.” I shook my head as I tried to calm down. Then I remembered Trey put cameras up in the house so he could see everything that goes on when he’s gone.

“Ya’ll stay right here. Don’t fucking move.” I went down into Trey’s studio and pulled up the cameras on the computer. I rewatched the video from when Tyga first came till I walked in on them. Imma fuck him up. I walked back up to the living room and looked at them.

“Adrienne go upstairs with the baby.” She shook her head.

“No Chris.” I looked at Tyga.

“You fucking came here and tried to force yourself on her. What the fuck is wrong with you. If I hadn’t walked in what the fuck was you gon do huh.” I walked towards him again.

“What the fuck do you think I was going to do. Huh.” I grabbed him by his neck. I was so ready to kill this nigga the only thing that was holding me back was Jayla.

“Chris.” I felt Adrienne’s hand on my shoulder then heard the baby crying.

“He’s not worth it Chris. Go get the baby I’ll make him leave.” I looked at Tyga’s face and seen he was gasping for air. I let him go making him drop to the floor catching his breath.

“You better be gone by the time I come back or I promise I will kill you this time and you will never be found.” I walked out the living room going upstairs to get the baby.