Going through something? Here is a list of mood music

Gotta Crush?
Fantasia-When I see You
Tevin Campbell- Can we talk
Yuna- Crush
Usher- Super Star

Going through a Break-up?
Brandy- Almost doesn’t count
Aaliyah- The one I gave my heart to
Lauryn Hill- When it hurts so bad
Beyonce - Irreplaceable
Monica - So gone

Having make up sex?
Silk- Lose control
Jodeci- Stay
Case- Touch me, tease me
Jagged Edge Promise
Jagged Edge- I gotta be

Getting married?
Bobby Brown - Til the end of time
Ltd - Love Ballad
Stevie Wonder- Ribbon in the sky
Tony Toni Tone - Ask of you

Missing your ex?
Case- missing you
Aaliyah- I miss you
Frank Ocean - miss you so

Tamia- Cant get enough
Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
Beyonce - Dance 4 you

Birthday sex?
Trey songz - invented sex
Destiny’s Child- Cater 2 u
Jeremih- Birthday sex

Single and ready to mingle?
Trey Songz- I need a girl
Troop- Spread my wings
P.Diddy- I need a girl pt1&2

In love?
Mary J Blige - My everything
Monica- Why I love you so much
Monica- Angel of mine
Toni Braxton- I love me some him
Jesse Powell - You

South Park Birthdays

I tried to find as many birthdays of characters as possible and made a list. If there are any mistakes or you know of any other character birthdays, tell me!

Terrance - January 18
Stuart McCormick - February 15
Timmy Burch - February 24
Randy Marsh - March 1
Kenny McCormick - March 22
Clyde Donovan - April 10
Jimmy Valmer - May 13
Kyle Broflovski - May 26
Jason - June 13
Sheila Broflovski - June 17
Token Black - June 20
Eric Cartman - July 1
Kip Drordy - July 17
Kevin Stoley - July 31
Bebe Stevens - August 13
Butters Stotch - September 11
Mr. Garrison - September 26
Chef - October 4
Gerald Broflovski - October 4
Stan Marsh - October 19
Craig Tucker - October 23
Tweek Tweak - November 10
Phillip - November 12
Shelly Marsh - November 24
Scott Tenorman - December 10
Sharon Marsh - December 16
Wendy Testaburger - December 18
Jesus Christ - December 25


Matt Stone - May 26

Trey Parker - October 19

***Matt shares his birthday with Kyle, and Trey shares his birthday with Stan.


Trey: “Gooood Morning, Cecilia. How are you?”

Cecilia looks Trey up and down like a person may eye up some meat at a butchers. She turns her nose up and looks past his shoulder to where her daughter, Melody, is laughing and chatting with the rest of the guests.

Cecilia: “I am fine, thank you, Mr Cho. I am looking for my daughter.”

Trey makes a point of standing in Cecilia’s way and flashes her a polite but challenging smile. Cecilia is a big reason of why his daughter, Aubree, and her daughter Melody have broken up temporarily. He isn’t going to let this woman ruin their grandson’s birthday.

Trey: “I’m sure Mel can wait a while for you. Let’s catch up! It’s been a long time since we last spoke!”

anonymous asked:

I just remembered that October 19 is Trey and Stans birthdays 0.0 !!we're getting a Stan episode right b4 my boys bdays!:)

:O that’s why its a stan ep isnt it?