Going through something? Here is a list of mood music

Gotta Crush?
Fantasia-When I see You
Tevin Campbell- Can we talk
Yuna- Crush
Usher- Super Star

Going through a Break-up?
Brandy- Almost doesn’t count
Aaliyah- The one I gave my heart to
Lauryn Hill- When it hurts so bad
Beyonce - Irreplaceable
Monica - So gone

Having make up sex?
Silk- Lose control
Jodeci- Stay
Case- Touch me, tease me
Jagged Edge Promise
Jagged Edge- I gotta be

Getting married?
Bobby Brown - Til the end of time
Ltd - Love Ballad
Stevie Wonder- Ribbon in the sky
Tony Toni Tone - Ask of you

Missing your ex?
Case- missing you
Aaliyah- I miss you
Frank Ocean - miss you so

Tamia- Cant get enough
Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
Beyonce - Dance 4 you

Birthday sex?
Trey songz - invented sex
Destiny’s Child- Cater 2 u
Jeremih- Birthday sex

Single and ready to mingle?
Trey Songz- I need a girl
Troop- Spread my wings
P.Diddy- I need a girl pt1&2

In love?
Mary J Blige - My everything
Monica- Why I love you so much
Monica- Angel of mine
Toni Braxton- I love me some him
Jesse Powell - You

South Park Birthdays

I tried to find as many birthdays of characters as possible and made a list. If there are any mistakes or you know of any other character birthdays, tell me!

Terrance - January 18
Stuart McCormick - February 15
Timmy Burch - February 24
Randy Marsh - March 1
Kenny McCormick - March 22
Clyde Donovan - April 10
Jimmy Valmer - May 13
Kyle Broflovski - May 26
Jason - June 13
Sheila Broflovski - June 17
Token Black - June 20
Eric Cartman - July 1
Kip Drordy - July 17
Kevin Stoley - July 31
Bebe Stevens - August 13
Butters Stotch - September 11
Mr. Garrison - September 26
Chef - October 4
Gerald Broflovski - October 4
Stan Marsh - October 19
Craig Tucker - October 23
Tweek Tweak - November 10
Phillip - November 12
Shelly Marsh - November 24
Scott Tenorman - December 10
Sharon Marsh - December 16
Wendy Testaburger - December 18
Jesus Christ - December 25


Matt Stone - May 26

Trey Parker - October 19

***Matt shares his birthday with Kyle, and Trey shares his birthday with Stan.

Trey Williams sent this birthday photo of Annie and Jackson.

Happy Birthday Pups!

And happy birthday to all six of the litter! Alice, Annie, Belle, Jane, Jackson, and Kate!

anonymous asked:

best songs to have sex to?

Germaine - Freaky
Bando - Sex you
Jeremih - All the time or Birthday sex
Trey Songz - Slow motion, Neighbors know my name, Scratching me up, On top, Panty droppa or Dive in
Beyoncé - Dance for you
Miguel - Pussy is mine or Adorn
Ciara - Ride
Chris Brown - Like a virgin or Wet the bed
Usher - Trading places

aaand any song by The Weeknd I guess