trey weatherholtz

This is why I think Trey is acting like such an asshole

The kind of girls that Trey is attracted to, are the type of girls who are going to fall all over themselves, and do everything for him. He has never had to put in an ounce of effort to get the girls he wants because the girls he wants are already obsessed with him.

Probably because he looks like this:

So, these girls that Trey’s been juggling (Chelsea and Laura) are the type of sad lovesick puppy dogs that he’s used to and he is perfectly happy with that.

But then, these girls have flirtatious interactions with other guys and TREY. GETS. PISSED. He distances himself from these girls, and then says that it’s their fault, that they’re pushing him away because if he was really the one they wanted they wouldn’t even notice those other guys exist.


In my opinion, what’s really going on is that as soon as Trey is faced with an opportunity to prove his worth, he panics. He doesn’t think he can compete with the other alpha males, so he goes into ego-preservation mode and becomes the biggest hypocrite in the world.

Insert sad Trey photo here:

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