trey themedicalwanderer

203 followers. Not 200, but two hundred and three. When I first made this blog I didn’t know how it would go. I mean, I have enough faith in my writing, I spend years working and reworking OCs from scratch but more so–was the community still breathing? Would I primarily be a crossover blog if this was the case? Was I just going to leave this blog within a month as I had done in the past with tumblr roleplay. 

Well, I was proved that the community is alive -and steadily growing at a fast pace-, I did not leave this blog in a month’s time, and I found a reason to literally write day by day. Prior to this I was writing once every two months or something such as that. When I got my first hundred followers I did not choose to make a follow forever simply because I thought, with the amount of time it would take to reach 200: I would see who the real people are that communicate with me. So, let’s get to listing.

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