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@ndsirius asked: Dude u should do a pose where 1 person is gently holding the other persons chin and theyre abt to kiss and everything looks rlly soft and happy !!!!!!

did it with bunny bc boy do i love :’) ty trey for the suggestion !!!


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SP S21E2 - Origins

Season 20

Trey: We should do another Creek episode! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Matt: No, dude. We can’t have two seasons in a row where we talk about how gay they are for each other.

Trey: Okay, that makes sense.

Season 21 Episode 1

Trey: Hey, it’s been two seasons. We can do something with Creek now, right?

Matt: No! It’s the first episode! We have to hook the audience. Talk about…Alexa or some shit.

Trey: Okay, I understand.

Season 21 Episode 2

Trey: So, Creek?



Colleagues Pt. 7/? -- Jason Todd x fem. reader

Warnings: like one swear word I think

Word Count: 2472

Tags: @sarcasmismyfirstlove @tsctd

A/N: Oops, this is even longer. So a lovely anon pointed out a idiotic mistake of mine. Nick is the brother and Trey is the son. I went back and changed it in the last two parts and I am super super super super duper sorry if this was confusing. This part kinda concretes who is who and I double checked so hopefully no goofs this time. You guys have been incredibly supportive and this has been an absolute blast!! Okay, I’ll stop now. Enjoy :)                                                                                                          

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

“Nick, can you hear me?” you are knelt in front of Nick gently shaking his unconscious and severely bruised head. A groan erupts from his mouth and his left eye twitches partially open. You sigh in relief.

“I called an ambulance,” a voice from behind scares you. 

“Jason?” you ask with panic in your voice that has nothing to do with his presence.

“You looked concerned,” he says gently and kneels next to you. “Do you have any cold compresses? It will ease the pain and swelling a little bit as we wait for the ambulance.”

You nod your head forcing yourself out of the stupor. You rush over to a drawer and grab a towel. Ripping open the freezer you grab a bag of frozen peas and throw the towel over it. You concentrate on Nick as you place the bag on his face. Your free hand is gently grabbed. 

Jason gives you a reassuring smile and you return with a shaky one. You can’t help but become dizzy with guilt. 

It feels like an eternity has passed before the ambulance has showed up and you are watching as they assess Nick’s seemingly endless injuries. Then suddenly you are standing frozen in the hospital as they wheel Nick away. You know exactly who did this. And they will pay.

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Forrest: “Hey, Dad! Think you can keep up with us younger ones in a dancing competition?”

Trey: “Son, I’m the reason you learned to dance as a child. Bring. It. On!”

Forrest waves frantically to the rest of the bachelor night group to come and join him, Trey and Wesley on the dance floor. He is surprised when everyone - including Kale and Christian - start heading towards them and get into a dancing troupe formation. 

He guesses that the EAPAs have finally started to take effect on his friends and family!


(*THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS! THESE ARE TREMAINE’S MOTHERS PHOTOS FROM HER REAL INSTAGRAM @amgt *) I just wanted to share because their family is beautiful & their connection/bond is something I wish I could have with my mom now but…ehh…long story y’all don’t care. Y’all just here for the picture. Enjoy.
Love Thy Neighbour, a B.J fanfic- Chapter 1

Credit for this idea goes to @nxtyourfirstrodeo! I’m so sorry I pestered you about this lol.
I worried A LOT about posting this, but in the end you kind of have to just go for it, otherwise you’ll regret not sharing something you put a lot of effort into.
This may or may not be slow burning, I shall have to see.
Summary: So here we have Samantha, a sweet and shy next door neighbour to the hot dad B.J.
She cares deeply about his son, Trey, and wants nothing more than to be with B.J, but she’s too scared to say anything to him.
Does B.J feel the same about her?

Infinite Chances | A Trey Songz & Kelly Rowland Short

“Damn,” I muttered as snowflakes hit my windshield.

They’d been talking about a possible snow storm the last few days and although it had been colder than usual I took their warning with a grain of salt. Clearly the weather man had been right about something because it was snowing and sticking to the streets. The windshield wipers on my Range Rover automatically kicked in as I continued to drive. I was hoping I could get to my baby boy before this weather picked up and got worse. I just wanted to bring him home so we could enjoy our weekend together.

Trey was the father to my six year old son, Aiden. At one point in time Trey and I use to be together, but things turned sour and since then we’ve been co-parenting. We managed to do a great job, but I hated the dynamic and I didn’t know if it was for Aiden’s sake or myself. I knew there was a part of me that still loved Trey. Hell, there would always be a part of me that loved that man. He’d given me the best gift in the world, my son.

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