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This past week has been like Christmas for my petty ass.

•Ace of Diamonds coming for Amber Rose •Beyoncé canceling Coachella (duh) •LGBT POC dragging Caitlyn Jenner •Remy dragging Nicki •Nicki dragging Trey •2 Chainz dragging the shift managers at his restaurant. •Moonlight dragging Lala Land

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Samples vs Original Playlist
  1. Kehlani - 1st Position
    Jodeci - Pump It Back
  2. Monica - All Eyez On Me
    Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing
  3. Jennifer Lopez/LL Cool J - All I Have
    Debra Laws - Very Special
  4.  Ciara - Body Party
    Ghost Town DJ - My Boo
  5. Game & Friends - Celebration
    Bone Thugs N Harmony - First Of The Month
  6. Lloyd - Girls Around The World
    Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
  7. Twista/Trey Songz - Girl Tonite
    Ready For The World - Tonight
  8. Ashanti - Foolish
    DeBarge - Stay With Me
  9. Young Rome/Marques Houston - For Your Love
    Force MDs - Tender Love
  10. Tyga/Game - It Neva Rains
    Tony! Toni! Tone! - It Never Rains In Southern California
  11. Mario - Just A Friend 2002
    Biz Markie - Just A Friend
  12. Tinashe - Just A Taste
    Tony! Toni! Tone! - Anniversary
  13. Eric Bellinger - Kiss Goodnight
    Blackstreet - Before I Let Go
  14. Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey
    Joe - The Love Scene
  15. Tink - Million
    Aaliyah - One In A Million
  16. Big Sean - Play No Games
    Guy - Piece Of My Love
  17. Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice
    Janet Jackson - Anytime, Anyplace
  18. Amerie/Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes
    Mint Condition - Breakin’ My Heart
  19. Drake - Practice
    Cash Money - Back That Ass Up
  20. Ariana Grande - Right Here
    Lil Kim - Crush On You

A playlist of my top 20 songs that features samples along with the original songs. Songs are clickable Enjoy. 

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This is in reference to Voltron season 1 episode 4. 

I’m sorry, anon! I can’t help it! I have this headcanon that Nico does in fact have difficulty in picking up social cues even after five years of dating Percy =))) 

This is probably the continuation of this crossover I have for Team Voltron and Team Demigods. 

P.S. Older Nico in a ponytail is just love. And damn hot damn Frank, you’ve grown fineeee

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Do you have any PJO x Voltron headcanons? I'd like to hear about it! I miss reading your fics! You're way too late now, Trey! lol but I understand. You must be pretty busy

Ohgods, GX is this you? lol no jk if it is, he’d just leave this signed and shit. Anyway, WHY YES I INDEEDY DO! But so far I could only tell you my headcanon about Sheith and Percico 

Well, okay, are you ready? So let me establish a bit of an atmosphere here, okay? Pretend that this whole AU is held somewhere in the Hands All Over/Overexposed verse where in Percico is canon, Leo’s back with Calypso and the whole camp unification is up and in order. (And with Chiron in his usual tail curlers.) 

- Percy, Nico and the gang have aged up and are in their actual ages now (if we base it on Percy’s birthyear) so 23 and 20 respectively for our beloved pair. 

- Percy and Nico are living together in their apartment in New Rome, only visiting Camp Half-Blood for the summer and they suddenly found themselves running errands for Chiron since they’re already in their adulthood and are practically allowed to go in and out of camp without supervision. 

- The Voltron team had jumped in a wormhole, but due to the crystal’s instability they wormhole had malfunctioned and because of it a rip in the fabric of time and space therefore accidentally time travelling from the future to the present world. 

- Given that they’re stuck on modern day Earth for a while, the team had divided up work with Lance, Pidge and Hunk working together with Allura and Coran to make sure the ship is safe and sound from the crash landing. Not trusting Lance and the others to pick up relatively healthy food for the crew, Keith and Shiro were the ones to buy the supplies from the nearby grocery. 

- At that moment Percy and Nico were also on their way to the supermarket to buy some stuff Chiron and some other campers needed from the mortal world. Not wanting to spend so much time outside because of the threat of monsters lurking around, the both of them split up and divided the grocery list. 

- Shiro and Keith did the same, agreeing to rendezvous down by the middle of the supermarket to buy some other stuff they need to decide on together. Teamwork is essential especially when grocery shopping. 

- Minutes went by and exactly half an hour later, Shiro had bumped into his favorite dark-haired mullet right where they had agreed to meet up. Wearing that black shirt he had liked wearing so much and devoid of the striking red and white jacket, he wished they could get stuck in this place for a little longer. The coldness of space did little for Shiro to have some excuse to ogle the young man’s smooth skin, afterall. 

- Not needing any words, Shiro reached his hand over to hold his partner’s hand, the both of them intertwining their fingers together and continued to walk along, minding their own lists in hand and looking around for the desired goods they needed to buy. 

- Percy, on the other hand, was walking around pushing his grocery cart when he met up with his own favorite mullet-head. He didn’t remember Nico taking a cart of his own, but he just shrugged it off thinking maybe he had changed midway noticing he can’t possibly carry all those things on a measly basket. It was nice doing this alongside Nico, it made him feel like everything could be as normal for them as any other human being on Earth, and he’ll take it over any shenanigans the damned Olympians had in store for them. Domestic Percico for him is just the bomb. The cherry on top of a mess of a parfait he has. 

- Casually walking beside one another and pushing the grocery carts with a soft clatter on the cold floor, Percy slid a bit closer to his boyfriend and bumped shoulders with him before going back to picking up a huge ass can of mushrooms. The other discreetly smiled at the contact, looking away and picking up some packs of pasta instead. 

- Heading over to the paladins’ side of the story, Shiro picked up a tightly packed set of green bell peppers with his prosthetic hand and looked entirely thoughtful, noticing that Keith isn’t looking at his direction, he cleared his throat and asked. 

Shiro: Keith, do you think Coran and Allura would like the taste of these? Or should I leave this and go for some potatoes instead?” 

Keith: Perseus, I thought I told you I don’t know everyone at camp. Who’s Coran? Who’s Allu-” 

Shiro: Who’s Perseus?” 

- Annoyed, Keith looked at Shiro’s direction and his dark brown eyes had widened drastically. Those gray eyes are not the color of the sea at all. 

- Shiro’s hand felt clammy against the stranger’s grip. Those brown eyes are not the color of amethyst. It’s not him. 

-On Percy’s side of things, Percy had been having trouble understanding Chiron’s hurried writing. He doesn’t know if centaurs are affected by aging illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or if Chiron is having a really bad case of sweaty palms and shaky hands. Scratching his head, he looked over to Nico for help. 

Percy: Hey, Neeks? I kind of need help understanding this. Do you think Chiron meant paper towels or dead… trowel? What even is a dead trowel? 

Nico: Did you hit your head when we landed? It’s Coran, not Chiron. Chiron’s like the trainer of the gods in some Greek culture or something. 

Percy: Well, of course I know he’s the trainer of the gods, we’re Greek! and what do you mean when we landed? We walked all the way here. 

Nico: Takashi, we’re so far from being Greek. We’re- 

-And that’s where Percy hit him. The purple irises that were staring at him with confusion and irritation were so far from the chocolate brown eyes he loved staring at. It was at that moment that Nico had felt his stomach drop 600 feet down the floor. He was brushing his shoulders with someone else. With someone else whose eyes are not the warm grays he had spent every waking hour with. 

- And it was at that same moment that all our four characters felt their whole worlds crashing down together when it seemed like the two young mullet-haired boys cried out.



- Hearing their respective partner’s voices aisles down from the middle of the supermarket, Percy and Shiro looked at each other’s general direction and saw their boyfriends standing in such close proximity near the stranger. WHAT THE HELL?!

Percy: Nico?! 

Shiro: Keith?!

Nico: Who is he?! 

Keith: Why is he holding your hand?! 

- Oh gods, what’s happening? Shiro and Percy groaned.

Okay, let me be a little sentimental here.

Most times, I get asked by people around me what I get by cosplaying… sure it’s a costly hobby. Every hobby is costly in my opinion, but nothing would compare to the amount of joy you could give a person once they see you cosplaying their favorite characters.

This happened a year ago during my way back home from a major convention here in the Philippines. I was supposed to cosplay someone from the anime series Haikyuu! But my tailor bailed out on me and ran off with my hard-earned money (Bless you, wherever you are.), so as a last-minute plan I just dressed up as Percy Jackson.

Nothing much happened in the con… it sucked since not most Filipinos are that aware of the western culture (They mostly focus on anime, games like LoL and DoTA and stuff). Aside from me just wandering around the con alone and being shouted at with “Nico’s gay!” by a random dude… some really nice fans of the book went so far as to talk to me and say “Hey, Percy. What’s the matter? Lost your memory?”, “Percy! Nico’s looking for you!”, “Percy, where’s Annabeth?”. Those random questions lifted my spirits up.

But the thing that made me realize how much cosplaying means to me was the time I honestly felt like I WAS PERCY JACKSON.

I was on my way home. I didn’t bother removing my make-up and changing clothes (since it just looks like casual clothing to others) and it was raining really hard that night. I managed to stay dry since I was in the adjoining train the moment it started pouring cats and dogs.

So there I was, standing by the platform and waiting for the next train when a pair of siblings (a girl and a boy) of mixed race (a Fil-Am) came in whining about how their shoes got so soppy because of the flood. The mother was already having a hard time pacifying the younger boy when suddenly the boy looked up towards me and shouted, “Mom! Mom, am I dreaming? It’s Percy Jackson!”

I was surprised to hear the boy and got even more flustered when he started pointing at me and jumping up and down. This time the girl saw me too and she grinned as widely as her brother. They went towards me and looked at me intently. All I could do was say hey.

“Wow! Awesome! You’re really not wet!” The boy told me, tugging at my jacket and jeans. “Are you really waterproof? Can you control the water?”

That time all I could think of was how my situation was so like how Percy was in during The Titan’s Curse when Nico was asking one question after another. Feeling the tinge of familiarity and thinking ‘Meh, I’m already in costume so why not play along?’ I played along with them.

I tried answering their questions one after another, and I could see them becoming more and more giddy as I try to tell them some stories like how I think Percy would tell others when asked. It was a really fun moment for both me and the kids that I haven’t noticed the number of trains that passed by.

When I got aware of the time, though, I knew I had to say good-bye. The looks on their faces were saddening, like they have to say their farewells to a new friend. Remembering I stashed some seashells in my bag for props, I fished them out (no pun intended) and asked them to open their hands. After they did, I plopped in two identical seashells.

“Keep this safe for me, okay? I’ll need it for a quest and I might need your help.” I said before I got up to leave. The looks on their faces were priceless. There were glints in their eyes and they grinned back at me. The mom looked at me and said her thanks. I went inside the train and waved goodbye to my friends. That was the first time I cried because I touched someone’s heart.