Bienvenidos a Jurassic… WAT?


Sunday 7th Feb 2016

1) Found my favourite book from childhood ‘Me & My Pink Rabbit’ probably the reason I colour all my rabbits in my colouring book pink 💕

2) Lunch - banana/mandarin/strawberry smoothie, jam sandwich & 2x Thorntons mini chocolate brownie bites.

3) Top of my 'why I won’t go camping’ list! Trex!! He he 😬
Have watched Jurassic Park movies all weekend 😀

4) Snacking while watching movies…red bull & haribos

5) My bed, finally changed my bed linen after six weeks. Disgusting I know 😥 my mum & daughter change their own beds every two weeks. But my bed has been neglected due to my barely basic functioning however tonight I will get to sleep in fresh linen ❤️


The best part of waking up 💚 #trex

Jurassic World 2 idea…shipwrecked somewhere off the Coast of Costa Rica. Armed with nothing but a harpoon and swiss army knife, a rag tag fishermen must find a way before nature does:)


I am SO excited to share this T-Rex I made from a pattern by @bluephone

The green one is already snuggled in a gift bag to send to my friend whose baby shower was canceled last weekend. The pink camouflage one now called “T-Sex” found a home in my cousin’s room.  

Pattern is available for purchase on Etsy:


NEW #JurassicParkour video up on my channel at

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