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Russell Brand and why it's cool to hate him.

It’s currently very popular to dislike Russell Brand as he tits around the country shouting things like “Everyone should be equal”, “Working class mothers shouldn’t be kicked out of their community” and “Little old men shouldn’t be arrested for feeding the homeless”. I can see where you’re all coming from, his views are disgusting.

The reason for all the hatred aimed at Russell from almost every angle recently, seems to be that he’s “gone too far now”. Yeah, because we like our anarchic celebrities to be entertaining, like when Jarvis wiggled his bum at Michael Jackson. Cheeky little Jarvis. But if they actually try to change things and cause a scene… Well that’s just not on. He’s upsetting the status quo and people can’t cope with it.

The Daily Mail are loving this current trend, as they’ve been trying to cut him down for years due to him representing literally everything that they want to delete from the planet. They even recently did a feature on him and the Andrew Sachs thing, just to remind everyone as much as possible that he’s evil.

Russell Brand is not evil. He’s a bit of a tit, which he would fully admit and very much has admitted many times in the past.

If you watch his Trews videos, you would see that all he wants is for this planet to be fairer. He’s very optimistic about changing things, which is maybe what people hate the most.

I’m vehemently left wing. At the very core of my beliefs, I want to get rid of the government, get rid of world borders and just bloody start again. I am aware that this is a stupid and impossible ideal, because I’m not a very optimistic person. Russell seems to believe it can happen, which is great and I support because that sort of belief will, at best, get you some of the way there or, at least, just piss off some right wing pricks.

The problem with the Russell haters is that they’ve made their opinion almost entirely based on reports from the media. The media, if you haven’t noticed, aren’t very big fans of Russell.

If, like me, you have listened to hours of his podcasts in the past, watched everything he’s done on TV, seen all of his stand-up and watched all of his YouTube videos, you would know that he’s a self-aware, funny and kind hearted person. He admits that he’s got a massive ego, he admits all of his faults and he’s incredibly intelligent, without the help of a posh school or a wealthy family.

I believe that everyone has become so indoctrinated into the current climate of the media, with its bland stars who have nothing to say and are attacked when they do say something a bit controversial. It’s been YEARS since we had a big star who was shouting their mouth off about how unfair the system is. The reason it’s been years is that the media has been controlled to not let those people in. And now the public have become used to that. They’ve almost been trained to dislike people like Russell Brand. People that only want to help and change things to make life fairer for normal people. Surely the fact that he’s doing all of this rather than running around Hollywood making comedy films for millions of dollars anymore shows that he’s taking this seriously. He could have just ignored it and carried on being Russell Brand the celebrity shagger and controversy courter. He’s basically given that lucrative image up for something he believes in.

I find it astonishing that somebody trying to make things better and help people is being attacked more than arseholes like Dapper Laughs or even Jeremy Clarkson (who, admittedly, are being attacked too, just not in the same personal and massive way). They are the people making things worse, dragging us all down to an unaccepting world that will never grow or move on and just stagnate until that asteroid that we all deserve comes and smashes us all out of existence.

Russell doesn’t claim to be perfect, he doesn’t claim that he’s the model of human that we should all try to be. He just believes that we should all have equal rights, that this planet belongs to all of us and that we’re all living in a world that is controlled and run by the very worst human beings. If you disagree with any of those things then I suggest you ruddy well open your eyes.