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Here’s some wholesome WonderTrev smut.

they deserve it

on ao3

Steve wanted to go home. He’d been at the office since the morning and it was quickly approaching 9 p.m. His bosses insisted on having these intel briefings but they mostly just dissolved into shouting matches and inconsistent story retellings. Diana had gotten home hours ago and texted him to let him know she made dinner. He could picture her going to work in the kitchen and it brought a smile to his face. Steve Trevor just wanted to go home to Diana Prince.

Mercifully, the meetings came to an end and he practically sprinted to his car. It was only about a twenty minute drive home which he was extremely grateful for. His apartment was up on the second floor and normally he would’ve taken the stairs but today he felt the elevator was a reward. He pulled out his keys and walked inside and was greeted with the lingering smell of whatever Diana cooked. There was no TV on but he did see light coming from the bedroom from the hallway. “Diana?”

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Thought I’d make a better post of my new tattoo. Dedicated to my love of GTAV and hatred for that fucking stupid saying (I hate it almost as much as those family stickers on the back of mini vans). Go check out my tattoo artist while you’re at it, he’s a doll. 

“you look like billy ray cyrus”