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I have no excuses I just wanted to draw Diana lifting up Steve and kissing him.

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Thought I’d make a better post of my new tattoo. Dedicated to my love of GTAV and hatred for that fucking stupid saying (I hate it almost as much as those family stickers on the back of mini vans). Go check out my tattoo artist while you’re at it, he’s a doll. 

Imagine Chris telling his mom about you. He listens as she goes on and on about how she hopes you’re a “nice girl,” telling him to make sure you’re not out to take advantage of his money and fame. As soon as he can get a word in, he assures her that you’re the kindest woman he’s ever met; if anything, he has to worry about you giving all your money away to the many charities you’re involved in.

So, like. It’s killing me, the things Steve Trevor didn’t know.

Sure, Diana didn’t know some modern day things like fashion and ice cream and revolving doors and what human war looks like, but she knew love, and loyalty, and safety. She knew stability, was surrounded by family and friends, and she very well knew how her own culture and people worked. And it’s maybe easy to think of her as naive, but she really wasn’t (in fact she was like the only person who knew what was actually going on, but whatever). Ignorant of things she had never been exposed to, sure, but not naive. And that’s good. I loved that. For me, it strips out some of the “born yesterday” trope feel because she wasn’t born yesterday she just wasn’t born HERE.

Steve grew up in the human world, though. He is supposed to know the same kind of things about his own life and society that Diana knows about hers. But when Diana asks him why people get married and promise each other they will be in love until they die, and then don’t, Steve tells her “I have no idea.” And that seems to be a fitting answer- maybe he can’t fathom why someone would make a promise they can’t keep. Maybe he’s never been in love enough to tell someone til death do us part and doesn’t know why someone would make that promise in the first place.

But he’ll learn that. He learns how to love someone until death.

And when Diana asks him what normal life, outside of this terrible war, is like, Steve can barely answer, and when he does, he sounds like he is making guesses. When she asks him what those things are like, what it is like to live a normal life, to read the paper and go to work and fall in love and have children and grow old together, Steve tells her again. “I have no idea.”

And now, he never will. And it’s killing me.