codesandclues asked:

When did you get so good at video making? I'm extremely impressed by your mad skillz.

Wow!  Thank you!  I learned basically everything I know from my brother Trevor (who also made the animated intro).  He and I used to make stupid movies all the time growing up.  My favorite of these films was titled “Summer Break”.  I don’t remember much about it, but I know it involved my friend Monica and I chanting summer over and over and me getting to pretend to peg my brother with a baseball.

In high school, Trevor started filming our Mexico mission trips and making video keepsakes for everyone and I would literally sit and watch him edit for hours and hours.  Most of the time it went like this:

Me: Can I try?

Trevor: No

Me: But….

Trevor: I said no…. Maybe later.

Me: Okay…. Are you going to [insert random editing problem here]?

Trevor: Yes!  Let me work.  You can try later.

Me: Okay.

Eventually, I took over the movie making and created the film of our mission trip to Iowa City, Iowa, which was used at church for the sermon the following week.  And now I’m making these.

Keep asking questions!


The second film up is a project I directed while at calarts. Me and a team of about dozen key animators put together this project in about 5 days! crazy!!!