Mountain Spirit, by TrevorAnderson

I can certainly fall victim to the rush to post phenomenon. I get easily caught up in the residue of excitement from a trip and look to promptly share that with others, despite it possibly not being the most effective of the compositions possible. The first composition of this scene I posted a couple days back gravitated towards me because it showed more of the summit of the mountain, however, upon reflection, I felt the light and perspective of this image conveyed the moment and scale of the mountain more dramatically to me. On a somewhat related note…something I have been pondering lately is that acceptance of one’s own art can be as, if not more challenging than creating the art itself. But it is good to be mindful of the idea of striving for perfection as being the enemy of the good. The best an image can do is to transport you or the audience to the moment the image is conveying, and I like to keep watch as to when working on my images becomes more of a source of frustration than a celebration and reliving of that sponsoring moment.


Trevor Anderson | Age: 29 | Human (Hunter) | FC: Shane West  (negotiable)

Ruthless and Smart. Those are the two words that are perfect to describe this hunter. Brought up in a smaller and less well known hunting family gave him an advantage most hunters lacked…or didn’t want. Flying under the radar by the Council of Hunters, his family practiced unorthodox ways to eliminate the monsters around him. Trevor loved the tricks, loved the chase, loved the hunt and loved the kill. It was his passion.

Hearing of an uprising in supernatural numbers in a small town, Trevor’s interest is piqued and he heads over there as soon as he can and immediately recognizes his old hunting buddy Alaric. A few years back, the two hunters were partners but separated due to the difference of styles. Trevor was not aware that Alaric had been turned and eventually killed, in fact, as he is coming to find, he is ignorant on a lot of things. Upon questioning the people of the town, he runs into a Allison, a girl whom he finds as compassion for these ungodly creatures. It disappoints him and he takes it as his responsibility to teach her that her thoughts were wrong. 

But what happens when he learns that his old fling, Katherine Pierce, isn’t as human as he thought to be? What happens when he runs into her again?

Possible Ships:

  • Katherine Pierce
  • Up to Role-player

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