trevor wells

DC Super Hero Girls - Hits and Myths: The Journey

So apparently in the Super Hero Girls universe, not only does Steve Trevor work at a bakery/cafe, he stands outside it every morning with a muffin waiting for Diana to fly by. 

Well. Johnlock didn’t happen. Molly got a fucking emotional gutpunch. Moriarty didn’t really come back. Mary really was murdered just for plot advancement. And Victor Trevor was killed needlessly without even getting the chance to grow up and become the important part of Sherlock’s life he ought to have. Dunno what else to say except I’m so over this. 

Mycroft: fills a plane with dead people.
Sherlock: deliberately overdoses on a plane, nearly dies.
Eurus: invents imaginary planes full of sleeping people who are about to crash.

Forget Victor Trevor and the well.  What the hell happened to these kids at a formative age to turn them against aviation?

No wonder Mummy and Daddy started leaving them home when they went line dancing in Oklahoma.  

  • Aleks: Do me a favour. Peel this apple for me, please.
  • (Aleks tosses apple to Trevor)
  • Trevor: No, no I'm not going to peel an apple for you.
  • Aleks: But James always does it for me.
  • Trevor: Why does James peel apples for you?
  • Aleks: He doesn't like for me to eat the apple with the skin on it. He said the skin is loaded with toxins.
  • Trevor: ok, well good news, James' not here.
  • Aleks: I know he's not here and that's why I need you to do it for me please, PLEASE?!
  • Trevor: Jesus! Just eat it with the skin on!
  • Aleks panicking: I do not like it with the skin, Trevor! I'm not ALLOWED to eat it with the skin, IM NOT ALLOWED!
  • Trevor: Oh my God! Alright, if you shut up I will peel the apple for you the way James likes you to eat it!