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Ok so to round it off, how'd brett get a hold of the little monsters that are aleks, james, and trevor?

Well, he actually finds Aleks first. During a trip overseas, he finds this tiny baby abandoned outside of his hotel room, like not right outside, but pretty damn close, and instead of turning him over to the police he kinda just brings him home. So, it’s kinda a mess with Aleks.

Then he sorta stumbles on James at a grocery store. No parents, spends an entire day looking for this toddler’s mom, while trying to juggle his other toddler, but at the end of the day he doesn’t find her. And by then, James and Aleks have bonded, so Brett kinda fosters him for a while until ultimately adopting him.

Aleks actually finds Trevor. He hears crying coming from an alleyway, points it out to Brett… I’m not implying Trevor is a dumpster baby, but he might be.

And James brings his friend Joe home from school one day. Joe isn’t technically Brett’s kid, but he’s always over so it sorta feels like it.

Ok but the line ‘I can save today, you can save the world,’ is the most powerful line ever spoken in a superhero movie, and is probably the most impactful line I’ve heard from a move in general. 

Like everything about Wonder Woman is amazing and so powerful for women and little girls everywhere.

But that line. It did so much. It basically sums up Wonder Woman in a single sentence and I, personally, will never forget it

Diana “We have to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, watch me cross No Mans Land to save them” Prince and Steve “I have to sacrifice myself in a plane accident for the greater good” Trevor, are like 2 Steve Rogers’ running around, but they’re also both ready to yell at the other when they put themselves in danger and so they’re also both Bucky Barnes and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch


87 + 6

He had been through some different playoffs, but getting hurt at the time he did, knowing how important it was, he had told me that he went to see his mom in between series and stuff. She wasn’t doing well. She wanted to see him with the Cup. That was important to her. I think that kind of stuck with me after he told me that. We were motivated to get it for him, even though he had to watch.

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hey lady! do you have any diana or diana/steve prompts you'd like to see become a reality?

Hey there! Ooh I have a bunch.

(spoilers for wonder woman below!)

  • Absolutely every conceivable version of “oops jk Steve totally lived.” Whether that’s:
    • They manage to stop the plane without Steve needing to pilot it, in which case how does Diana win beat Ares?
    • Steve gets somehow snatched from the plane (parachute? divine intervention? who knows) so the entire end of the battle happens but then there’s a pretty immediate reunion! Proceed into post WWI with the two of them both very much alive.
    • Steve pops up in modern times to make everything more convenient, but he still remembers the events of the movie (again, to make everything more convenient.)
    • Reincarnation fic, of which I’ve already seen a bunch! The whole hey this guy looks pretty familiar wAIT A SECOND—
  • Various “let’s just ignore how this fic is even possible given canon but here they are, being adorable” fic like:
    • Steve meets the Justice League, is perplexed.
    • Steve and Diana as spies! From him trying to teach her how to lie (the first attempts don’t go well), to his insistence that she needs to blend in Diana, come on, we’ve talked about this. Even better: Steve and Diana as undercover fake-married spies. Yessss.
    • Them getting into fights because you can’t put yourself in danger for me, Steve, your body is so much more fragile and Steve coming back with but your life is so much more valuable than mine.
    • Diana trying to come to terms with the fact that as happy as she is with Steve, he’s aging and she’s not.
  • A list of AUs that would be amazing:
    • Royalty: Diana’s a princess, Steve is very much not a prince, but he’s also the only man Diana’s ever really liked.
    • Spies: Diana’s the absolute best in the business; Steve’s just working to keep up with her.
    • Themyscira AU: Absent the whole WWI thing, Steve gets stuck on Themyscira and apparently get get back.

…well this was longer than I intended it to be. But if anyone winds up writing any of these, please let me know! :D

[Wonder Woman (1942-1985) #5]

Okay so I’m reading some of the original Wondy stories as written by William Moulton Marston (aged better than OG Batman but not as good as OG Superman stories imho) and considering that we know that Marston was in a polygamous relationship with his wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne (who she would remain with after William’s death and to their own dying days) I can’t help but wonder if my notion that OG Diana, Steve, and Etta are similarly intertwined. 

It certainly seems so. 

Anyway that’s just me being `speculative. Gotta admit it makes one curious though!

DC Super Hero Girls - Hits and Myths: The Journey

So apparently in the Super Hero Girls universe, not only does Steve Trevor work at a bakery/cafe, he stands outside it every morning with a muffin waiting for Diana to fly by. 

and i don’t know where i’m going but i’m on my way

an: title stolen from the song of the same name, a top forty hit in 1917 because fuck am i predictable.

summary: a steve trevor is alive in the 21st century fic. why? because i want him to be. how? no one cares, he just is.

There are few things in this world that she takes true delight in, anymore. The laugh of a child, the blush of first love between a young couple, the first fall of snow every year - these things make her smile, remind her of a past she takes care not to reminisce on too often, but they do not delight her.

This. This is a delight. 

He picks his way through the room, fingers drumming against every surface he encounters, eyes taking everything in, and she’d always noticed this about him, his attention to detail, his easy acceptance of every outlandish thing before him, the way he paid notice of how things worked. She’d taken him here because she needed proof that she was not being deceived, but instead she finds herself watching the fall of his hair over one eye, the impatient way he brushes it aside only for it to fall straight back into place, like it belongs there; the way he takes a startled step back when the screens blink to life before him, and the way, moments later, his gaze darts to the touchpads on the desk, the quizzical furrow of his brow as he tries to puzzle out how it all works.

“You wanna explain to me why there’s a dead man wandering the Bat Cave?”

Diana turns her head to catch sight of Bruce out of the corner of her eye, watches him as he carefully moves too stand beside her. The corner of her mouth slides up and she shakes her head back and forth, once, twice, before returning her eyes to the bank of screens and the man standing before them.


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