the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Jonathan Toews:weird dork
  • Patrick Kane:leprechaun
  • Marián Hossa:superhuman dad
  • Brent Seabrook:greasy dad
  • Duncan Keith:vague hillbilly dad
  • Niklas Hjarlmarsson:token hot dad
  • Andrew Shaw:overly enthusiastic puppy-man
  • Trevor Van Riemsdyk:child
  • Artemi Panarin:toddler/slice of bread
  • Teuvo Teräväinen:infant

Hawktown Funk feat the Chicago Blackhawks

Stop! Wait a minute!

Here’s Stanley’s Cup, put some liquor in it

Make a deke, a quick hip check

Coach Q! Get the jet!

Fly to LA, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When we show up, we gonna shut you out

Smoother than fresh ice, baby


It can get you out of bed before the sun rises and keep you going long after it sets. It can give you strength like you’ve never known, and the courage to face your fears. Without it, you’ll never know how far you can go. It guides you, pushes you, prepares you. It allows you to fail and gives you the confidence to get back up again. It helps you overcome insurmountable odds and achieve things you never thought possible. Few things in life are as powerful as setting a goal. We know what ours is. What’s yours?