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We take a moment to see what each Bombshell is up to…before they all collide! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy leave Atlantis in hopes of using Ivy’s powers to help the famine in Russia. Also heading to Russia are Supergirl and Steve Trevor, who run into trouble when they bump into Lex Luthor!
On sale MAY 3 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST

The journey to Russia continues as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy find a magical stowaway: Raven! Then, Supergirl and Steve Trevor’s train to Russia is halted when Supergirl’s reaction to Kryptonite knocks the train off its rails! How can she save her fellow passengers while fighting Russian spies, German spies…and Lex Luthor?!
On sale MAY 17 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST

UK. Northern Ireland. Belfast. March 19, 1988. Fr Reid gives the last rites to David Howes, one of two soldiers killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) – an event known as the “corporals killings” – after they drove into a Republican funeral cortège. This iconic photo shows bloodstains on his face which were from his attempts to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Father Alec Reid (1931– 2013) was an Irish Catholic priest noted for his facilitator role in the Northern Ireland peace process, a role BBC journalist Peter Taylor subsequently described as “absolutely critical” to its success. He acted as an intermediary between the IRA and the Irish government.

In a recent interview on the BBC Reid spoke for the first time about the terrible events of 1988 when he attempted to intervene to save the lives of Derek Wood and David Howes, two Signals Corps corporals who had blundered into a Republican funeral cortège.

Reid recalled seeing the soldiers being taken from their car, partially stripped and dragged to a sports ground. “They put the two of them face down on the ground and I got down between the two of them on my face, and I had my arm around this one and I was holding this one by the shoulder. When I was lying between the two soldiers I remember saying to myself, ‘This shouldn’t be happening in a civilized society.’”

“Somebody came in and picked me up and said, ‘Get up, or I’ll ——ing well shoot you as well,’ and he said, ‘Take him away.’ Two of them came on either shoulder and manoeuvred me out.” He went on: “I can remember the atmosphere. You could feel it. I knew they were going to be shot. I can remember thinking, ‘They are going to shoot these men.’”

The IRA took the soldiers away and he heard two shots. He found Howes, 23, already dead, but 24-year-old Derek Wood was still moving and attempting to talk. Reid tried to give him the kiss of life, during which his face became smeared in blood. But it was too late so he gave him the last rites. “One of my abiding memories of that day,” Reid recalled, “is of a local woman putting a coat over one of the victims and saying, ‘he was somebody’s son’.”

“I felt I had done my best to save them, but I had failed to save them,” Reid recalled. “I felt it was a tragedy that I had tried to stop and didn’t.”

Photograph: Trevor McBride

The birth of a shadowrunning tree merchant

Context: our Shadowrun party had just gotten back from the Renraku Archology run with the item we where supposed to get in my backpack and six police choppers fast in tow. We shake the choppers thanks to come clever flying on our rigger’s part, and return to the drop off point. We find out that the drop off point is a botanical garden that is closed for renovations, out client (a very powerful mage) is waiting for us.

Client: “Ah you’re back, took you long enough”

Me: “Police choppers have a way of messing with time tables”

*our troll adept Trevor who had some trouble fitting in through the gate comes in

Trevor: “Howdy gang! Who’s the jerk in the robes?”

Client *through a comlink: “We need extra security on the troll”

*rustling of leaves can be heard

DM: “Anyone who wants to see into the bushes roll perception”

*everyone except Trevor rolls well enough to see the security personnel, Trevor rolls 4 ones and a two

DM, to Trevor: “You can see that there are trees all around you”

Trevor: “I don’t care about trees…wait, are they expensive?”

*whole party loses it

DM: “For the sake of time, let’s say yes”

Trevor now carries a palm tree he ripped out of the garden as a weapon wherever he goes, he tries to sell it to everyone we meet

Trouble Makers

*Trevor, Veronia and Travis were at it again*
*instead of just causing trouble in school, they started causing trouble outside of school*
*it was a weekend, and the three were in Piston Peak. the three caused trouble by spray painting graffiti on the hangars, and making messes of paint*
*they even caused trouble in town, pushing people, and more*