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Yes perform “Roundabout”, with a lineup of Steve Howe, Jon Anderson, Alan White, Rick Wakeman, Trevor Rabin, and Geddy Lee

April the 7th, 2017

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Please please please can you do an imagine about an ahwu where the reader and ryan or someone are newly dating and ryan keeps opening boxes with weapons in. the reader could accidently get stabbed or cut by ryan waving around a weapon, maybe she walks into the room just as their throwing one of the weapons at the target??

A/N I’ve done it as Trevor instead of Ryan just because I’ve written a lot of Ryan ones and only one Trevor imagine :)

Pairing: Trevor x Reader

Words: 1292

Warnings: Weapons, swearing

“Hey everybody! You’re watching AHWU” Jack announces, making you jump from your seat. You were currently working at Geoff’s desk as he was out of town and your computer had messed up in the other office. You had no idea they were starting, and wanted nothing to do with it. You were cuddled up in your hoodie, headphones half on, knees up to your chest and an almost empty coffee cup gripped between your hands.

“ooh and would you look at that” you suddenly saw a massive sword lifted from behind the computers, the hands gripping it belonging to your boyfriend, Trevor. “We got a sword!”

“Yippy!” Michael sarcastically cheered, grabbing his own box to open, “Another one to add to the pile”

The madness began. Boxes flew everywhere as they discarded them after they were opened. Unboxed gifts piling up on everyone’s desks. New weapons, knives and guns unwrapped and every time Ryan’s face lit up with joy. You still sat at the desk, wrapped up but watching with amusement. Mainly watching Trevor. You had only just started dating, it had been about a month now and you couldn’t be happier. You weren’t official, i.e. the internet didn’t know, and you didn’t mind it that way.

Jack said as he pulled up a letter, Trevor holding the box next to him, “Alright this next box is from Ashely in Boston- “

“Whoop whoop!” Jeremy cheered,

“She says, ‘thank you achievement hunter for all you do, you are some weirdly entertaining people but keep doing what you’re doing. Hope you all enjoy the little gifts I made you, there’s some for the editors as well.’ Well thank you Ashely” Jack finished. Trevor reached into the box before he ‘awed’ at what he pulled out, handing a gift to each of the Achievement Hunters around him.

“Hey there’s one for you y/n” Trevor said as he waved he gift towards you. You reached out your hands as if you were ready to catch, Trevor laughed and shook his head.

“No, you gotta open it on camera!”

It was your turn to shake your head. You hated being on camera. Especially today. You were not dressed for the internet to see. You didn’t mind participating in some videos, as long as they didn’t have webcam. The fans did know what you looked like, as you had accidently been in the background of some videos and were tagged in some of your co-worker’s photos, but you didn’t want people to see you.

“Common, babe. Ashely wants to see your reaction!” Your heart fluttered at the nickname, before you both realised he had said it on camera. You prayed that the editor would take that out, but you knew they wouldn’t. Your cheeks blushed but Treyco played it cool.

“Don’t make me come over there” He warned,

You rolled your eyes but slowly stood up and shuffled to the other side of the room. You kept your back to the camera and walked over to Trevor.

“Gimme” Was all you said, trying to pry the gift out of his hands. You couldn’t help but giggle at your childish antics. Trevor was gripping it hard, careful not to break it, while you tried to wiggle your fingers between his. He was now lifting his hand above his head, the gift being help between his fingers so you could see it but not reach it.

“Ugh common, Trevor!” You groaned, very aware of the rest of AH around you. Though none of them took any notice to you two.

“Say please”


He smiled before pecking your cheek and giving you the gift. You sat down on the sofa, where there was a small gap not covered in rubbish. You unwrapped your gift and saw a little figure of you but as a Minecraft character. You stood up and walk closer to the camera. Though you didn’t want people to see you, you didn’t want to seem ungrateful.

“Thank you, Ashely, I look adorable” You said smiling, showing the camera your little figurine.

“Yes you do” Trevor said from behind you, making your cheeks flush with red. You stepped back so Ryan could show off the next box while you watched with Trevor, he put his arm around you as you watched Jeremy shovel in as many candies as he could into his mouth. You tried not to think about how bold Trevor was being about your relationship. It was new, you were worried about what the fans would think of you two.

“I’m going to get a drink, you want anything?” You said to Trevor, slipping from his arm,

“Common, stay till the end, then go get a drink” He stuck out his bottom lip like a kid, but you shook your head,

“no, I want a drink now” You laughed before you went off.

Now when you were gone, you missed the guys setting up the targets against the shelves besides the door. Ryan had started by trying out a few throwing knives and Jeremy had used the new bow and arrow set they had just opened. It was Trevor’s turn, and he decided to try a small axe.

“You have to get the angle and the force just right, otherwise it will veer off in the wrong direction.” Ryan stated, somehow knowing a lot about types of weapons.

“I know, I know” Trevor replied, doing a few pretend practice throws.

“Shouldn’t we wait until y/n gets back, knowing our luck she’ll walk back in just as you throw it” Jack chuckles but his words were serious.

“Nah, she’s waiting till it’s over before coming back”

Little did he know you were practically back to the office, two cups of coffee in your hands for you and Trevor. You managed to balance the cups on top of each other in one hand so you could put the pin in and open the door. You pushed the door with your foot, just as it hit against the shelves an object flew past you onto the shelves.

Your mouth fell open slightly as you muttered a quiet swear, you looked towards the men huddled together on the other side of the room. Jack and Jeremy both had their hands over their mouths, Ryan and Michael looked shocked and Trevor was rushing over towards you.

“Oh shit, y/n, are you okay?” His hands landed on your shoulders. You could feel your heart pounding against your chest as you thought about what just happened. Trevor had taken the cups from your hands but he they went back to you shoulders.

“You nearly killed me!” You said, smiling but said in all seriousness,

“I didn’t think you were coming back!” He tried to argue,

“Well I was” You looked over to the rest of AH who were still stood there, “Why did you all think that was a good idea! You could have at least put the ‘On Air’ light on outside”

“I told him not to” Jack argued,

You just rolled your eyes, grabbed a coffee and went to go sit back down before you got hurt. But Trevor still held onto you, he pulled you into him.

“I’m sorry” He mumbled, hugging you tighter.

You sighed and laughed lightly, hugging him back. “I’m fine” You couldn’t deny how great it was being in his arms, so warm and comfortable. His cologne filling your senses.

“I think that’s a good place to stop” You heard jack said as he waved goodbye to the camera and turned it off.

From then on Trevor refused to touch a weapon if you were in the room, making sure that if you were hurt (which you both knew would happen eventually) it wouldn’t be because of him.

The Vagabond

Originally posted by lmmortalnova

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count: 1168

Warning: Sad times ahead


A/N: So the ending was improv at 2 am because I had no idea where it was heading so enjoy?

Summary: Ryan is your loving husband who wants the best for you but juggling his criminal life and his personal life with you is hard. Especially when there are people out for his blood

His name struck fear within even the toughest of men. He was notorious for being the most ruthless member of the Fake Achievement Hunter Crew. One single mishap with him and you might as well call home for them to start planning your funeral. His cold exterior never faltered during heists. His icy blue eyes sent shivers down the spines of those who managed to catch his glance.

The Vagabond. It was plastered everywhere. Every news station became acquainted with his name. His major crimes were always being shared with the world.

He was invincible. He didn’t let anything shake him, not even the death of a crew member. Not once did he shed a tear when Ray had died in his arms, nor did he flinch when Gavin had injured himself badly during a heist. He was a heartless, stone cold killer to most. Everyone knew not to mess with him. Especially his prized possession, you.

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No Control | Chapter Two


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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When Trevor and I established months ago that our seats were really close to the stage, I don’t think either of us really understood how close they were. We get to our seats about twenty minutes before the opener came on, pushing our way through tittering fangirls and their disgruntled parents. We get a few odd looks from the parents as we pass by, since we’re so much older than the general populace in the stadium.

Trev is diligently looking at the rows and trying to determine seat numbers. We’re searing for a while before he stops right at the edge of the stage, about a foot from the security gate that’s been put up to keep the fans off the stage during the show. I run into his back, since I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to where we were going, too busy thinking back over our time at the meet and greet. 

“Oi, why’d you stop?” I ask, rubbing my head where it collided with his shoulder blade.

“These are our seats,” he says, gesturing to the two right in front of us.

“No fucking way,” I breathe out. I look around and notice how close we are to the stage. “Jesus Christ.”

“No kidding.”

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Another FAHC headcanon, you know if Jeremy ever got kidnapped or held for ransom, like, yes, the other 5 would be after him in a heartbeat. But Trevor and Matt? They'd be long gone, pulling on years of Stream Team experience to rescue their boy. He was theirs first.

yessss. I love the idea of Stream Team being a smaller crew before they each join the Fakes. And I love the idea of them still being fiercely protective of each other still. So you bet your ass, the second Matt and Trevor hear that Jeremy’s been kidnapped, they’re out the door, rushing to find him and bring him back. And there’s no mercy. They will cut down every person in their path to get to their boy. It’s terrifying, the scene the Fakes find as they finally catch up to Trevor and Matt. A building just full of dead bodies, bullet holes through their heads and hearts. And they find Trevor and Matt fussing over Jeremy, berating him lightly for letting himself get caught and them having to save his ass, but mostly just relieved they got to him.

Geoff wants to yell at Trevor and Matt, for rushing off ahead and not telling the rest. But in the end, he’s just grateful his boy has two other fierce protectors.

Us and Them


Chapter 2

Out of all the terrible situations that Geoff had been in throughout his life, this one could only be labeled as one thing: the most god damn shitty position he was ever put in. Geoff had lived a very, very long life- an immortal being of his age is bound to be thrust into plenty of god awful situations- but this one, right now, was the god damn most shitty. A million and one things had happened to him in all his years on this forsaken planet, and yet, this tiny, tiny situation threatened to be the one to uproot everything he’d worked for.

“Geoff.” Jack spoke, broken the ghostly silence that filled the room.

“Jesus, Geoff, you didn’t have to fucking shoot the kid!” Michael said, taking a step back from the scene before them.

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