“I feel like every time that I donate, I try to remember who this is possibly impacting. It’s like you are saving the lives of people you know, people you don’t know, people you’re supposed to know in the future, and people that are going to change the world completely. So I feel like this is something we can come together and do.” - Tyler Oakley.

[Go donate to prizeo.com/tyler to help save millions of lives of the LGBTQ youth.]

OUT100, Readers’ Choice Award: Tyler Oakley
Internet celebrity, Advocate

It was while interning for the Trevor Project in 2009 that Tyler Oakley first truly appreciated the work being done to help LGBT youth in crisis. “It made me realize I have a voice and can help to make sure that nobody, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, should ever feel so alone that they are compelled to take their own life,” says the 25-year-old activist. Oakley has parlayed his commitment to equality into a stunningly successful career on YouTube, where his channel is rapidly approaching 6 million subscribers.

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17 more days to go! We are getting so close to our goal! Just donating 5 dollars would make a huge difference! Just think of the many lives you are saving, and who that donation might be impacting. The Trevor Project is such a great organisation, and donating would be such a huge help.

[Go donate to prizeo.com/tyler, to help save millions of lives of the LGBTQ youth.]

Clexa leading the LGBTQ Revolution™. I commissioned the super talented Fa Panini @the100art to draw it for me. She’s donating all money raised from commissions to The Trevor Project https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=625415

Tyler Oakley's Looking for a Date...

You may know Tyler Oakley from his awesome YouTube channel - well, now you have a chance to meet him and chat with him about anything and everything in person!

For his birthday, Tyler wants to raise awareness and money for The Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24. Amazing, right?

How can you help, you ask? Well, it’s easy! All you have to do is make a small donation - any amount you like - to the Trevor Project on Tyler’s Prizeo page! In return, you will be entered to win a trip to Los Angeles to join him for dinner at one of his favorite local restaurants!

On top of that, you can get some guaranteed prizes with your donation too, including a signed photo, a personalized video message, and even a private Skype call with Tyler. You can win free entries and prizes just for sharing the campaign too!

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“Whether you have one subscriber or one million subscribers, if you speak to someone and they understand where you’re coming from and get a new perspective from it, that’s important. I don’t think it depends on how many people you reach; it’s just that you make that connection. You’re putting what you believe out there, being your authentic self, and you’re trying to make a change for good.”

If you are a self-proclaimed social media addict, then you should be familiar with the name Tyler Oakley. The Internet personality began posting videos on his YouTube channel in 2007 as a means of sharing stories with his friends, and gradually grew in popularity, thanks in part to his honest and charismatic personality. Today, his 7 million subscribers have helped Oakley live out a vlogger’s (video blogger) ultimate dream: the opportunity to make a career out of doing what he loves. The Permanent Rain Press had an opportunity to chat with Oakley – who opted for introductory hugs instead of handshakes – ahead of his sold-out Slumber Party Tour stop in Vancouver, where we reflected on one of his first YouTube videos, details on upcoming book Binge, and activism.

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