trevor miller


Belmont PTSD

Castlevania Belmont (from the Netflix series) + Miller’s Speech from MGS5 + a friend overusing an image = Comedy Opportunity that I’m more than happy to do XD

Considering writing a multi-chapter fanfiction about Steve and Diana. I saw a prompt about her getting Steve from Hades and I want to combine it with Modern Day Diana helping Steve adjust to the 21st century.



A photographic zine featuring work by; 
Cameron Williamson
Michael McCraw
Anne Erhard
Alice Blanch
Amanda Jasnowski
Nich McElroy
Lea Brinon
Vera Ada
Stephanie Mill
Lauren Miller
Trevor Powers
Victoria Doyle
Melissa Agate
Sid Black
Jonno Revanche
Lilly Buttrose
Elif Araf Yalim

Printed in Melbourne by Blueprint. 
Edition of 100.
A5, full colour, uncoated stock. 
Curated and designed by Lana Adams. 

Will be for sale online May 2nd. 


“I’ve watched it so many times. It’s surreal watching it play out. It’s like, did that really happen to me. I just can’t believe I’ve come through this completely unscathed physically. Mentally I’m a bloody mess, but I’ll come good in time.” 

- Mick Fanning, on the footage of his shark attack at J-Bay

Images of Jules and Mick at J-Bay by Ryan Miller, Trevor Moran, Ryan Miller

Trevor Noah says Donald Trump “has mastered the art of moving us on to the next news cycle”

“He has mastered the art of moving us on to the next news cycle. He goes, ‘Ted Cruz’s dad assassinated Kennedy,’ and you’re going, ‘What?’ And then he’s like, ‘And I will not release my tax returns.’ Okay, wait, what? Now we’ve forgotten the assassination and are like, ‘What do you mean you won’t release your tax returns?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, talk to John Miller about this.’ Who’s John Miller? Wait, you fake your own interviews? And now you’ve forgotten the tax returns. So we’re on that thing, and then he turns around and goes, ‘Chris Christie, stop eating Oreos.’ Wait, did you just do that? And while he’s doing that he’s like, ‘Yeah, we’ll have a trade war with China, what’s the worst that could happen?’ We haven’t even gotten over the assassination!”