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somehow fahc trevor gets stuck alone in a room with a bomb. he does however have contact with the others, and they're frantically trying to tell him how to disarm it. "cut the red wire!" trevor just starts fucking laughing, despite the time ticking down "i guess now is a convenient time to tell you i'm colorblind"

“Did you get the thing open?” Michael’s voice comes from over the phone speaker.

“Yeah.” Trevor answers, surprised his knife could even turn the screws on the sheet of metal protecting the bombs wires. It’s his lucky day. Well, it isn’t, he’s locked in a room with a bomb, on no day would that be considered lucky.

“Okay, so you just need to cut the red wire.” Michael says.

“The red wire.” Trevor echos, furrowing his eyebrows. Shit. “Which one it the red wire?”

There’s a beat of silence.

“Wh-” Michael pauses. “Which one is the red wire?”

“That’s what I’m asking, yeah.” Trevor can hear the voices of others, but not well enough to make out what they’re saying.

“The red one.” Michael deadpans.

“Okay yeah, I got that part.” Trevor says, noting the time left on the bomb. “But which one is it?”

“It’s the fucking red wire, what do you mean which one is it! Cut the red wire!” Michael yells into the phone.

Trevor can’t help but laugh, he really doesn’t mean to, there’s an ominous beeping sound coming from a live bomb that he was less than a foot away from, but it’s just so funny, the irony and coincidence of it all. "I guess now is a… convenient time to tell you I’m colorblind.” Trevor says once he calms down enough.

There’s a beat of silence again.

“I can’t tell which one is the red wire, in fact, there looks like there’s a lot red and pink wires.” Trevor continues.

There’s a sigh from over the phone.

“I have a minute until I explode, and I really rather not do that.”

“Give me a moment, I have to figure out where the red wire is located exactly.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Trevor jokes, watching the timer tick closer to zero.

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how long after trevor joins the crew do the rest of the fakes figure out that he never sleeps and runs purely on caffeine

Matt and Jeremy knew beforehand, the three were in a crew together before Fake AH.

It takes Ryan and Gavin two days. The night of the first day they notice Trevor with a Monster at 3am, the night of the second day they notice he has another Monster, and the two just assume he doesn’t sleep. They don’t ask questions, they just let him do his own thing.

Caleb finds out when he gets Trevor’s medical information a few days after he officially joins. Caleb gave him a forty minute lecture on the importance of sleep when Trevor answered “How many hours of sleep do you usually get?” with “Zero.”

It takes a week for Steffie. Steffie, who practically runs the penthouse, checks in on him and realizes his bed doesn’t have sheets. She asks Trevor if he needs sheets for his bed and Trevor goes “Kind of seems like a waste of money, doesn’t it?” Steffie puts two and two together, realizing she hasn’t seen Trevor around the penthouse without a coffee or an energy drink (or on one rare occasion, a soda) the entire week.

Jack finds out a few days after Steffie, when she sees Steffie put bed sheets on that week’s shopping list. She forces him to sleep that day, and will continue to do so every couple of days.

Geoff realizes it after a few weeks. He wouldn’t have known about it for months if someone (Jack) didn’t bring up that Trevor looks like a younger version of Geoff. They were comparing him to old photos Jack had, back before the crew got big, when they were just ambitious twenty-somethings. Geoff gets a good look at Trevor and sees the bags under his eyes from being up for a couple days straight. He doesn’t comment on it, he just files it in the back of his mind before loudly going “he looks nothing like me!”

Lindsay finds out a day after, being with Geoff and Jack when Geoff asked Jack if Trevor had insomnia or something. In her defence, she had been busy the last few weeks.

Michael finds out several months after Trevor joins, after Trevor jokes about buying adrenaline with his cut of a huge heist they were prepping for. Trevor then had to explain the joke to the oblivious Michael.

Mica was also told about Trevor’s sleeping habits rather than finding out, except it took her close to a year to find out.

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trevor did taekwondo and rugby in high school, so i like to think fahc trevor is good at both taking and landing hits, even if it's for entirely different reasons (less athletic, more necessary for survival). it surprises the hell out of anyone who sees; he might be tall but he weighs about 100 pounds, not exactly combat material. so when he knocks 3 people out after being shot in the shoulder and hit in the head, the fakes (who met him ~6 min ago) are definitely intrigued

I wrote the answer to this hours ago and forgot to post it W H O O P S

During a bank heist, a civilian managed to incapacitate the Lads, dislocate Ryan’s arm, and make off with all the cash.

Geoff was pissed that they lost money thanks to that heist, and he was impressed that a civilian managed to pull that off. Even more so, he was surprised and shocked to get a package in the mail from the civilian. It was half the cash from the heist, with a note that said “sorry about your guys.”

To quote Michael after the whole thing, “Who the fuck does that guy think he is?”

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FAHC au where every Sunday Trevor makes the crew do a group activity, his personal favourite is karaoke

It’s Trevor’s favorite because everyone absolutely hates it until alcohol gets into their system and then its a crazy and hilarious mess of half homoerotic friendship and drunk loud people thinking they know the lyrics to songs.

Other favorite activities are paintball, laser tag, beach volleyball, minigolf, a trip to the waterpark, and bowling.

If the crew has been especially insufferable during the week, Trevor doesn’t show it until Sunday when he wakes everyone up at way-too-fucking-early am to have them get ready for church.

The crew has a good chunk of time to review their actions from the past week and figure out what to avoid for the rest of their lives because it’s so fucking long oh my god how do people do this every week

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As Trevor's fandom continues to grow, new people keep forgetting Trevor is more than just a pretty face. Yeah, he's super attractive, but he's also so smart he could work at NASA. He's so dedicated to AH, he worked his way up from a community member to the head producer of AH. And he's so funny, he's made many of forget about whatever stress or mental illness is going on in our life's even just for a second. Trevor is so many things and he deserves to be more than just "some hot guy in AH".

The people that only join the fan club because of Trevor’s looks are fake fans. True fans of Trevor can name at least four Trevor Facts™ and all nine videos he’s been in that aren’t from AHWU.

He’s such an intelligent, amazing, and funny person; he makes my life more bearable, especially now.

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that 'friends to lovers' post is 100% that fahc au where jeremy and trevor run away together in high school and are "just friends"

It is and I can’t casually communicate it for some reason here you go

“I swear to god, Jeremy, I’m gonna slit your throat in your sleep tonight if you keep whining about Trevor.” Michael promises, glaring at Jeremy as he did. Geoff and Trevor had to go out of state for some meeting the two were very hush hush about, and they wouldn’t be back for a few days.

That left the crew with Jeremy, who insisted that he and Trevor were just friends while he complained about how much he missed Trevor to anyone within sight of Jeremy. The crew thought both of them were bad, but at least then they didn’t really annoyed the crew with it.

“I can’t help it, I miss him!” Jeremy says from where he was laying on the couch.

“Yeah, because you’re fucking gay for him.” Michael spat with annoyance dripping from his voice.

“I love him like a brother and nothing more.” Jeremy scoffed.

Michael throws a look to Jack, who was reading a book at the breakfast bar and drinking coffee. Jack just rolls her eyes and returns to her book. Michael will drop it for now. One day they realize it.