trevor long

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(an extremely wild AU where Michael has a 4-second-moment of genuine sense of guilt and other assorted human emotions the night before the N-Y heist. yeah yeah I know, how far fetched, I’m crazy like that.)

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  • Trevor: You chloroformed the JANITOR?!
  • Jeremy: Stop yelling at me! You're the ones that got caught!
  • Trevor: You're the one who'S YELLING!
  • Jeremy: Guys, we're in big trouble. We have to do something!
  • Trevor: I don't know what to do! MY WHOLE BRAIN IS CRYING!
  • Trevor and Jeremy: (Both screaming)
  • Matt: Guys, guys, guys! Hey, hey. I have an idea..
  • Matt: Okay it might sound a little weird, but trust me.
  • (Time passes)
  • All: (groaning all laying on ground)
  • All: (groaning and sitting up)
  • Janitor: What's happening?
  • Trevor: Ooh, we ALL got chloroformed!
  • Jeremy: Somebody chloroformed alll of us...
  • Matt: And now we're regaining consciousness...together...
  • Janitor: I don't understand...who's he (Points at Jeremy)..why does he have a rag?
  • All: .....
  • Jeremy: (Chloroforms the Janitor again)
  • Jeremy: That was the worst idea ever can we please just run away now?
  • Trevor & Matt: yEAH