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trump apologists:

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collection of rt/ah stuff from twitter that i haven’t posted here yet! as you can probably tell i fucking love drawing in the camp camp style,,

someone should take my phone from me i can’t be trusted

DC Super Hero Girls - Hits and Myths: The Journey

So apparently in the Super Hero Girls universe, not only does Steve Trevor work at a bakery/cafe, he stands outside it every morning with a muffin waiting for Diana to fly by. 

[H]ere’s the problem. Lahren and Noah didn’t just have a debate with an equal exchange of ideas. They weren’t debating how to increase GDP or who’s the best team in the NFC. They debated topics that are literally life-threatening to people who look like Trevor Noah and me. Tomi Lahren spouted violent propaganda on national television while Noah tried to get her to value his black life. That’s not a healthy debate. That type of conversation shouldn’t be celebrated. And it damn sure isn’t Trevor Noah’s job to convince a white person why he shouldn’t die.