trevor lane


Wonder Woman // Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Is this what people do when there are no wars to fight? Yeah. Yeah, this and other things. What things?They have breakfast. They love to wake up, read the paper, go to work, and get married. Make some babies, grow old together, I guess. 

One thing I like with the relationships in the DCEU is that both Zack Snyder and Patty Jenkins said “fuck it all” to the “will they/won’t they” love interest trope in CBMs.

Snyder legit had Superman and Lois in a relatively happy live-in situation and they nearly dead ass got married.

Jenkins let Steve fall in love with Diana, and she with him, and those emotionally mature ass people went pretty dang far (if subtext is believed) and didn’t waste our time with any of the “will they” trope that we see in nearly every action franchise.

It paints these characters as mature and intelligent to know what they want and take it without regrets instead of stringing us along a minimally developed romance over the course of three movies, because apparently, Hollywood likes blue-balling people more than making good healthy mature relationships.


did i honestly spend 3 hours of my life on this??? 

the answer is yes bc i am trash for all these ships 

enjoy modern sitcom no capes au starring: clois, batcat, wondertrev (bc i was too lazy to do more lol)

the one where they live in nyc and reenact my fave cheesy au’s 

lois & clark still work together, live together and are essentially new york’s cutest non-couple. much to the annoyance of literally everyone that knows them, lane and kent remain in blissful denial, refusing to acknowledge the growing tension and chemistry until a new love interest forces them to confront what has been building between them ever since clark first tripped in front of her. 

bruce is a rich guy looking for purpose in his life. and this is the story of how he accidentally adopts a bunch of orphans, which does a lot for his will to live but not a lot for his love life. this all changes, however, when he stumbles upon selina kyle, a witty and beautiful woman that works at a struggling art museum and is not afraid to call him out on his bs. he finds himself showing up at said museum a lot more than necessary, especially when his kids begin to get equally attached to her. yep, he’s definitely screwed.  

diana is the ceo at an amazing company; steve is her personal assistant. need i say more?? though they’ve always been a great team and well aware of their own chemistry, diana’s hesitant to cross the line (bc once you do, you can never go back ya feel). when diana is forced to bring a fake date to boost appearances for the board, however, she turns to the man who knows her better than anyone—fake dating’s nothing when real feelings are involved.