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Father to the Unknown: Part 6

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4, Part 5

    “You’re married?” You stare at Charlie, and before you can say anything he says, “He’s not good enough. You can do better.”

    You grin a little, “You haven’t even met him.”

    Sameer steps in, “All men are the same. They want one thing, and one thing only.” Your eyes flicker to your mother who’s trying to hold back laughter, beside her your grandmother appears to be doing the same.

    “A little help here,” you beg them.

    Your grandmother smiles, “I have yet to meet him. I can not vouch for his character. But I agree, all men are the same.”

     For half a second you eye the drop off of the cliff overlooking the practice field. The drop would hurt, but it wouldn’t kill you. “You’re too young.”

The statement brings you back to the matter at hand, and your brow furrows, “I’ll literally be a hundred next year.”

“It’s too young.”

You scrub your hands over your face, where’s Etta when you need her? Finally, your mother steps in, “Clint Barton is a good man. He’s had his troubles like everyone, but he is an excellent husband and a wonderful father.”

“Father!” You stare at your mother as Sameer picks up where Charlie left off. You’re able to slip away after another hour. You head back to the beach, grateful for the peace and quiet. You settle into the sand, and let the sound of the waves rush over you. When the pop sounds, you smile.

Opening your eyes, you stare at the large, out of place house. You start brushing the sand off your pants when the door opens and Clint steps out. He’s dressed in his Avenger’s uniform, with his bow at his side and his quiver on his back.

He waits for you on the porch of the house, and the minute he’s close enough you jump into his arms. He smiles, “That bad, huh?”

You kiss him, “There’s a reason I live in another dimension, it’s so I can keep my sanity.”

“Fair enough, why do you think we bought a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere?”

You laugh, and a minute later there are cries of “Mommy!” You smile as you pick them up in your arms. You kiss both of their heads, and listen as they babble about what you’ve missed since you left.

When John steps out he lights a cigarette and says, “I’m going to bring the rest of the boyband tonight, and I’ll take the girls back after that.”

You and Clint exchange a look and he asks, “You know what to do if something happens?”

“Find Nick Fury, he has the plan.” You hug both girls a little closer, not liking the idea of your emergency plan but you know it’s a necessity. You give him a smile, and he returns it before saying, “Alright, be gone the four of ya. Enjoy family time.”

You keep Natalia in your arms while Minnie walks in between you and Clint, holding onto one of your hands and one of his. “Looks like a nice vacation spot.”

“You’d never guess that the entrance to the underworld is resting right under it.”

He smirks, “We’ve faced worse.”

You grin at him, “Like when?”

“When Nat had colic for three months and we couldn’t get any sleep.”

You wince, “That was a bad time.”

He laughs, “We took turns taking her out to the barn so that the other could sleep.”

“And Minnie slept through it all.”

At the mention of her name, your oldest daughter grins up at you, before her eyes flick to the distance and she’s darting away, “Di!”

Your mother appears in the distance, and suddenly Natalia is struggling to get down. You set her on her feet, and then the your three year old is running. Clint wraps an arm around your shoulders as you follow behind them.

When you reach them, both girls are in your mother’s arms, one on each hip, both talking a mile a minute. She hugs them close and says, “I want to kidnap them.”

You smirk, “You’re welcome to babysit whenever.”

Clint laughs, “In fact, we insist.”

Your mother smiles at him, “Hello, Clint.”

“It’s good to see you Anna.” You smile at his nickname for your mother before Minerva squeals, and shimmies down your mother, yelling “CHIEF!” at the top of her lungs. The older man catches her mid air as she launches herself at him, and she giggles as he spins her around.

Several moments later the noise attracts the attention of your mother’s sisters and slowly they come to investigate. You watch warily as they watch your children, smiles on their faces. You notice your father, Sameer, and Charlie standing there in shock. And then your grandmother appears. The smile on her face is genuine, as she bends down to their level and asks them a question.

You watch them squeal in delight before running to you and asking, “Can we go with Grandmother, PLEEEEAAASE?”

You laugh out a ‘yes’, and they’re gone before you can blink. In a whisper Clint asks, “Should we have asked what they’re going to do with her?”

You shrug, “In this case, it’s probably best not to.” That’s when you notice that all eyes are now on Clint. He keeps his stance confident, as the two of you continue walking, you on one side of him, and your mother on the other. When you reach the top of the stairs Chief is waiting, with a smile. He sticks his hand out and Clint shakes it, “How are you, Hawkeye?”

“Never better.”

His lips quirk, “I heard you retired.”

Clint winces, “That didn’t work out too well. How’s the cabin?”


“If you ever want to change that, you’re welcome at the farm house.”

There’s a clearing of a throat, and you turn to Charlie and Sameer, “Clint, this is Charlie and Sameer. They were my godfathers. Guys, this is my husband Clint.”

They’re more than a little stiff and formal as they shake hands, before moving out of the way for, “And this is my father. Steve Trevor.”

Clint shakes his hand never breaking eye contact, before saying, “I have a friend you’ll get along well with. World War Two vet. He put a plane down too.”

Father to the Unknown: Part 5

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4

The place she takes you is a hill, overlooking a practice field. You watch as your great aunt commands her troops, as though she never left. Your grandmother watches them for a few minutes before saying, “Our sisters were very impressed with your medical knowledge.”

    A small smile plays on your lips, “It’s the one way I can contribute.”

    She smirks, “I saw your arrows fly in the cave. Your shots were dead on. Amazing really. Did your mother teach you?”

    You cross your arms against your chest, “She taught me the basics, but I was never very good at fighting. I don’t have the heart for it.”

    “You take after me then.” You raise an eyebrow in question, and she continues, “I know how to fight, and I do it quite well, but I have no thirst for battle. Not like my sister or my daughter.”

    The two of you begin walking. “I watched plenty of good men die in the Second Great War. I’ve seen even more die in the streets at home, but a fairly wise man once told me, We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but, if we can’t find a way to live with that, Next time… maybe nobody can be saved.”

    “Wise words. Do you have many interactions with man’s world?”

    The question takes you by surprise, but you know she’s trying, “All of my interactions are with man’s world. Just not the same one my mother lives in.”

    A look of puzzlement overcomes her face, “I don’t understand.”

    You smile, “I live in a sort of … parallel world. It’s different in many ways, but still similar. I found it thanks to a friend of mine, and his gambling obsession. Nearly got himself killed, but I convinced the man who came to kill him that he wasn’t worth it.”

    She stares at you, “You killed him?”

    You shake your head, “No. I married him.”

    She pauses, “You’re married?”

    You let out a little laugh, and nod, “About six years now. I have two daughters. Minerva, who we call Minnie, and Natalia.”

    Her mouth opens and closes several times, before she asks, “Does your mother know?”

    You nod, “She knows. She was there for the wedding, and the births of the girls. She doesn’t stay too long, but she visits every few months thanks to John.”

    “Your husband?”

    You shake your head, “No John’s my idiot friend who is also a sorcerer.”

    “Your life is very complicated.”

    You laugh, “You have no idea.”

    “And what is your husband like?”

    “He’s a good man. A good man who the world has tried to tear down more than once, but who keeps getting back up. He’s with the girls right now, probably teaching them to shoot.”

    “He is a soldier?”

    You nod, “He’s an archer. Mom says he’s one of the best she’s ever seen.”

    “A high compliment coming from your mother.” Before she can say more, someone calls out, “Hippolyta.”

    You turn to see Antiope striding towards you. Your grandmother waits for her and so do you, “Any progress?”

    She shakes her head, “None. Many of our best archers will killed in the initial attack. It was planned that way, so we could not call for help.”

    An inkling settles over you, and understanding follows, your grandmother hadn’t been looking to get to know you, she been testing out the waters on your archery skills for some reason.

Slowly she turns to you, “We need help for the coming battle, and the only way to get it is to shoot an arrow over the horizon.”

    “Excuse me?”

    Your grandmother takes a deep breath, “It was theorized that the gods would return in our hour of need to give us aid, if one belonging to the Amazons shot an arrow over the horizon. The gods would take that as their cue to return.”

    You scoff, “I’m good at precision, not strength.”

    “Clint could do it.” You turn to face your mother, your father and their friends walking beside her.

Your father’s brow furrows, “Who’s Clint?”

“Technically, you belong to each other.” Your mother continues.

Your hands go to your hips, “You want me to bring him here on a technicality.”

“He also belongs to the girls.” She adds.

“Mom, don’t drag them into this. He’s still …”

“I know. I know what that phony god did to him. I also know that he’s trying to move forward. And this may very well help.”

    Your father’s eyes dart back and forth between you and your mother several times before he asks again, “Who’s Clint?”

    It’s your grandmother who answers, “Your son-in-law.” She then turns to you, “Would he be willing to do this?”

    You scrub your hands over your eyes, “He’d want to bring back up.”

    “More men?”

    “And a few women.”

    Her eyes flicker to Antiope and your aunt shrugs, “At the very least it would give us more fighters. We need everyone we can get. That gate will not hold forever.”

    You turn to your mother and glare, she smiles, “Tell him to bring the girls. They should meet your father.”

    You throw your hands in the air before walking away from the group. You walk farther and farther into the jungle, until you reach a clearing. Once there, you flick on the SAT phone and dial the number, “Hello.”

    You smile at the sound of the voice on the other end, “Hi Clint.”

    “I was wondering when you’d call, John got here a few hours ago, and he and Wanda have been talking almost non-stop.”


    You can hear the smile in his voice, “Well, they had to stop for the tea party.”

    You smile, “Yeah, well tell him to break away, I need pick up.”

    His voice turns serious, “Are you okay?”

    “There’s mystical shit up the wazoo, and I need your help.”

    “LIke fixing an appliance kind of help?”

    “Like an Avengers sort of help.”

    “I’ll make the calls, and have John get us there.”

    You nod, even though he can’t see it, “Have him bring the girls too. He can get them off if shit hits the fan, but …”

    “You sure?”

    “Not at all, but I’m following my gut.”

    “Good. Your gut is never wrong. Fury even swears by it.” You laugh and he says, “I’ll be there soon, then we can fight off the family together.”

    “That sounds amazing.”

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