trevor and him would be best of friends

  • magnussen: *has information on mary that, in retrospect, would do little to actually damage her life considering the A.G.R.A files exist*
  • sherlock: u fuckin little shit bitch im gonna shoot ur bitchass for flicking my john bye bye magnussen
  • and yet
  • eurus: *killed sherlock's best friend from youth, flirted with john watson, lied to sherlock, tricked him into thinking she was related to culverton smith, posed as john's therapist, tried to kill john and mycroft, sexually mutilated a nurse, tried to drown his best friend twice*
  • sherlock: lol its aight we cool lets hug that shit out and now we good for ya family-friendly, sibling-bonding Aggressive Violin Duets™
Devastating Headcanon for what really happened with Victor Trevor

The reason Sherlock struggles with his homosexuality and fears his sentimental nature is rooted in what happened in Uni, the final straw in a tormented life.

He grew up like any normal boy, but since he was different he was also isolated. He had trust issues and didn’t make friends easily. He would try his best to impress the other children but they would be put-off by his intellect, calling him names which frequently brought him to tears. Mycroft would tell Sherlock not to care, that feelings were for losers. He was told to “man up” and control his emotions, for he was much too feminine in the way he held himself.

Sherlock started university without any friends. He tried to fit in with the other students the only way he knew how - by showing off his brilliant mind. He frequently deduced personal secrets of those students around him, hoping the subject would bridge the gap between them and solidify his hopes of friendship. He couldn’t understand why these people didn’t warm up to him, though. Another friendless year went by, just like all the years before. But near the end of his university days, it happened. He made a friend.

The young man, Victor, was part of the university’s fencing club which Sherlock also participated in after class. Victor was handsome, and Sherlock was quick to notice. For some reason Victor was different from the others and adored Sherlock’s brilliant mind. The tension between the two grew as time went on, and Sherlock began to let his guard down.

Sherlock was certain Victor was interested in him sexually, just from deducing the way his pulse elevated and pupils dilated every time Sherlock stood close to him. And Victor was interested in Sherlock, but he wasn’t ready to admit that to himself or anyone else - for being interested in men wasn’t something he wanted nor expected from himself. So when Victor invited Sherlock to his home over summer holiday, Sherlock laid the charm on thick, not expecting the outcome that he got.

After recognizing the biological signs of attraction from Victor, Sherlock went in for a kiss. Victor, paralyzed by fear, let it happen. But a moment later he pushed Sherlock’s chest away from him, breaking the kiss and giving Sherlock a horrified stare.

Victor, appalled, told Sherlock that he was out of line, that what he did was ‘not good’. Sherlock was confused - he couldn’t understand why his good friend was behaving this way. Victor went on saying, “I am not gay” and “you really are a freak” hoping to throw all of his inner torment on Sherlock. “Get out” Victor said. “Get away from me, you bloody psychopath.”

And Sherlock, tears welling in his eyes, pleaded with Victor by saying his name softly, not understanding what went wrong. But Victor would have none of it. Sherlock fled into the night overcome with grief. This moment finalized everything he’d always feared: he doesn’t deserve to have any friends and no one will ever love him.

Unable to withstand the torture, he sought out the needle that would make all of the hurt go away. Because after that night he realized he had nothing of substance to offer anyone.

Okay guys so I need your help. This is my best friend Trevor. At the beginning of the year we made the decision that me, him, and our pal Sam, would go see Paramore on their writing the future tour in Louisville. Paramore is seriously Trevor’s absolutely favorite band, he always tells us: Paramore changes lives. So we bought tickets. A week ago Trevor tore his meniscus after years of knee trouble and it was flipped up into his joint so he couldn’t extend his knee. yesterday they performed surgery and he is now in recovery. Paramore is in 13 days and Trevor will still either be on crutches or if he can acquire one that will hold his leg straight, a wheel chair when we go to see them but he’s determined and there is no way we are missing this show. So all I want from you guys is to tweet, Instagram, and reblog this picture, or this text post with the hashtag: #TrevorsKneesAtParamore and tag Paramore, tag Hayley, and tag fan pages, tell them to give him a shout out on May 12th. The whole knee thing has just been such a road block and bummer for him and nothing would cheer him up more than them acknowledging how much he loves this band. I know this can happen if we signal boost the heck out of this so that Paramore sees it! Thanks guys! paramore paramoreupdates paramorecommunity hayleywiliamsdaily yelyahwilliams