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So Imagine This...

Wonder Woman 2 is about how Diana covertly prevents the Cold War into breaking out into nuclear war and how her actions lead to the fall of the Soviet Union. During her mission she comes across her imprisoned Uncle Hades who was forced to do the bidding of the movie’s villain. She releases him, and when she does he’s like “holy shit thanks so much for saving my ass back there. Here, Imma get you a gift, brb”. But like he doesn’t come back and Diana kinda just shrugs and is like “lol ok whatevs I didn’t want a gift from my weird uncle anyway” and just continues on with her life

The last scene of the movie is Diana in the present and she’s on her way back to her place in Paris after dealing with some Justice League stuff and Hades shows up like “super sorry about the wait I got held up at work with the underworld thing and all, I finally got you your present. It’s waiting for you in your apartment.” Diana says thanks because she doesn’t want to piss off her weird uncle, but she has her sword and shield out when she opens her front door and she’s expecting a three headed dog or a tank or some weird shit but it’s actually none of that because Steve Trevor is sitting on her couch


Castlevania S01 (2017) : 

favourite aesthetic shots 


This is genuinely the best. Embrace the basic white guy-ness Chris

In season 2 of Castlevania (hopefully)

*all the gang be adventurin through Dracula’s castle*
Trevor:*loudly chewing*
Alucard: “What the fuck are you eating?…”
Trevor: *still chewing* “Wall chicken.”
Alucard: *???*
Trevor: *whips at wall* *entire roasted chicken falls from the brick* “Wall chicken.”