Hello, everyone! This is another one of my annoying TED talk posts. It’s not a full talk obviously, but I really enjoyed just this little snippet. My nephew was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I understand that there are people who genuinely struggle with it, but I do not think it’s as high as 10%. Why? Because I remember being a child not too long ago, believe it or not. There is nothing wrong with a child wanting to bounce around. My genuine belief is that we are losing sight of what childhood is meant to be like. I know it’s a long shot – but it feels true. Feel free to refute me but I’m being real here guys. 


– Trevy! <3 

So I was derping on the web today and came across this. In light of all of the threats from North Korea it seemed appropriate. I stopped watching the news 3 years ago because I decided that I would just live life free of all of the influences from media. Every now and then a story or two will catch my eye. This quote encompasses it all. 

What I’ve come to realize is that American “The Home of the Free” is not. It never will be. We say we are peaceful and will only act when provoked but thousands die at the hands of America each day. We’re peaceful when it’s convenient, but 95% of the time we’re just as ruthless as the powers we say we’re fighting against. 

So this is apart of another longer comic. I failed at uploading that one, twice. Anywho, the strip is about a young artist who nearly gives up until she’s taught to think outside of the box and then eventually outside of borders altogether.

When I saw this it reminded me of my art. My art which I am making one hell of a career out of. I am so blessed to know that although it is hard and my skills need so much work, that doesn’t mean that I am not meant to ‘bloom like an artist' 

This is my hippie message of the day. Kids need to be encouraged to never stop drawing, writing, creating, and thinking! BOOMCLUTCH



Shocked? Is it wrong if I say no?

This is the sad truth in America. We have a hard time seeing past the color of skin. Talk about slow to change! 

- Trevy
The Talk I Thought He Was Too Young To Have

This was my first shot to teach him that families that our different than ours aren’t anything special – they’re just families.

How young is too young too talk to kids about gay marriage? Apparently preschoolers can handle it. I read this and realized this is totally the parent I want to be. I loved this and right on to this mom! 

Source: Huffington Post