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The Porta Nigra (Latin for black gate) is a large Roman city gate in Trier, Germany. It is today the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps and has been designated a World Heritage Site.

The name Porta Nigra originated in the Middle Ages due to the darkened color of its stone; the original Roman name has not been preserved. Locals commonly refer to the Porta Nigra simply as Porta.
The Porta Nigra was built in grey sandstone between 186 and 200 AD. The original gate consisted of two four-storied towers, projecting as near semicircles on the outer side. A narrow courtyard separated the two gate openings on either side. For unknown reasons, however, the construction of the gate remained unfinished. For example, the stones at the northern (outer) side of the gate were never abraded, and the protruding stones would have made it impossible to install movable gates. Nonetheless, the gate was used for several centuries until the end of the Roman era in Trier.

In Roman times, the Porta Nigra was part of a system of four city gates, one of which stood at each side of the roughly rectangular Roman city. The Porta Nigra guarded the northern entry to the Roman city, while the Porta Alba (White Gate) was built in the east, the Porta Media (Middle Gate) in the south, and the Porta Inclyta (Famous Gate) in the west, next to the Roman bridge across the Moselle River. The gates stood at the ends of the two main streets of the Roman Trier, one of which led north-south and the other east-west. Of these gates, only the Porta Nigra still exists today.

In the early Middle Ages the Roman city gates were no longer used for their original function and their stones were taken and reused for other buildings. Also iron and lead braces were broken out of the walls of the Porta Nigra for reuse. Traces of this destruction are still clearly visible on the north side of the gate.

After 1028, the Greek monk Simeon lived as a hermit in the ruins of the Porta Nigra. After his death (1035) and sanctification, the Simeonstift monastery was built next to the Porta Nigra to honor him. Saving it from further destruction, the Porta Nigra was transformed into a church: The inner court of the gate was roofed and intermediate ceilings were inserted. The two middle storeys of the former gate were converted into church naves: the upper storey being for the monks and the lower storey for the general public. The ground floor with the large gates was sealed, and a large outside staircase was constructed alongside the south side (the town side) of the gate, up to the lower storey of the church. A small staircase led further up to the upper storey. The church rooms were accessible through former windows of the western tower of the Porta Nigra that were enlarged to become entrance doors (still visible today). The top floor of the western tower was used as church tower, the eastern tower was leveled, and an apse added at its east side. An additional gate - the much smaller Simeon Gate - was built adjacent to the East side of the Porta Nigra and served as a city gate in medieval times.

In 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte breaks of the church in the Porta Nigra and the monastery beside it, along with the vast majority of Trier’s numerous churches and monasteries. On his visit to Trier in 1804, Napoleon ordered that the Porta Nigra be converted back to its Roman form. Only the apse was kept, and the eastern tower not rebuilt to its original height. Local legend has it that Napoleon originally even wanted to completely tear down the church. Allegedly, locals convinced him that the church had actually been a Gallic festival hall before being turned into a church. Another version of the story is simply that they told him about its Roman origins. It is claimed that this prevented the destruction of the building and persuaded Napoleon instead to convert the gate back to its original form.

In 1986 the Porta Nigra was designated a World Heritage Site, along with other Roman monuments in Trier and its surroundings.
The modern appearance of the Porta Nigra goes back almost unchanged to the reconstruction ordered by Napoleon. At the south side of the Porta Nigra, remains of Roman columns line the last 100m of the street leading to the gate. Positioned where they had stood in Roman times, they give a slight impression of the aspect of the original Roman street that was lined with colonnades.

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Every day that passes I’m more sure that the manga and Naruto universe was created to turn around Sasuke and Naruto, it will always have a fans speaking of blablabla friendship, but when we ask if they would act as Naruto acts with Sasuke or vice versa, some of them end up admitting that you have something else (unless if the person’s homophobic)

With the Gaiden’s ending I will make some comments and expose my views at all, so here we go:

The SNS relationship began as a fact of friendship to why as I agree there’s no way to have love without friendship (which already invalidates me Ss and Nh when Hinata is a crazy stalker and Sakura a woman with lack of self-esteem to such point that conforms with crumbs, Nh has not attempted murder, but still has no development when life Hinata was passed out in front of him and he always think “it is our strange”).

I have a deep anger at Ss especially by denigrate both the image of a woman and by Nh have needed to sacrifice one’s life to literally throw Hinata as a daughter in the back of Naruto and him as a good guy and halfway fool would not refuse, as Sakura can see that their relationship has nothing romantic then do not even bother with the happiness of enemies with the crumbs offered to them and much less to those who came trying to mock me thinking I’d get mad or hurt and I give more laugh when someone challenges the interpretation capacity on the other has become fashionable argument against Ss and ask Nh but when one presents they begin to regress and strike with our friendship and delirium (mimimi yaoi disregard the work) and I give more laugh yet.

But the romantic development Nh has neither what to say why she just does not appear and is not remembered at any time by Naruto.

I have always been sincere and as I value so I will inform you that I do not like NaruSaku nor sasukarin, but why?

I still have my sorrows by Sakura no classic, but more by actions than by development she could have seen that she had everything to be a good kunoichi, but near the Sasuke she regressed in a shameful way and that irritated me a lot (I can not stand woman Claymore guy like that I see and I will present to Teresa Sakura to see if it solves), but the main reason I do not see NS is that in fact she shippudem expressed interest in Naruto, but he was focused on Sasuke so that no space was left for her then I believe at one point he even have seen her as a friend (I see a lot of people use the look of Naruto as a mortal when he saved Sakura Sasuke thinking he had put it in front of him and I disagree once that in Gaiden he did not prioritize nor the children and went to find Sasuke), we have shots of him saying he loved Sakura, but we have other clutching his bandanna Sasuke thinking about him and I play Naruto as the guy “straight” that wants to deny this with a mega ravine by Sasuke and take the maximum bisexual and therefore have some scenes that he says homophobic things (that in my head does not come by the grandeur of the heart that Naruto has), but it is understandable kind he likes Sakura life “all” and suddenly begin to notice their own feelings and here comes the stage of denial, but near the Sasuke he changed completely and not rejected at any time, so for me NS is friendship and sometime Naruto started to see Sakura as a good friend and that look I interpret as “I will not let you do it, man this is not the Sasuke that’s not you.”

If you have something that makes me angry is to see some NS wishing the death of Sasuke to go right with them and I avoid exposing my opinion much to not give trouble, but I do not think it’s fair to Sasuke die per couple, he ALWAYS was sincere with her and she did not play, he never made vows and is bound to be nice to her just because she has a cliff for it would not be fair, I agree with part of it being punished / imprisoned for the crimes, but Naruto never would kill Sasuke and not by shipp is not only put on the scales “How many things sacrificed by Naruto Sasuke?”

Let a brief analysis:

1 - He faced five kages and even knelt and begged for the life of the Raikage Sasuke;

2 - He might have lost the chance to be a Hokage so, but at no time backed “what good is a Hakage if I can not save my best friend”;

3 - He did not give Sasuke or under beating to Karui and still says “can beat me, hurt me, hurt and kill me, but do not touch it” and then “I can not betray Sasuke.”


- Now I have a connection with Sasuke huh?

- Yes, the wind can defeat the radius (Yamato)

- No … I meant that the wind is the element that feeds the fire,

Anyway, while some people (and not a few) thought of getting rid of it in the bud just thought about saving the real Sasuke, who was hiding under the Housing someone ruthless and psychologically sick, I give much laughter when I see in full in 2015 We affirm that the one who saved Sasuke was the Sakura (HAHAHAHA) and I think “I deserve to hear, who sent”.

The Sakura healed the body Sasuke and Naruto, but what good is a body without a soul? A simple empty shell that would lift and return to wander around, but Naruto can go where no eye can see or hand touch … At the heart of Sasuke and that was what he needed to be rescued himself, he is physically strong, but emotionally unstable.

5 - “Sasuke is more than a brother” claims for Naruto Itachi that questioned if something happened and he had to kill Sasuke, Naruto said he would NOT leave it.

In other words, Naruto would not let Sasuke, holding would be deserved, but every time I see some NS saying that Sasuke should die here I hear the knocking Naruto Konoha to save Sasuke death and even more so when Sasuke’s leaving the village and Kakashi says that his bar was “relieved” and sure is the Naruto be the hero of the war and had their influence so do not … Sasuke would not die so not with Naruto around.

Sasukarin I admire the attitude of karin after yesterday’s manga, she proved to be mature and wise enough to know that Sasuke n would be happy with it (and he did not happy with Sakura this if we can call it living) but the point is that he says his only tie was with Naruto then I also see SK as friendship, after all also have friends like.

Now attitudes of Sasuke with Naruto Gaiden I see the jealousy and hurt probably by marriage and we can see it in the scene where he’s willing to go on a mission and mission Naruto (a man “in love” with his wife and busy) say that goes with it and at the time Sasuke says “no YOU ​​are the Hokage and was not that kind of fellowship we wanted” and he only demonstrate concern when Naruto was struck and fuck pro kidnapping of “woman,” but we saw a cute interaction of these two in the chapter yesterday when Sasuke says “you do not change it” and the movie from there I believe he will be able to solve more things as the greatness of SasuNaruSasu that goes beyond time and eras, who came from reincarnations and it is much larger than a fake marriage.

Sasuke and Sarada was lindinho Emoticon heart I confess I found it very cute scene Emoticon colonthree

Anyway I hope not to offend anyone with this, I respect others Shipps, but I decided to give my point considering that not everyone agrees with the same thing and #hatersgonahetear

(For those who will lose time saying bullshit here and put my foot down thinking it will shake someone here, I suggest looking for something better to do or go to a page that post things that agree with your partner, but swearing half a world deluded and etc … It will not change anything neither his nor mine, nor our opinion).