The Signs as Dragon Age Backgrounds:
  • Aries: Brosca
  • Taurus: Cousland
  • Gemini: Amell/Surana
  • Cancer: Lavellan
  • Leo: Cadash
  • Virgo: Mahariel
  • Libra: Trevelyan mage
  • Scorpio: Tabris
  • Sagittarius: Adaar
  • Capricorn: Aeducan
  • Aquarius: Hawke
  • Pisces: Trevelyan rogue/warrior

Ok, first things first: I AM AMAZED that Aerys’ hairstyle post (here) got 1k+ notes. I expected it to have at least 200 but 1k??? I could die happy. 

Because of its popularity and the many people who want to do something similar to it, I have made a simple hairstyle meme which you all can do. It would be nice if you’d tag me when you post this meme because I’m actually really curious and excited to see what your inquisitors look like :)