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Make me choose between 2 characters and I'll draw the winner: M! Uriell vs. f!Uriell <3

Thank you so much for asking! tbh, i couldn’t decide myself so I asked someone else, and so M!Uriell it is! (i love genderbending my characters)

Make me choose between 2 characters and I’ll draw the winner: M! Uriell vs. f!Uriell
Tight Curls for HF at Dragon Age: Inquisition Nexus - Mods and community

Since this is one of the more requested hair mods according to our inbox, the Word of Mod thought we would share this mod on the Nexus with Tumblr. (If Roberts2432 has a Tumblr, please let us know so we can reblog their original post.)

Please check out the mod and see if it is to your liking!

  1. Had your Inquisitor ever been in love before being sent to the conclave?
  2. Where does your Inquisitor go when they need a break from everything?
  3. What is your Inquisitor’s worst memory?
  4. What is your Inquisitor’s most treasured possession?
  5. What makes your Inquisitor laugh?
  6. Does your Inquisitor have any siblings?
  7. Who is the Inquisitor’s closest friend?
  8. Does your Inquisitor need a plan or are they happy to wing it?
  9. How much care does your Inquisitor take with their appearance?
  10. Where did your Inquisitor learn most of their skills and abilities?

am i the only one who cries like a tittybaby when i think about the fact that the inquisitor i didn’t choose got nuked at the conclave

like, adaar/cadash/lavellan/trevelyan still had every reason to be there. there were spies and noble delegates and leliana hired qunari mercs. they were theeeerree

the same thing happens in DAO with the warden you don’t choose

brosca starves to death in a prison cell while beraht does god knows what to your family to punish you, aeducan is exiled to the deep roads and presumably killed by darkspawn or turned into a broodmother, mahariel gets tainted and dies horribly and painfully from the blight, tabris either gets brutalized and murdered by vaughan or imprisoned (and presumably still brutalized and murdered…), cousland gets slaughtered along with the rest of their family, and surana and amell are probably killed by abominations or become one themselves

no hope or redemption, no friendships, love stories, rivalries. no proving themselves or making their parents proud or just making a spectacle of themselves or or or

whether it’s the warden or the inquisitor i just agonize at character creation because THESE ARE MY CHILDREN AND I AM KILLING THEM /ugly sobbing

The Signs as Dragon Age Backgrounds:
  • Aries: Brosca
  • Taurus: Cousland
  • Gemini: Amell/Surana
  • Cancer: Lavellan
  • Leo: Cadash
  • Virgo: Mahariel
  • Libra: Trevelyan mage
  • Scorpio: Tabris
  • Sagittarius: Adaar
  • Capricorn: Aeducan
  • Aquarius: Hawke
  • Pisces: Trevelyan rogue/warrior