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[appears out of the shadows to hand u this]

my gaming ocs :’), inspired by this because im unoriginal af

I don’t know what a lot of my friends are wearing (if anything) when they’re blogging, but here’s what I think about the people I know IRL:

  • Gabby: pastel tie-dyed teeshirt that says “MISANDRY!” with black shorts. also a hairbow because she’s anime as heck 
  • Morgan: cat pajamas (also a kitten on your shoulders because cats), probably reclining in a pile of fabric and thread
  • Maureen: sophisticated black turtleneck and some radical trousers. think fashion designer / beatnik (don’t forget the glasses)
  • Trevor: maid uniform and yellow bows; you can’t convince me that you don’t secretly have one that you wear for blogging
  • Emma: that dang Jack Sparrow shirt and sweatpants, maybe a tiara and/or pirate hat as well
  • Kate: a tank top and your bedding, as I am convinced that you wrap yourself up in your bedclothes and nest in your things (especially the shiny things)
  • Kelsie: tank top and shorts (even if it’s winter), as well as a sweater with holes on it; you’re probably perched somewhere or chasing your dog
  • Danielle: pokemon; you are wearing a party dress of live pokemon strapped to you, yet they do not mind and you are starting a fasion trend

I’ll continue if requested, but I am honestly 100% convinced that this is how you guys spend your time.